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Tim Niemueller niemueller at kbsg.rwth-aachen.de
Fri Dec 30 16:05:30 CET 2016

Changes have been pushed for the project "Fawkes Robotics Software Framework".

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  replaces  0.5.0
 tagged by  Tim Niemueller
        on  Fri Dec 30 16:01:47 2016 +0100

- *Log* ---------------------------------------------------------------
Fawkes 1.0.0

- Switched from SQL to YAML-based configuration files
- Support running multiple instances on a single host
- Port ROS Behavior Engine features to Fawkes
- Topological map graph for motion planning and
  location-specific data (navgraph)
- YAML-based navgraph description, interactive modification,
  extensive visualization support through rviz
- Constraint framework for navgraph and CLIPS access
- Automated navgraph generation from map and points of interest
- CLIPS-based agent plugin, navgraph, communication access,
  and web introspection and instruction, many improvements
- Process information logging through RRD
- MongoDB integration and high-throughput logging
- Pointcloud database storage and multi-perspective merging
- Gazebo simulation integration: general access, time source,
  hardware simulation plugins
- Port of "colli" local path planner with collision avoidance
- Port and integration of tf2 coordinate transforms library
- Protobuf-based multi-robot communication infrastructure
- Adaptation to modern compilers (GCC5, GCC6, clang)
- Support for Bumblebee2 stereo camera
- Drop own geometry library in favor of external ones like Eigen3
- Object tracking and cylinder fitting in tabletop perception
- Use libelf for meta data reading instead of plugin pre-loading.
  This vastly improves load times and fixes some issues.
- Improve timestamp handling in laser-filter, add map filtering
- Vision improvements like several new color models
- KDL parser library integration (port from ROS)
- Better debugging through thread names in gdb
- Support for the Sick TiM 55x and 57x laser range finders
- Support for Asus Xtion RGBD sensor
- Support for Cruizcore IMU
- Laser-based cluster detection plugin and automated
  navgraph reservation or cost increasing
- Support for IPv6 networking (fawkes net and webview)
- Laser-based line detection and filtering
- Support for Robotino 3 through direct USB communication with
  the platform's microcontroller for faster data access
- Behavior Engine Lua 5.2 support, internal all-Lua implementation,
  drop one-shot execution, direct ROS integration through roslua,
  blackboard interface declaration in skill only (not config),
  access to the tf sub-system, many improvements also in skill
  syntax and features
- Support for OpenPRS reasoning engine, agent framework
- AMCL improvements, console initialization tool
- CMake modules for using Fawkes in 3rd party apps
- Support for arbitrary Dynamixel servo chains
- Integration with the Eclipse-CLP logic programming environment
- Improved ROS integration: support up to Kinetic, two-way
  navigation integration, clock export, two-way pointcloud access,
  joint and robot state publisher
- Support for Kinova Jaco arm through libkindrv library
- Blackboard interface data structure packing changed
- New joystick-teleop plugin for generic remote control with
  basic collision avoidance and safety lockout
- Plugin generator tool to create new plugins
- Bash completion support
- Various bug fixes and improvements

At 33C3.


Alexander von Wirth (1):
      lua: write layouted graph into a new interface

Andre Burghof (2):
      fvmodels: luminance colormodel added
      fvmodels: typos in luminance color model fixed

