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#54: Challenge Application Base/Proxy Class
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Comment (by tim):

 I don't think this is a good idea for a few reasons:
  * A common base class is something that we tried to avoid in Fawkes
 because it takes away some flexibility. Instead aspects are a far better
 way of adding functionality to an entity.
  * The initialization code shared will be minimal after redesigning with
 libmonaco and libintact. The overhead of having a base class just to
 encapsulate two calls to {{{Init()}}} and another two to {{{Loop()}}} is
 not worth the effort.
  * In the foreseeable future with scripted challenge applications on the
 horizon it is unlikely that many C++ apps are written that would benefit
 from this base class.
  * It adds another level of indirection that you have to look through when
 looking for a bug, currently we already have Appl -> ClientAppl.
  * Changing now all the existing applications that already have the init
 bits just produces more work. Even if one more init had to be added for
 libintact, this would mean less work if it is done once for all apps than
 changing the base class. With the horizon of moving all app code to Lua
 there are not many changes that can be expected where this would be

 If we keep the used libraries simple (libmonaco and libintact) and
 especially if we use scripting foo in the future there is not much to be

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