[Trac] [Failed Build] AllemaniACs [1209] FawkesNao

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Thu Jul 10 01:23:21 CEST 2008

  Failed build of AllemaniACs [1209]

  Changeset:             1209  -  <https://lechuck.informatik.rwth-aachen.de:2342/trac/changeset/1209>
  Committed by:          tim

  Build Configuration:   FawkesNao
  Build Slave:           kirk
  Build Number:          863  -  <https://lechuck.informatik.rwth-aachen.de:2342/trac/build/FawkesNao/863>

  Failed Steps:          apidoc: make failed (512)
  Failure Log:           
 info: make: Entering directory `'
 info: --&gt; Building documentation (api-quick.doxygen). This may take a while...
 info: --&gt; Warnings have been generated:
 info: src/plugins/naomotion/posture.h:106: Warning: Member get_cam_pos(const fawkes::NaoHardwareInterface *nao_hw, fawkes::ObjectPositionInterface *cam_pos) (function) of class Posture is not documented.
error: make: *** [api-quick.doxygen] Fehler 1
 info: src/plugins/naomotion/posture.cpp:137: Warning: argument 'nao_hw' of command @param is not found in the argument list of Posture::get_cam_pos(const fawkes::NaoHardwareInterface *nao_pose, fawkes::ObjectPositionInterface *cam_pos)
 info: src/plugins/naomotion/posture.h:95: Warning: Member PostureException(const char *msg) (function) of class fawkes::PostureException is not documented.
 info: make: Leaving directory `'

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