Bahram Maleki-Fard (480):
      skiller: get skill-dependency graph
      skiller: use dotgraph module for skill-dependency DOT
      dotgraph.lua : add alignment of nodes
      skiller: cosmetics for skill-dependency DOT graph
      skills: add skill_debug to communicate with SkillerDebugInterface
      skillgui: show skill-dependency graph
      luaagent: pass tf to agents
      skill_jumpstate: fix passing args from define_states
      skill_jumpstate: allow passing subskill-args same way as agent
      skill_jumpstate: fix passing args for multiple subskills in one table
      skill_jumpstate: allow same syntax for subskills as for luaagent
      skill_jumpstate: automatically provide table "self.args"
      skill: say: transform to new behaviour-engine
      skill: relgoto: transform to new behaviour-engine
      skill: relgoto: simplify a fail-transition
      skill: goto: transform to new behaviour-engine
      skill: goto: fix param setting for subskill
      skill: katana: transform to new behaviour-engine
      Lua hsm: simplify setting of preconditions
      Lua hsm: fix order of setting precondition
      skill: katana_rel: transform to new behaviour-engine
      skill: pantilt: transform to new behaviour-engine
      skill: ppgoto: transform to new behaviour-engine
      skill: transrot: transform to new behaviour-engine
      skill: turn: transform to new behaviour-engine
      skill: or_object: transform to new behaviour-engine
      skill: katana_grab: transform to new behaviour engine
      skill: katana_put: transform to new behaviour-engine
      skill: intercept_ball: transform to new bewhaviour-engine
      tabletop-objects: fix error in precompiler macro, fixes #155
      skillgui: adapt to changes in API since graphviz-2.30
      skillgui: fix compilation bug for graphviz-2.30, fixes #187
      skill: ppgoto: only send messages if interface has writer
      openrave: fix Werror-narrowing warning for C++11
      skill: ppgoto: check for interface writer in precondition, not in state
      utils/math: rename point_t to upoint_t to allow having a point_t with signed int
      utils/math: introduce struct 'point_t' with signed integers
      colli: add plugin dir + README file (from RCSoftX version)
      colli: add Makefile and colli_plugin.cpp file
      colli: add colli_thread, full header but empty cpp file
      colli: init() and finalize() colli_thread
      colli: add UpdateBB() to colli_thread and its loop()
      colli: colli_thread: add abort situations to loop()
      MotorInterface: add fieds for desired vx,vx,omega
      skill katana: add PLANNERPARAMS state that got lost during merges. Fixes #272
      skills: simplified preconditions, less text + better readability
      skill katana_rel: fix param setting for subskill
      skill: katana_approach: transform to new behaviour engine
      skills: fix "precond_only=true" error, see ticket #275
      skill katana_grab_any: transform to new behaviour engine
      BE hsm.lua: fix code alignment, use 3 spaces indent
      BE hsm.lua: introduce cond,precond,cond_and_precond as suggested in #275
      BE hsm.lua: print error when "precond_only" field is set
      BE hsm.lua: print warning if "cond=EXP, precond=true"
      skills: adapt to changes in new BE condition setting (see #275)
      libs Makefile: add dependencies for "pcl_utils"
      katana: revive mistakenly removed variables, wrap them in #ifdef though
      openrave: fix: remove passing of aspect-name to aspect-provider
      tf: add Vector3:rotate(...) to tolua file
      tf: add util method to resize a Vector3, also added to tf.tolua
      skills: use fawkes.tf instead of HomVector
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bahram/skills_use_tf_geometry'
      skiller: add "tf" to skill indextable
      openrave: fix rotation of objects by using corect quaternion fields
      skills: add new "back_off" skill
      skills: new "align_at_table" skill, for "good" grasp positions
      openrave: add simple model of a dishwasher drawer
      urdf: copy katana URDF description from athome to main tree
      urdf: fix code indent of katana xacro file
      urdf: add "alias" links for reference frames to match tf-names in Fawkes
      katana: provide joint info to robot_state_publisher and use frames from URDF
      katana: proper cleanup if goto_openrave_thread fails on init()
      katana: initialize "theta_error" with 0 to avoid infinite IK checks
      skill goto: use Position3DInterface instead of ObjectPositionInterface
      skill relgoto: explicitly allow backward-driving with new parameter
      openrave: fix rotation of objects by using corect quaternion fields
      openrave: do not start viewer if it has already been started
      skill or_object: add option to pass multiple names for deletion as param
      skill katana_grab_any: use tf instead of HomVector
      skill align_at_table: proper usage of param "dist" + limit table selection
      skill ppgoto: only send StopMessage on reset if ppnavi not final
      skill relgoto: proper waiting for msg to receive at navigator
      skill katana_grab_any: do not stop if cup in gripper, may crash the arm
      utils: math: add common.h for common mathematical calculations
      colli: exptend loop(), implement UpdateColliStateMachine()
      colli: completed colli_thread loop() except actual colli-action stuff
      colli: transfered MotorControl class from RCSoftX
      colli: add drive_realization files
      colli: add reading interface for desired motor values
      colli: enable MotorInstruct code in colli_thread
      colli: ported RoboShape class from RCSoftX
      colli: ported TrigTable from RCSoftX
      colli: ported LaserPoint class from RCSoftX
      colli: ported Roboshape_Colli class from RCSoftX
      colli: portet Laser class from RCSoftX
      config: reverted colli_frequency entry to 10, as it was in RCSoftX
      config: add values for colli's laser_calibration config (the ignore-values)
      NavigatorInterface: add new fields required by colli
      colli: ported all drive_modes from RCSoftX
      colli: activate drive_modes in colli_thread
      colli: activate Laser (robo_laser) in colli_thread
      colli: added some TODO comments to colli_thread
      colli: make m_pColliTargetObj a reading, not writing interface
      colli: rename writing navi-interface to "colli data"
      colli: ported OccupancyGrid (general class, not the one with the Laser!)
      colli: add common defines.h file for better distribution
      utils math: add an ellipse_t struct
      colli: ported FastEllipse and FastEllipseMap classes from RCSoftX
      colli: ported LaserOccupancyGrid from RCSoftX
      colli: integrate occ-grid into colli_thread
      colli: ported AbstractSearch class
      colli: ported AStar search from RCSoftX
      utils math: add cnstructors for point_t and cart_coord_2d_t structs
      colli: fix bugs in AbstractSearch
      colli: ported CSearch class , which does the search for the colli
      colli: use point_t for variables holding grid-coordinates
      colli: enable CSearch in colli_thread -> all ported now!
      colli: add message_handler thread to process incoming messages and setup colli
      colli message_handler: load config values and init interfaces
      config: update structure for colli, better readability
      colli: adapt to new config structure
      colli: implement fawkes_sync + libmonaco functionality from RCSoftX for colli
      colli: adjust loop() processing to COLLI_FREQUENCY value from config
      NavigatorInterface: commit changes after compilation
      colli: add visualization-thread
      colli: enable visualization in the plugin
      colli: use default drive_mode (SlowForward) also for CartesianGotoMessage
      colli: logging what kind of message the NavigatorInterface received
      colli: make og_laser.h better readable (adjust comment alignment)
      colli: og_laser can now return the laser's position in the grid
      colli: visualization now gets laser's grid position from occGrid module
      colli: fix some documentation for astar_search
      colli: add methods to astar_search to return plan and robot's position in it
      colli vis: visualize planned path in the grid
      colli message_handler: write NavigatorInterface values in correct coordinate-system
      colli message_handler: pass values to colli in fawkes coordinate-system
      colli: fix EscapeDrivemode, using fawkes coordinate-system now
      colli: fix getting config entries for "ignore laser beams"
      colli: get distance from laser to base from TF, not hardcoded
      colli: remove unused static LASER_X_OFFSET
      colli: remove "colli_modes.h", they are now drive_mode in NavigatorInterface
      colli: fix all license-headers
      config: remove unused colli entries
      config: extended comments in colli.yaml for better understanding
      colli: transformed "robocup_mode" into boolean flag for "obstacle_increasement"
      colli: remove RWI-Robot specific settings
      colli: reduce duplicated code in RoboShape class
      colli: correct abortion for RoboShape, throw exception instead of exit(0)
      colli: do not flood with "stop" messages if the robot is not driving
      MotorInterface: add fieds for desired vx,vx,omega
      colli: remove 2nd MotorInterface for desired values, it's all in 1 interface now
      colli: get interface IDs from config
      colli: fix all doxygen errors
      colli AbstractDriveMode: simplify calculations for GuaranteeTransStop()
      colli: add config flag, defining minimum rotation velocity
      colli: reduce calculations in UpdateColliStateMachine()
      colli: parameterize minimum distances to decide about the ColliState
      colli: parameterize pre_position_distance
      colli: ensure compilation if ROS is not available
      colli: reduce includes of ROS header files + use pointer for ros::Subscriber
      colli: removed re-definition of tf::TransformListener in header, not necessary
      colli: get odometry frame id from config
      colli: name of topic for target-setting via rviz can now be adjusted in config
