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#23: Mirror calibration
 Reporter:  tim         |        Owner:  beck          
     Type:  feature     |       Status:  assigned      
 Priority:  major       |    Milestone:  Basic Platform
Component:  FireVision  |   Resolution:                
 Keywords:  OmniVision  |  
Comment (by beck):

 I implemented a new mirror interpolation algorithm that yields more
 precise mirror models and is a lot faster, too. Instead of searching for
 four neighboring sample points defining the smallest possible face which
 contains the pixel under consideration, I consider a list of sample points
 at certain distances and interpolate the distances for the points in
 between; the angle is the same as in the image. The old method has the
 advantage that (at least theoretically) also the angle could be
 interpolated but this hasn't been done anyways. Currently, the mirror
 calibration widget in the Firestation needs a makeover then this ticket
 can be closed.

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