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#46: Make random forest face recognition Fawkes compliant
 Reporter:  tim          |       Owner:  AllemaniACs
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new        
 Priority:  major        |   Milestone:             
Component:  Fawkes       |    Keywords:             
 The current version of the extremely random forest face recognition code
 doesn't fit well into the current Fawkes/FireVision universe. Some
 problems that have to be addressed:

  * different file naming schemes
  * custom namespaces that have not very useful names
  * Non-compliant standard headers
  * non-compliant deflectors
  * uses oldStyle() instead of new_style()
  * Documentation in header
  * Parameters are not documented, I don't know why doxygen does not err
 about that but the documentation is far from being acceptable.
  * Documentation does not use JavaDoc style (@param instead of \param)
  * Dates in headers are not as required (poses problem for automatic
  * code has many overlong lines
  * code uses superfluous {{{this->}}} where not necessary
  * The CommonHeaders.hh has to go away, almost certainly harms compilation
  * Parameters need to be runtime accessible, a whole bunch of defines is
 not a good way to configure the algorithm

 In general looks as if it would benefit from a review and cleanup. There
 is more than written here but after this I stopped looking.

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