      colli: move private method after init(),finalize(),loop() for better readability
      colli vis: visualize roboshape in the grid
      colli: allow visualization to run all the time, even if no new target is set
      colli: The default drive_mode can now be set via config
      colli: process SetDriveModeMessage
      colli message_handler: use parameters for goto/relgoto from member variables
      colli message_handler: properly set "max_velocity" and "security_distance"
      NavigatorInterface: add messages to set more and to reset all parameters
      colli message_handler: read stop_at_target and orient_at_target params from config
      colli message_handler: process newly added NavigatorInterface messages
      NavigatorInterface: add SetMaxRotationMessage for max rotation velocity
      colli message_handelr: use write information about max_rotation velocity into interface
      colli message_handler: write destination distance into interface
      colli: check against max_rotation when only rotation at the position
      colli SelectDriveMode: use "current" motor values instead of "desired"
      colli: improve calculation of velocity, considering speed and where we want to stop
      colli: change parameter names in SlowForwardDriveMode for better readability
      colli: SlowForward: only translate when angle to target is < 90°
      colli: SlowForward: Fix interpolation calculation of desired velocity
      colli: SlowForward: Calculate and adjust rotation/translation properly
      colli: improve selection of ColliState
      Revert "colli: add bool for Drive(0,0) (just send once)"
      colli: set final flag for colli_target interface
      colli: disable OVERRIDE state in colli_thread
      colli: improve behaviour in case colli needs to abort
      colli: remove keeping track of "oldTarget", not needed anymore
      colli: remove "infamous" IsPipe() method
      colli: use int isntead of float (rad) for checking validiy of laser reading
      colli roboshape: remove "IsRod" method, too caesear-specific and not used
      colli roboshape: fix and extend calculations of distances to robot edge
      colli roboshape: remove annoying "== true" for boolean checks
      colli roboshape: add/fix calculation of distances for round robots
      colli escape-mode: fix calculation of position of potential danger
      colli escape-mode: add more precise warning messages about location of collision
      colli roboshape: fix calculation of distance from laser to robot edge
      colli: do not build colli plugin if fawkestf not available
      colli: rename message_handler_thread to act_thread
      colli: refactoring of config file (all lower_case and more structured)
      colli: MotorControl: only sends messages if writer for MotorInterface exists
      colli: rename interfaces in colli_thread to "if_laser_" etc
      colli: proper separation of an act_thread and a continuous colli_thread
      colli: remove LaserInterface read() from robo_laser.cpp
      colli: rename "publish_data()" to "interfaces_write()"
      colli: trigger all interface read() from act_thread
      colli: disable odd "time_factor" for drive_realization
      colli: interface read/write always on demand
      colli: use "frequency" actually as a frequency, not runtime-in-msec
      colli: treat security_distance properly
      colli: fix missing documentations
      fvutils: fix calling cart_coord_2d_t without proper constructur
      colli: vis: use proper frame and time for publishing planned path
      colli: properly set final=false when receiving new goto command
      colli: og_laser: minor code cleanup
      colli: replace ellipse/ellipse_map with general obstacle/obstacle_map
      colli: og_laser: use CRoboShape_Colli instead of RoboShape
      colli: add constructor for FastRectangle, a rectangle obstacle
      colli: fix calculation of rectangle area
      colli: fix x/y and height/width confusion in occ-grid
      colli: add obstacle based on base_link and roboshape
      colli og_laser: fix calculation of base_link offset
      colli: fix documentation
      colli: fix license header of escaping_potential_drive_mode
      colli: fix doxygen errors
      config: colli: removed trig_table entries
      colli: rename "EllipseDistance" to "ObstacleDistance" in og_laser
      colli: allow adjusting GuaranteeTransStop from config
      colli: fix calculation of sizes for old obstacles integration
      colli: reduce near/mid/far cells of obstacle to 1 grid-cell size
      colli: return useful CompleteWidth for round roboshape
      colli: make costs of occupancy-grid cells configurable
      skill align_laserht: use average bearing over 1 sec for orientation
      skill align_at_table: use config entries of new tabletop-detection
      skill back_off: enable escaping + reduce code for restoring navi states
      skill katana_approach: fix: declare "z" as local variable
      katana: correct publishing of joint values for JointInterface
      laser-lines: fix calculation of bearing direction
      jaco arm: add basic OpenRAVE model with all joints excl. gripper
      threading: unlock loop_mutex when default loop() calls pthread_exit()
      colli: send one final STOP when stopping and motor values are all zero
      colli: fix passing laser readings to "basic" escape-mode
      colli: remove LaserPoint class from basic escape mode
      colli: catch exceptions on init() and properly close interfaces
      colli: remove dependency on PCL and Eigen for removing old laser data
      colli: fixed documentation errors
      colli: complete code cleanup
      colli: stop immediately if updating occupancy-grid failed (fixes #341)
      skill relgoto: adapt to new NavigatorInterface DriveMode names
      colli: check if transform to laser is still up to date (fix #341)
      colli: check if get_frame() returned valid TimeCache
      colli: fix deletion of old obstacles
      skiller: Skip navgraph support if navgraphaspect is not available
      clips-navgraph: Do not build if navgraph not available
      skill ppgoto: check for errors after navi is final (fixes #343)
      navgraph: removed some redundant code + fixed few comments
      navgraph: fix checking if traversal is running in node_reached()
      navgraph: set correct state when both navgraph + local planner are final
      libnavgraph: fix message for CGAL warnings during compilation
      navgraph: timeout only for distance,send final ori-msg if req (fixes #349)
      navgraph: add timeout after orientation has been reached
      skill back_off: use backwards=true argument of relgoto subskill
      jaco: use arm meshes provided by Kinova
      kinova: Add plugin dir + basic files for compilation
      kinova: Rename kinova_jaco_thread to jaco_thread
      kinova: Add JacoArm class for libsub connection to Jaco arm
      kinova: init libusb and get handle for jaco-arm
      kinova: jaco_thread: create a JacoArm for testing
      kinova: libusb: claim interface before interaction
      kinova: add basic structs for libusb commands
      kinova: libusb: add simple getter for cartesian coordinates
      kinova: libusb: add generic method for OUT and IN requests
      kinova: libusb: add method to print content of a USB message
      kinova: fix usb-message header + getting cartesian coordinates
      kinova: added few macros to reduce code
      kinova: add getter for angular positons
      kinova: added JacoInterface. Provides basic position information atm
      kinova: added types.h file containig all structs etc.
      kinova: change JacoInterface field 'angles' to 'joints'
      kinova: added interface-field 'connected' to display status
      kinova: add info_thread to manage information on Jaco arm
      kinova: renamed class InfoThread to KinovaInfoThread
      kinova: pass connected arm to KinovaInfoThread + rename JacoThread
      kinova: add method to start/stop controlling arm by API
      kinova: add struct and enums for basic-trajectory command data
      kinova: add sending basic_trajectory to arm
      kinova: add method to send basic_trajectory with single parameters
      kinova: merged position_cart_t and position_ang_t to position_t
      kinova: pass euler-rotation values to JacoInterface
      kinova: fix mapping of cartesian coordinates
      kinova: move initialization of interfaces into JacoThread
      kinova: move execution of JacoInterface->write() to JacoThread
      kinova: fixed typos in types.h comments
      kinova: added methods to API + bugfixes
      kinova: move InfoThread wakup to HOOK_SENSOR_PROCESS
      kinova: add GotoThread and interface messages for movement
      kinova: set 'msgid' and 'is_final' as soon as message received
      skills: add skill to control Kinova Jaco arm
      kinova: add joystick command to libusb
      kinova: add joystick commands to interface and handle them
      openrave: updated Jaco models with fingers
      openrave: add KinovaJaco to manipulators
      openrave: add plain robot model with KinovaJaco arm
      kinova: JacoInterface: add messages and field for READY and RETRACT
      kinova: add OpenraveThread to use OpenRAVE IK and maybe path-planner
      kinova: add getter for arm status + use more reliable positions
      kinova: adapt InfoThread to new typedef names with 'jaco_' prefix
      kinova: add retract/calibrate handling in threads
      skill: jaco: add movement to READY and RETRACT positions
      kinova: allow building if OpenRAVE not installed. Skips supporting it
      openrave: fix angle conversion from openrave to device joint values
      openrave: move jaco.robot model 6cm on -z to match kinova-API coordinates
      kinova: add set_target method to JacoOpenraveThread
      kinova: correct checking for final-status of TARGET_ANGULAR type
      kinova: add libs, needed for angular computations in last commit
      kinova: CartesianGotoMessages are now passed to openrave
      skill: jaco: use angular values for 'home' position
      kinova: fix using config value __cfg_OR_use_viewer
      kinova: libusb: add simple lock to prevent errors at synchronous transfer
