[Fawkes] Preparation of Fawkes 0.4

Tim Niemueller niemueller at kbsg.rwth-aachen.de
Sun Jan 31 19:52:29 CET 2010

Hi Fawkes Developers.

I would like to put together Fawkes 0.4 this week. Please cf.
http://trac.fawkesrobotics.org/milestone/0.4 for more information about
this release.

For this I want to merge all current feature branches. If you have some
time it would be great if would review some code. Here the branches at a
quick glance:

  system wide installation to allow building packages of Fawkes.

  plugin to log data stored in the blackboard, has been used in Graz
  for some experiments.

  support for the SwissRanger SR-4000 3D Time Of Flight Camera

  laser-based hough transform for line detection in laser data

  arbitrary 2D visualization interface, merged into laserht. Will stay
  after merge as some functionality (transactions, owner-based deletion)
  will be added later.

  support for Hokuyo URG laser range finders, also contains code to
  change the angle direction (http://trac.fawkesrobotics.org/ticket/123)
  Might do some smaller re-factoring before the merge.

  moved code from webview to own lib for two reasons: allow re-using for
  instance in the XML-RPC plugin, and prepare for plugin-specific pages
  in the webview

  fixes required for Maemo 5, mostly making Glade optional

  add a namespace for firevision libraries

  Fawkes network client now consumes messages which are sent by default,
  before you had to delete/unref them manually.

  plugin to enable some basic functionality via xml-rpc. This is mostly
  for demonstration purposes and is not particularly useful for
  real-life use as it is now. Might be improved later on (i.e. export
  more methods)


AllemaniACs RoboCup Team            KBSG - Knowledge-Based Systems Group
http://robocup.rwth-aachen.de                     RWTH Aachen University
http://www.kbsg.rwth-aachen.de                           Ahornstrasse 55
http://www.fawkesrobotics.org                             D-52056 Aachen

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