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#72: Facer debug tool support
 Reporter:  tim         |       Owner:  belle      
     Type:  feature     |      Status:  new        
 Priority:  major       |   Milestone:  GO2009     
Component:  FireVision  |    Keywords:  debug, tool
 Up to now setting up the facer is mostly weird hacking. Most of the
 changes is done in the config files, but there are still situations where
 the code is pimped last minute. This happens especially if problems arise
 to produce debug output.

 An integrated tool is needed that shows all the important values and
 parameters of face recognition and allows for setting every required
 config value in an easy way (adding/removing/changing person names comes
 to my mind). It should also allow for peeking into the program to get
 additional info in case something goes wrong. This starts with the ability
 to show the images of the raw image and the detected ROIs, possibly
 augmented with additional information available during image processing.
 This could be as simple as changing the pipeline to copy the processed
 image at the end of processing just before the rectangles are drawn, such
 that most of the time the last processed image is in the buffer.

 This tool should preferably be a GUI application written using Gtkmm using
 the existing GUI elements and utils.

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