      kinova: add automatic initialization and calibration, settable in config
      kinova: change gripper message, have 1 for general finger movements
      skill: jaco: param 'gripper' can accept multiple values now
      skill: jaco: fix setting independent finger values (typo)
      kinova: removed lot of debug messages
      kinova: fix 'usleep not declared' errors, need other includes
      kinova: use only libkindrv for arm control
      openrave: add model of small red ball
      openrave: add model a service-plate with graspable sides
      kinova: add interface tolua-file due to interface timestamp additions
      openrave: make fingers of jaco model movable and mimicing each other
      openrave: jaco-model: make finger orientation closer to real arm
      openrave: add model for Jaco dual-arm setup
      kinova: rename jaco_thread to act_thread
      kinova: add structs for single and dual_arm
      kinova: use jaco_arm_t for storing arm and interface pointers
      kinova: add handling of dual_arm setup; no movement yet though
      config: add YAML file for kinova plugin
      kinova: info_thread now handles arbritray amount of arms
      kinova: add second goto_thread in case we have dual_arm setup
      kinova: add pointer goto_thread to each jaco_arm_t struct
      kinova: add initialization of dual-arm in act_thread
      kinova: process JacoInterface messages for dual-arm setup
      kinova: fix string::resize command, need to fill up with spaces
      kinova: Split openrave_thread into two, for single- and dual-arm
      kinova: KinovaOpenraveSingleThread uses set_target() from its base-class
      kinova: dual-arm setup now uses OpenRAVE IK-solver if available
      config: kinova: new entry, path to OpenRAVE model for Jaco dual-arm setup
      skill jaco: support interfaces for left and right arm
      kinova: proper cleanup if openrave_threads fail on init()
      kinova: add abstract KinovaArm class, allows having other controllers/drivers
      kinova: fix arm-name comparison by trimming tailing whitespaces
      kinova: revert to old final-checking, cannot check if arm is moving
      kinova: add KinovaArmDummy class for simple simulation of an arm
      kinova: make openrave_threads continuous and assing one to each arm
      config: kinova: add missing entries required by latest kinova-plugin commits
      openrave: fix setting target by joint_angles
      kinova: openrave_thread: add FIFO queue for targets and trajectories
      openrave: can set plannerparams by passing const char* now
      kinova: add planning for single arm
      kinova: fix getting OpenRaveEnvironment pointer
      kinova: GotoThread is continuous now, processing trajec-queue
      kinova: use RefPtr for target and trajectory queues
      kinova: remove trajec_queue, keep one main target_queue
      openrave: add copy() method for proper copying polymorphic objects
      openrave: add copy constructor for OpenRaveEnvironment
      openrave: add copy constructor for OpenRaveRobot
      openrave: add clone() method to aspect
      kinova: Do not implicitly add finger-values to target_queue
      kinova: use separate environments for planning
      kinova: remove planning_mutex for updating openrave-viewer
      kinova: plot trajectories in viewer_env with adjustable colors
      openrave: add method to clone objects from another environment
      kinova: clone all objects before planning
      openrave: allow adjusting filter-options for IK check
      kinova: Ignore environment collisions for IK check
      kinova: add error-codes and trajectory-states
      kinova: use RefPtr for shared pointers between openrave_threads
      openrave: allow full customized command for BaseManipulation
      kinova/jaco: renamed plugin from "kinova" to "jaco"
      jaco: do not use RefPtr for main OpenRaveEnvironment
      openrave: Jaco model: each finger is a separate join now
      jaco: display finger positions in openrave viewer
      jaco: fix condition check before planning
      skill jaco: check JacoInterface error-code, fail if an error occured
      config: rename kinova.yaml to jaco.yml, due to plugin renaming
      jaco: fix final-check, need to check for final-movement first
      jaco: look further back in target_queue for start of new plan
      buildsys: add order-only prereq of presubdirs for OBJS_all (fix #360)
      skiller: fix passing subskill argument in its 'args' field (fixes #364)
      skill or_object: add "delete_all" argument for DeleteAllObjectsMessage
      skill: new 'openrave' skill for general commands to openrave
      skill or_object: simplify arguments, allow tables wherever applicable
      skill or_object: allow passing manipulator-name for "attach"
      skill or_object: fix arguments for AttachObjectMessage
      skills: new jaco_bimanual for coordinated bimanual manipulation
      skill jaco_bimanual: add parameter to enable/disable planning constraint
      openrave: add StartViewer message to interface
      openrave: add DeleteAllObjects message to interface
      jaco: always set active manipulator before planning
      openrave: adapt model for jaco_dual to identify fingers correctly
      openrave: use RefPtr instead of pointers
      jaco: adapt to changes in openrave plugin (only using RefPtr now)
      katana: adapt to changes in openrave plugin (only using RefPtr now)
      openrave: add model of a 2x2m transparent wall
      openrave: improve locking + allow setting manipulator for object-attach
      jaco: reduce debug logging in goto_thread
      jaco: always lock OpenRAVE environment
      jaco: delete all objects before cloning
      openrave: disable manual initialization of planner
      jaco: made trajectory sampling rate configurable
      jaco: fix final-check for TARGET_TRAJEC and TARGET_GRIPPER
      jaco: add method for trajectory execution to JacoArm class
      jaco: add SetPlannerParams message to interface
      jaco: remove target-type TARGET_TRAJEC, every target can be a trajectory
      jaco: each arm gets own full set of threads now
      skill jaco: new skill argument for setting planner parameters
      jaco: openrave_threads read manipname from config now
      jaco: add c++ implementation of OpenRAVE's python MultiManipIKSolver
      jaco: add set of threads for coordinated bimanual manipulation
      jaco: properly enqueue targets for coordinated manipulation
      jaco: debug logging cosmetics for bimanual_act_thread
      jaco: added path planning for coordinated manipulation
      openrave: add_target() looks for the closest IK-solution now
      jaco: plan target with joint values, not Transform
      openrave: fix vector size problems with set_target_(..) methods
      openrave: fix copying objects from other environment
      openrave: fix configuration comparison when looking for best IK
      jaco: change how we restore robot state
      openrave: add possibility to set a name for environment
      openrave: automatically build a name-string to use for debugging and exceptions
      openrave: fix setting target values for circular joints
      jaco: fix order of thread loading, avoiding loop time extensions
      jaco: reduce some code for updating planner params when using add_target()
      openrave: allow restarting the viewer if the GUI is closed
      jaco: multiple improvements and fixes to multi-ik solver
      skill jaco: fix, FAIL if no matching skill parameters found
      jaco: fix connecting to JacoArm, given its name
      jaco: fix testing for collision for bimanual planning
      openrave: remove KinBody-init in physic-engine & collision-checker
      jaco: remove "fawkes::" namespace identifiers
      jaco: add additional paramter "followup" to set_joints() for JacoArm
      jaco: goto_thread: only pop first target from queue if fully executed
      jaco: implement bimanual_goto_thread
      jaco: pass jaco_dual_arm_t to bimanual-thread constructors
      utils: fix calculation of angle_distance in math/angle.h
      openrave: restrict 2 joint limits of Jaco model
      jaco: add SetConstrainedMesssage to JacoBimanualInterface
      openrave: add model of a red ball of 20cm diameter
      interfaces: add JacoInterface and JacoBimanualInterface to gitignore
      jaco: set control to 'cartesian' before fetchin coords from libkindrv
      jaco: add configurable options for plotting
      jaco: trigger plotting of current positions in goto_threads
      jaco: fix final-check of bimanual_goto_thread
      openrave: fix documentation warnings
      jaco: fix documentation warnings
      jaco: attach object to correct manip when cloning robot in planner_env
      jaco: stop trying to connect to arm if failed previously
      jaco: fix exception, need to create new RefPtr before assigning
      jaco: always lock mutex before accessing __final in (bimanual)goto-thread
      jaco: enable planning for angular targets
      skill jaco: is now a generator for "jaco" skills
      skill jaco: add proper skill documentation
      jaco: fix building plugin if OpenRAVE is not installed
      jaco: remove nested comments to avoid doxygen warnings
      luaagent: automatically add FINAL and FAILED states
      luaagent: automatically provide "self.args" table
      luaagent: use proper var name for SubFSMJumpState module in agentenv
      openrave: ignore warnings on deprecated declarations
      skills: no hardcoded frame IDs, taking from config instead
      colli: no hardcoded frame IDs, taking config entries instead
      laser-filter: no hardcoded frame IDs, taking config entries instead
      navgraph: no hardcoded frame IDs, taking config entries instead
      tabletop-objects: no hardcoded frame IDs, taking config entries instead
      robotino: no hardcoded frame IDs, taking config entries instead
      pantilt: do not prefix frame IDs with a slash
      skill katana_rel: fix config path for katana frames
      skill goto: init constants after module has be initialized as skill
      openni: no hardcoded frame IDs, taking from config instead
      skiller: add new SkillJumpState as parent class for skill-executing classes

