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#38: Meta plugins
 Reporter:  tim      |       Owner:  tim 
     Type:  feature  |      Status:  new 
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Component:  Fawkes   |    Keywords:  Base
 Currently there are only "real" plugins, shared libraries compiled to the
 plugins directory. You can load the plugins one by one. We might think of
 more complex scenarios where you want to start a whole collection of
 plugins easily, for example a certain set of vision plugins for debugging
 vision (fvbase,fvretriever,fvfountain for instance). This cannot be easily
 done at the moment.

 The idea is to add a facility for so-called meta plugins. For the
 beginning my idea is to have string entries in
 {{{/mainapp/meta_plugins}}}, each being a list of comma-separated plugin
 names, that are then loaded in a row, much like what is currently possible
 with the {{{-p}}} flag for the main application.

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