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#65: Laser-based general shape/object recognition
 Reporter:  stf      |       Owner:  doostdar                                        
     Type:  feature  |      Status:  new                                             
 Priority:  major    |   Milestone:  GO2009                                          
Component:  RCSoftX  |    Keywords:  laser-based, object recognition, athome, mapping
 As maps get bigger and changes to the environment will get more and more
 frequent we need to get over the current way of human detection which is
 done by using robot_tracking/dynamic_obstacles based on laser-beam
 classification by the localization.

 Instead, we need a localization-independent general shape classifier that
 works on laser-data directly. This can then be used to
  * perform human leg detection (there are various papers on that) in a
 pure local way (i.e. without dependencies to localization and map)
  * perform furniture recognition to maybe update a given map on-the-fly
 given the new position of a known and recognized object.

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