Bastian Klingen (9):
      mongolog: timestamps, pcl- and image-support added
      mongolog: fixes and small adjustments
      openni: added capture_time to images
      mongolog: fixes and small adjustments
      mongolog: fixes and adjustments
      mongolog: switched to gridfs to save raw image and pointcloud data
      mongolog: fixed collection naming to replace - with _
      gabezo: plugin to connect to the Gazebo Simulator
      procrrd: generate RRDs for running processes and network usage

Bjoern Schaepers (6):
      core: Corrected comment.
      amcl: Fix SegFault with gcc6.
      mongodb_log: link required crypto libs on Debian
      libconfig: documentation fixes
      libconfig: minor doc fix
      gazebo-msgs: compatibility with protobuf 3

Christoph Henke (1):
      laser: fix model name for Sick TiM551

Daniel Ewert (5):
      buildsys: removed double pkgconfig cmd in fvconf.mk
      laser-filter: adapt to new configuration structure
      laser-cluster: add cfg offset to x position
      laser-cluster: fix offset and vis-history
      laser-cluster: improve exception info

Florian Nolden (4):
      fvmodels: added colormodel for black
      fvmodels: black thresholds model now detects black
      fvmodels: fixed include typo in cpp file
      fvutils: extend OpenCV adapter to convert to YUV422_PLANAR

Frederik Zwilling (158):
      gazebo: fix header include
      navgraph: load navgraph with relative path
      fsm: always show lua errors in console
      linkscripts: fixed symlink path
      navgraph: orientation distance fix
      clips-protobuf: adapt to renaming of load-config to config-load
      robotino-sim: created working blank plugin
      robotino-sim: add GazeboAspect
      robotino-sim: changes in loading libs to make the plugin compile
      robotino-sim: load plugin with gazebo aspect
      robotino-sim: tested comm + fixed compile-problems
      robotino-sim: send hello world message
      robotino-sim: Sending blank MotorInterface
      robotino-sim: provide interfaces
      robotino-sim: Send MotorMoves to gazebo
      robotino-sim: recieve gyro from gazebo
      robotino-sim: write gyro to sensor-interface
      robotino-sim: reduced protobuf traffic
      robotino-sim: reduce gyro debug output
      robotino-sim: make plugin when calling make in main dir
      robotino-sim: refactoring (classes for simulated interfaces)
      robotino-sim: refactoring/super class for simulated interfaces
      gazebo-sim: added forgotten sim_interface
      gazebo-sim: receive position to set odometry
      gazebo-sim: estimate odometry path length
      robotino-sim: publish transform /base_link /odom
      robotino-sim: send transroot only if changed over 1%
      robotino-sim: reset motor odometry
      robotino-sim: fixed odom unit and message work off
      robotino-sim: renaming to meet fawkes conventions
      laser-sim: created plugin that listens to gazebo
      laser-sim: write laser data on the blackboard
      localization-sim: created plugin, writes Pose interface
      gazebo-sim: receiving full position and orientation
      gazebo-sim: renaming to have a unique prefix
      laser-sim: turned laser data and set NAN without obstacle
      gazebo-sim: added gazebo plugin to plugins makefile
      laser-sim: set frame in the interface
      laser-sim: small cosmetic changes
      gazsim-laser: put magic float in config
      gazsim-laser: moved reading of config files to init
      gazsim: removed unused transforms
      gazsim-light-front: created plugin to determine light signals
      gazsim-llsfrbcomm: Created plugin for communication adapter gazebo-refbox
      gazsim-llsfrbcomm: added config values and reconnecting
      gazsim: moved generated protobuf files to libs
      gazsim--llsfrbcomm: Tries to connect to refbox and gazebo
      gazsim-puck-detection: Added plugin for puck detection
      gazsim-robotino: added infrared puck sensor
      gazsim-puck-detection: writing and using the switch interface
      gazsim-robotino: added laser sensors on puck-gripper-sides
      gazsim-light-front: fixed interface names and translation
      gazsim: changes to use gazebo 1.9.1
      gazsim-llsfrbcomm: let the plugin work + send puck messages
      gazsim-llsfrbcomm: reduced debug output
      gazsim-robotino: updated values of puck-gripper-sensors
      gazsim-puck-detection: set frame in puck interface
      gazsim-light-front: fixed wrong translation
      gazsim-robotino: added missing config parameter in constructor
      gazsim-llsf: moved all llsf-plugins into fawkes-robotino
      gazsim-robotino: added motor-SwitchInterface
      gazsim-robotino: slipping odometry when driving against obstacle
      gazsim-robotino: no slipping odometry when turnig
      gazsim-robotino: added speed factor for movement
      gazebo: added communication via different channels
      gazsim-robotino: config values for movement speed factors
      gazsim-comm: plugin for communication simulation and management
      gazsim-comm: simulating package-loss
      gazsim-robotino: init floats with 0.0
      gazebo: added publishers to control simulation
      gazsim-vis-localization: visualization of the estimated position
      gazsim-vis-localization: made it work
      gazsim-webcam: shared memory object from gazebo webcam
      gazsim-timesource: created plugin for time setting
      gazsim-webcam: separate shared mem of different robots
      gazsim-timesource: publish simulation time
      gazsim: proper use of quaternion
      gazsim-timesource: use new SimTimeSync msg
      gazsim: added forgotten Proto-filed
      gazsim-vis-localization: handle nan double at begin
      core: avoid conflict with Plugins from other frameworks
      robotino: send message if motor-vel changed from or to 0
      gazsim-robotino: removed debug message of odom. error
      gazebo: use aspect provider constructor correctly
      gazsim: ommit making plugins with missing dependencies
      protobuf_msgs: corrected ommiting message
      gazsim-msgs: clean up protobuf msgs for gazsim
      gazsim-timesource: use llsf independent SimTime msg
      gitignore: ignore generated c++ protobuf files
      gazsim-robotino: make robotino/interfaces
      gazebo-plugins: moved llsf independent plugins here
      gazebo: added libdl to gazsim makefiles
      protobuf-comm: create message register before start_recv()
      clips: fixed adding interface in bb-feature
      clips-navgraph: added subdir to src/plugins/Makefile
      clips-navgraph: added dependency on clips
      clips-agent: fixed stealing skiller control
      gossip: added missing include
      plugins: build gossip by default
      gazsim: added plugin dependencies in Makefile
      gazsim-comm: removed using of unneeded gazebo libs
      gazebo: changed directory structure
      gazebo-msgs: use GPL license
      gazebo: fixed documentation and todos
      gazebo: removed unnecessary gazebo nodes
      make check: ignores generated protobuf files
      gazsim-robotino: removed bad generalization of simulated interfaces
      gazsim: renamed robotino independent topics
      gazsim: write interfaces only in loop
      gazsim: moved topics names into config
      gazsim-webcam: locking of shm image
      gazsim: corrected WAKEUP_HOOK of threads
      gitignore: ignore generated protobuf files
      gazsim-timesource: get clock as constructor param for source
      gazsim-timesource: more precise calculations
      gazsim-timesource: unregister timesource in finalize
      gazsim-laser: put interface-id and frame-id into config
      gazebo: adapted to gazebo topic naming
      gazsim-laser: removed the gazebo-hokuyo plugin
      gazsim-robotino: set desired fields in motor-interface
      gazsim-robotino: write infrared sensors into correct position
      webview: allow web-page-reply without navigationbar and footer
      utils/misc: resolving @...@ in path-strings
      webview: access to multiple resource directories
      utils: doxygen compatible tags in string conversions
      gazsim-comm: sending and receiving raw msgs
      gazsim-robotino: added configurable lag to gyro data
      colli: configurable buffer size in og_laser
      laser-cluster: added new pcl lib in makefile
      gazsim-gyro: send gyro msg with 20Hz
      gazsim-laser: set interface timestamp to writing time
      gazsim-odometry: increased odometry update rate
      gazsim-vis-localization: increased size or robot-labels
      gazsim-localization: add frame to interface and publish transform
      core: fixed waker waiting at barrier forever
      core: no delete of int-barrier with threads in wait()
      gazsim-webcam: support of multiple simulated webcams
      gazsim-webcam: fixed missing robot name in webcam descriptor
      gazsim-vis-localization: show label in configurable height
      clips: send interface messages with blackboard-feature
      interface: allow '/' in id when parsing uid
      interface: copy interface-pointer in FieldIterator copy-constructor
      clips: set multifields in the blackboard_feature
      gazsim_msgs: added message for ground truth light signal detection
      clips: return id of send blackboard msgs
      clips: set bool in interface(msg) Type wrong fix
      protobuf-clips: set CLIPS::Value from bool field to SYMBOL
      gazsim-gripper: read infrared sensor from laser scan
      gazsim-webcam: added missing documentation to pass make check
      lua-mathext: added missing angle_distance
      gazsim-depthcam: simulation plugin for depth cameras
      gazsim-depthcam: match point coordinates to frame with x going forward
      align_at_table: added missing transform_object function
      skiller: when multiple exec_skill msgs are enqueued use last one
      gazebo-vis-localization: no transparency in visual msgs in gazebo 7
      goto: updated generic goto to use tf and work at all
      jaco: better exception message when jaco name is wrong
      jaco: fixed negation of comparison

