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#45: Transparent multi-instance Fawkes
 Reporter:  tim      |       Owner:  AllemaniACs
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 On of the major advantages of RCSoftX over Fawkes is that you can
 transparently distribute your processes among multiple machines. This
 feature is especially required on the AtHome robot that has three

 We need a way to start the mainapp with a flag to use a remote BlackBoard
 instead of a local one. Ideally the master instance would be able to spawn
 plugins on the remote instances such that the whole control can
 concentrate on the one master process. We need to take into account that
 in this scenario some plugins may run multiple times, for example every
 instance that runs vision plugins needs a vision master plugin
 ({{{fvbase}}}). Still there may be only one thread with a writing instance
 for a particular interface at any given time, thus preventing the "famous"
 multi-skill-module problem.

 Especially for the beginning we should make the assumption that the
 network connection between the instances is reliable. This is true for the
 robots as the machines are connected via internal cabled connections and
 not via wifi. This allows us to easily use the existing Fawkes network
 protocol and in that scenario we can treat a broken network connection as
 a critical error.

 Additionally we might make slaves reject FNP connections and rather
 mandate connections going through the master.

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