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#44: Add fawkes namespace
 Reporter:  tim          |       Owner:  tim
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new
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Component:  Fawkes       |    Keywords:     
 We want to migrate at least part of the RCSoftX functionality to Fawkes.
 The first that comes to my mind is vision. I'd like all vision to be
 Fawkes plugins in the future to have a common base. Over time we might
 want to migrate ever more code over to Fawkes to be able to concentrate on
 ''one'' framework.

 Currently there are clashes between the different libraries. Although
 currently you can compile for instance the 2008 final just fine it would
 crash with mysterious bugs every second time (or sometimes even more
 often) and sometimes it would work. To have a better solution to deal with
 these library clashes that are unavoidable for some more time we should
 add a {{{fawkes}}} namespace to everything that resides in {{{src/libs}}}
 and {{{src/interfaces}}}.

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