Gesche Gierse (116):
      mongodb: added LDFLAGS when compiling on ubuntu
      buildsys: added a boost lib dir to enable ubuntu support
      flite: make soundcard configurable
      skillgui: remove empty bars in ui file
      skillgui: make skill execution bar writable again
      navgraph: set msgid on StopMessage
      eclipse-clp: add elevator control agent and golog interpreter
      eclipse-clp: interim solution to work with with elevator.ecl
      eclipse-clp: add external declaration to logging.ecl
      eclipse-clp: add yaml config for this plugin
      eclipse-clp: use config file
      eclipse-clp: logging.ecl now a module
      eclipse-clp: elevantor agent uses logging module
      eclipse-clp: add config for dummy agent
      eclipse-clp: dummy interpreter now a module
      eclipse-clp: add interface module
      eclipse-clp: add tktools module
      eclipse-clp: add external predicate blackboard_add_interface
      eclipse-clp: elevator agent uses tktools for debugging
      eclipse-clp: Add inclusion guard for eclipseclass.h
      eclipse_debugger: add basic eclipse debugger GUI
      eclipse_debugger: create interface
      eclipse_debugger: add ui file
      eclipse-clp: switch blackboard interface for dummy agent
      eclipse-clp: fix connection establishment in tktools.ecl
      eclipse-clp: cleanup of fawkes_bb_interface.cpp
      eclipse-clp: add loop for tktool attchment
      eclipse-clp: agent is now a global variable
      eclipse-clp: remove registering interfaces in C++
      eclipse-clp: remove eclipseclass include
      eclipse-clp: change registered interfaces to multimap
      eclipse-clp: fix some includes
      eclipse_debugger: cleanup
      eclipse-clp: remove external blackboard predicates
      eclipse-clp: fix input of log_debug
      eclipse-clp: remove interface interaction
      eclipse-clp: dummy/tktools: fix specific hostname
      eclipse-clp: cleanup of unused files
      eclipse_debugger: use execlp instead of system
      eclipse-clp: improve checking of EclipseDebuggerInterface
      eclipse-clp: add/fix copyright header
      eclipse_debugger: add/fix copyright header
      eclipse-clp: add EclExternalBlackBoard as a friend class
      eclipse_externals: added local blackboard support
      eclipse-clp: tktools.ecl: use EclipseAgentThread bb
      eclipse_externals: split p_connect_to_blackboard
      eclipse_externals: blackboard.ecl adapts changes
      eclipse_externals: fixed ensure_connected
      eclipse-clp: dummy agend adapts to blackboard.ecl
      eclipse-clp: add skillexec agent
      eclipse-clp: tktools.ecl: add ensure_attached
      eclipse-clp: tktools use attached/1 from remote_tools
      eclipse-clp: elevator agent: demonstrate new tktools.ecl feature
      skilltester: add tool to test skill functionality
      eclipse-clp: simplify sending messages with skillexec agent
      eclipse-clp: skillexec.ecl supports skilltester tool
      eclipse-clp: interim solution: event for interface checking
      eclipse-clp: improve debug output of tktools.ecl
      eclipse-clp: remove debug output from skillexec.ecl
      eclipse_externals: singleton, use bb from other thread
      eclipse-clp: adapt to changes in eclipse_external lib
      eclipse-clp: eclipse_thread now OPMODE_WAITFORWAKEUP
      eclipse-clp: skillexec.ecl works with loop
      eclipse-clp: control_thread calls eclipse_thread
      eclipse_externals: fixed loading of map files
      eclipse-clp: remove debug output
      eclipse-clp: remove post_event for interface msg
      eclipse-clp: improve comments
      eclipse-clp: interface msg handling in cycle
      eclipse-clp: tktools.ecl cleanup
      eclipse-clp: minor compatibility fix for ECLiPSe 6.1
      eclipse-clp: add config file
      eclipse-clp: adapt eclipse.mk to use pkg-config
      eclipse_externals: adapted eclipse.mk to use pkg-config
      eclipse-clp: use pkg-config only when available
      eclipse_externals lib: use pkg-config only when available
      eclipse-clp: use CONFDIR + config for navgraph path
      eclipse-clp: adapt config file to recent changes
      eclipse-clp: fix eclipse.mk
      eclipse-clp: fix config file
      eclipse-clp: modified config file
      eclipse-clp: add path search utility
      eclipse_debugger: compatibility fix
      eclipse-clp: cleanup
      eclipse-clp: add vanilla IndiGolog & indi elevator
      eclipse-clp: change eclipse_thread to continuous
      eclipse-clp: bugfix for eclipse-clp graph reading
      eclipse-clp: adapt indi_elevator example
      eclipse-clp: small fixes that caused a memory leak
      eclipse-clp: include eclipse-clp in plugin Makefile
      eclipse-clp: make plugin reloadable
      eclipse_externals: add array support for bb (float/double)
      eclipse_externals: add wrapper for tf/types.h get_yaw
      eclipse_externals: update Makefile for quaternions
      eclipse_externals: quaternion_helper bugfix
      eclipse-clp: add IndiGolog checker util
      eclipse-clp: remove debug code from tktools util
      eclipse-clp: bugfix IndiGolog checker
      eclipse-clp: indigolog_vanilla now a module
      eclipse-clp: checker changes preds to static
      eclipse-clp: use modular interpreter & checker
      eclipse-clp: checker analyses procs
      eclipse_externals: add config wrapper
      eclipse_externals: fix typo in blackboard.cpp
      eclipse_externals: add documentation for path search
      eclipse_debugger: add documentation
      buildsys: add LDFLAG for opencv contrib lib to firevision
      interfaces: adapt FacerInterface to contain gender data
      libconfig: unlock mutex after successful emit
      eclipse-clp: export more predicates from skiller util
      eclipse-clp: add timing util
      interfaces: adapt FacerInterface, search for person
      interfaces: extend FacerInterface, contain index of last learned person
      laser-lines: respect max num of lines, fixes #370
      interfaces: add a generic KeyValueInterface
      ffswitch: console tool to send Msgs to SwitchInterfaces

