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#39: Plugin dependencies
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 Currently the only dependency that we have is that [doxygen:VisionAspect]
 threads depend on a thread being active with the
 [doxygen:VisionMasterAspect]. But for the future we may even more such

 Additionally currently there is no easy way to fulfill the dependency. It
 can only be detected that the dependency is not met and the plugin cannot
 be loaded. There is no way to load the plugin that could fulfill this

 The idea is to extend [doxygen:Plugin] by a {{{requires()}}} method that
 returns a list of plugin names. Then a policy can decide if loading a
 plugin where dependencies cannot be fulfilled should fail or if the plugin
 loaded should try to fulfill the dependencies by loading these plugins.

 An example are vision apps, like fvretriever. You could then load
 fvretriever and it would have fvbase as a dependency. The plugin loader
 could see this and load fvbase before fvretriever to fulfill the
 dependency. If this is not possible (or for example auto dependency
 resolution is disabled in the config) the loading of fvretriever would

 The aspect dependencies remain necessary. For example fvretriever could
 not name fvbase as a requirement. Loading the plugin would be attempted
 and without the aspect dependencies the loading would succeed, but running
 would not meet the guarantees of aspects and the application were likely
 to crash.

 This idea does assume that for most plugins it's easy to define the
 dependencies and that in general there will be only one plugin providing
 the functionality, for example the vision master. If that changes it may
 be necessary to have a more flexible dependency description, but for the
 beginning the simple solution should suffice.

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