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#70: Port Fawkes to Mac OS X
 Reporter:  tim      |       Owner:  tim           
     Type:  feature  |      Status:  new           
 Priority:  minor    |   Milestone:                
Component:  Fawkes   |    Keywords:  Port, Mac OS X
 Currently Fawkes runs on Linux and FreeBSD. An effort should be made to
 allow Fawkes to be compiled and used on Mac OS X. A few developers use Mac
 laptops and a port would allow to work with Fawkes in the native
 environment. Another reason for a Mac OS X port is to support the South
 African rescue robot, which uses a Mac Mini as on-board computer. Mac OS X
 is however not considered to be a primary platform.

 A first patch exists which has been used on OS X 10.4 to compile at least
 the core library. This patch needs more work to be usable on 10.5.

 A major obstacle at the moment is the lack of the source code of the ipcs
 command on Mac OS X. This console tool enumerates and shows all shared
 memory segments. This enumeration is required by Fawkes' libutils to  scan
 for existing shared memory segments of a specific type. Linux and FreeBSD
 allow access to the enumeration used in the kernel of the OS. It is
 unknown how this can be achieved on Mac OS X at this moment. A workaround
 is to use a scratch file that stores all existing shared memory segments
 (for example by using SQLite, to gain transaction safety etc.) and query
 this file and check the mentioned segments.

 Since compilation failed at such an early state it is unknown which other
 problems arise and if there are any new runtime problems which need to be
 adressed. This ticket should be updated with new findings as they become

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