Johannes Rothe (19):
      ros: node name can be set in config
      fvmodels: remove buffer comparison in mirror calibration
      Firestation: fixed a segmentation fault regarding mask
      navgraph: catch exceptions
      ros-navigator: properly stop goals
      navgraph: add default property functions to tolua
      plugins/Makefile: build navgraph-interactive
      libnavgraph: add method to represent path as string
      robotino: add missing ConfigurableAspect
      plugin_generator: new tool to autogenerate the plugin files
      plugin_generator: add method to generate plugin cpp
      plugin_generator: add method to generate makefile
      plugin_generator: fixed missing semicolon
      plugin_generator: add check if dir is existing
      plugin_generator: main method changed to working version
      plugin_generator: add missing newline
      plugin_generator: add support for filenames with a dash
      plugin_generator: add man page
      plugin_generator: check if plugin_name input is valid

Kyle Strabala (3):
      skill_jumpstate.lua: add ability to hide skill exit transitions
      init.lua: check for goal_handle before canceling
      jumpstates.lua: add ability to hide skill exit transitions

Matthias Loebach (12):
      navgraph: catch exception on FAM fail
      f22-compat: added 5.3 to valid Lua version list
      joystick-teleop: stop movement when in front of an object
      joystick-teleop: added configurable values for collision safety
      joystick-teleop: if no laser is present, disable obstacle detection
      joystick-teleop: slow down when reaching double the stopping distance
      joystick-teleop: check for writer for laser interface
      joystick-teleop: only use laser interface if safety is enabled
      joystick-teleop: first open laser interface, then check for writer
      joystick-teleop: check if laser is enabled in config before enabling it
      joystick-teleop: moved laser if writer check to loop for more safety
      robotino: fix types of checksum bound config values

Nichola Abdo (3):
      tabletop-objects: added cylinder shape fitting
      tabletop-objects: fixed cylinder fitting frames issue.
      tabletop-objects: remember tabletop inclination

Nicolas Limpert (49):
      dynamixel: setup correct plugin description
      dynamixel: set correct error message on init-failure
      dynamixel: Enable echofix for false working serial adapters
      dynamixel: add alarm_shutdown to DynamixelServoInterface
      dynamixel: add alarm_shutdown entry in driver_thread
      dynamixel: add temperature_limit to config
      dynamixel: add raw error code information from servo
      dynamixel: add prevent_alarm_shutdown functionality
      dynamixel: set temperature_limit to 70 in default config
      dynamixel: add prevent_alarm_shutdown values for config
      dynamixel: set enable_echo_fix for driver chain
      dynamixel: add min- and maximum allowed voltage in config
      dynamixel: hand over min and max voltage to servo chain
      dynamixel: set correct message on voltage_out_of_specs
      dynamixel: add disable or enable prevent_alarm_shutdown
      dynamixel: process enable_prevent_alarm_shutdown messages
      dynamixel: set enable_prevent_alarm_shutdown on init
      dynamixel: add enable_connection_stability for chain
      dynamixel: enable_connection_stability in servo_chain
      dynamixel: set torque_limit from config
      dynamixel: add WorkingMode enum
      dynamixel: add mode-field in interface
      dynamixel: add SetMode message to interface
      dynamixel: add mode to servo class
      dynamixel: add set mode functionality
      dynamixel: add mode_set_pending handling of servo
      dynamixel: add SetMode message handling
      dynamixel: add set_speed to driver_thread.h
      dynamixel: set_velocity now uses set_speed
      dynamixel: add SetSpeed message to Interface
      dynamixel: add SetSpeed message handling
      dynamixel: set initial mode of servo on init
      dynamixel: set mode in interface properly
      dynamixel: add default configuration for dynamixel-plugin
      dynamixel: set proper comments in driver_thread
      dynamixel: set proper comments from pan/tilt to servo
      dynamixel: add proper handling of discovery timeout
      dynamixel: add discovery of explicit set servos
      dynamixel: add config handling for explicit servos
      dynamixel: set maximum allowed speed for wheel mode
      dynamixel: add sample configuration for servos in chain
      dynamixel: add autorecover to interface
      dynamixel: add autorecover default config
      dynamixel: add autorecover to servo class
      dynamixel: add autorecover config handling
      dynamixel: add AutorecoverEnabledMessage handling
      dynamixel: add RecoverMessage to interface
      dynamixel: add handling of RecoverMessage
      dynamixel: add handling of SetTorqueLimitMessage

Paul Dingil (4):
      openprs: add bb-value function to get data from bb-data
      openprs: make openprs message predicate functional fact
      openprs: fix return value allocation
      openprs: fix array source type for double arrays

Randolph Maassen (5):
      laser-lines: Added interfaces and windows for moving average
      laser-lines: added a config value for the moving avg filter size
      laser-lines: blackboard and memory handling for moving average
      laser-lines: moving average window handling
      laser-lines: calculation of the moving average

Safoura Rezapour Lakani (2):
      navigator-interface: extend by drive mode enum
      motor-extended: add SetOdometry-msg to motor-iface

