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#52: Unify Speech Recognition Instantiation/Setup
 Reporter:  stf          |       Owner:  AllemaniACs                               
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new                                       
 Priority:  major        |   Milestone:  RC2008                                    
Component:  RCSoftX      |    Keywords:  RCSoftX, AtHome, SpeechRecognition, Sphinx
 Our current SpeechRecognition software based on Sphinx3 runs fine all in
 all. But the setup for an individual task is cumbersome and requires
 several steps that are not documented well enough and most of which could
 be automated at least partly. There should only be _one_ place to specifiy
 a tasks grammar and command mapping that is easy to setup. The should also
 be a general !LanguageModel for AtHome that doesn't need to be touched. If
 so, this re-creation should also be easy for the end-user (i.e. documented
 and scripted). Furthermore, we currently don't have the Sphinx-version
 used under version control within RCSoftX. RCSoftX should be kept self-
 contained so that !SpeechRecognition can be done on the robot without any
 further external dependencies.

 In detail:
  * Grammar
    * design or choose one uniform grammar specification format (like the
 one used in Sphinx4 based on EBNF with command mapping)
    * create tools that generate all necessary files and formats from that
 file (sphinx/!DualDecoder-specs, !SpeechParser, ...)
    * preferably there should be some kind of hierarchical inclusion
 facility to plug several grammars together to receive the final task (e.g.
 combine general commands used in all tests and the specific commands for a
 particular test)
  * !LanguageModel
    * The !DualDecoder uses a broader language model that has to be
 generated from the overall speech used in AtHome-tasks. The creation of
 this language model needs to be scripted and documented.
  * Overall Sphinx integration in RCSoftX is missing!
    * The version of Sphinx we use needs to be included in RCSoftX and a
 Makefile target should be provided.
    * Data needed to do any of the above need to be put to a place that is

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