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#41: FireStation glitches
 Reporter:  tim          |       Owner:  Tim Niemueller
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new           
 Priority:  minor        |   Milestone:                
Component:  FireVision   |    Keywords:  FireStation   
 Compared to the old workflow in !FireStation/Qt the new !FireStation is
 slower for color training and has more glitches. I do not mean the
 computational speed but how fast you can create and test colormaps.

 Things that need consideration to be able to reach the same speed as with
 the old !FireStation and beyond:
  * upload directly on the color training widget without changing the tab
  * threshold setting with mouse wheel
  * undo for selection tool. This was not available in the old FS but
 especially now that we mark bigger and more regions more effectively
 because of multi-level colormaps this is something we need. I think there
 should be a variable number of undo steps, something like 5 should suffice
  * downloading, viewing and using colormaps for online segmentation
  * possibility to switch between image buffer and buffer segmented with
 the current robot colormap (not the local colormap, can confuse while
 debugging!, not only small segmented image, but ability to switch on-the-
  * Have the three most important images per task available for fast
 switching. The old FS had three small images and when clicking one it was
 made the primary image shown in the big buffer. This allows for really
 fast switching, the current switching with the host/image_id selector is
 too slow.

 There are a few other minor issues in current !FireStation:
  * Start/Stop button does not properly indicate state
  * the colormap reset button is too easy to reach, at least there should
 be a confirmation dialog to prevent accidental loss of colormap (happened
 several times to me, Volker noted similar "surprises")

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