Sebastian Reuter (20):
      navgraph: added orientation check at target to stop the goto resend
      robotino-plugin: added motor-stop msg if no velocity-msg is sent
      interfaces: add GripperInterface
      robotino: add support for controlling a Robotino gripper
      navgraph: constraint repo for (temporary) node blocking
      navgraph: check constraints in search_state
      navgraph: add constraint repo to navgraph aspect
      navgraph: split constraints code into separate library
      navgraph: check if node is in list before adding
      navgraph: protect constraint repo using LockPtr
      navgraph: add NavPathInterface to show current navgraph plan
      navgraph: added add_nodes() / clear() to abstract_node_const
      navgraph: make constrained path search optional
      navgraph: fallback to unconstrained search if no path found
      navgraph-constraints: added tmp reservation constraints
      navgraph: add timed node list constraint
      navgraph: added timed reservation list for edges
      navgraph-constraints: extension of timed_reservation_list by pair<Edge,time>
      navgraph-constraints: updated timed_node_list to hold pair<node,Time>
      navgraph-constraint: fixed add_edges()

Sebastian Schoenitz (2):
      jumpstate: changed time-resolution to msec
      jumpstate: Automatic conversion sec to msec

Till Hofmann (182):
      flite: add Arch Linux specific compile flags
      buildsys: detection of tolua++ on Arch Linux
      buildsys: check specific version of lua first
      tabletop-objects: refactor: extract method extract_object_clusters
      tabletop-objects: refactor: extract method colorize_cluster
      utils: added implementation of Munkres' algorithm
      tabletop-objects: refactor, extract method add_objects
      tabletop-objects: use Munkres' algorithm to track objects
      tabletop-objects: remove unused functions and member variables
      tabletop-objects: remove unused method (overloaded colorize_cluster)
      tabletop-objects: fix bug in colorizing table cluster
      Merge branch 'refactor' into munkres
      tabletop-objects: don't set all Position3DInterfaces to false every loop
      tabletop-objects: add class OldCentroid
      tabletop-objects: save disappeared centroids for later use
      tabletop-objects: bounds checking
      tabletop-objects: code cleanup
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/hungarian-method' into munkres
      tabletop-objects: use existing implementation of hungarian method
      tabletop-objects: delete centroid if it was moved too far
      tabletop-objects: remove unnecessary variable max_id
      tabletop-objects: visualize centroids correctly
      tabletop-objects: set position blackboard interfaces correctly
      tabletop-objects: only check distance if centroid id has been reassigned
      tabletop-objects: only use [0,MAX_CENTROIDS) as centroid IDs
      tabletop-objects: static initialization of pos_ifs_
      tabletop objects: only use an id if there's no old centroid with same id
      clips-agent: fix string conversion error
      tabletop-objects: sanity check for centroids
      tabletop-objects: add more detailed time trackers
      tabletop-objects: rename function add_objects to cluster_objects
      tabletop-objects: remove debugging message
      tabletop-objects: remove all objects too high above the table
      utils: remove filename from exception in filetype functions
      tabletop-objects: set cloud frame id correctly in colorize_cluster
      Merge branch 'thofmann/tabletop-obj-hungarian' into master
      tabletop-objects: set the colored_clusters' frame id correctly
      Merge branch 'cylinder-fitting' into master
      tabletop-objects: fix indices in cylinder fitting visualization
      tabletop-objects: fix single_cluster initialization
      tabletop-objects: fix transformation in height check
      tabletop-objects: copy value of best_obj_guess_
      tabletop-objects: copy single clusters correctly
      tabletop-objects: extract method delete_old_centroids
      tabletop-objects: extract method delete_near_centroids
      tabletop-objects: extract method remove_high_centroids
      tabletop-obj: fix capture in delete_old_centroids
      tabletop-obj: only do outlier removal if input isn't empty
      tabletop-obj: manage old centroids in loop, not in cluster_objects
      tabletop-obj: set centroids to empty if there are no objects
      tabletop-obj: cluster objects even if input is empty
      tabletop-obj: save all centroids to old centroids if no objects are found
      tabletop-obj: process empty input correctly in extract_object_clusters
      tabletop-obj: make cylinder fitting optional
      tabletop-obj: make object tracking optional
      tabletop-obj: only visualize cylinder fitting if cylinder fitting is enabled
      tabletop-obj: refactoring, extract method track_objects
      tabletop-obj: make cylinder fitting verbosity configurable
      interfaces: add JointInterface
      pantilt: publish pantilt joint values
      pantilt: write the joints' velocities to the JointInterfaces
      pantilt: only publish transforms if config value is set to true
      ros-joint: add plugin to publish joint states to ROS
      ros-joint: don't set the thread as BlockedTimingAspect
      ros-joint: remove loop()
      ros-joint: fix includes
      ros-joint: remove unnecessary aspects
      ros-joint: close interface if there are no other readers/writers
      pantilt: initialize blackboard interfaces' velocities to zero instead of max
      pantilt: publish joint values in all drivers
      tabletop-obj: add documentation
      robot-publisher: add files from ros package, create plugin
      robot-publisher: adapt to fawkes-tf
      robot-publisher: publish information
      robot-publisher: warn if joint information is incomplete
      robot-publisher: change timing hook to sensor acquire hook
      robot-publisher: remove unused function publish_transforms
      robot-publisher: adapt to use fawkes' KDL Parser instead of ROS Package
      robot-publisher: build robot_state_publisher
      robot-publisher: interpret paths of URDF file relative to RESDIR/urdf
      robot-publisher: close interface if there are no other readers/writers
      robot-publisher: make postdating to future configurable
      robot-publisher: adapt to method name change in kdl_parser
      robot-publisher: rename plugin to 'robot-state-publisher'
      robot-publisher: watch for 'reader/writer added/removed' events
      kdl_parser: Add KDL parser library for parsing URDF files
      kdl_parser: add unit test
      ros: add robot description plugin
      robot-publisher: throw proper exception if initialization fails
      core: don't flag a thread as bad if the flag is already set
      urdf: make katana mesh file paths relative to ROS package kbsg_models
      ros: add plugin to publish Position3D interfaces to ROS
      tf: fix typo in Transformer
      ros-skiller: provide a skiller interface to ROS
      core: add CircularBuffer Container
      core: add unit test for CircularBuffer
      core: don't add unit tests to the make target 'all'
      buildsys: add basic unit test support to build system
      buildsys: add gtest config file for google's unit test framework
      core: set the waiting flag of a thread to false when thread is cancelled
      core: check if a thread is cancelled during thread recovery
      utils: fix typo in Makefile
      skillet: use pkg-config for termcap link flags
      laser-filter: fix missing include of time.h
      ros: add tinyxml dependency to ros-images
      core: release the WaitCondition's internal mutex if thread is cancelled
      core: add unit test for WaitCondition
      buildsys: enable gtest if gtest-config is not available but gtest found
      webview: link against libm if JPEG lib is available
      navgraph: don't build if Eigen3 is not available + proper error handling
      buildsys: properly execute unit tests
      readylogagent: rename the plugin to eclipse-clp
      eclipse-clp: move externals to plugin directory
      eclipse_externals: return message ID to eclipse in bb_send_message
      eclipse-clp: add skiller module to execute skills
      eclipse-clp: check msgid in skiller module
      eclipse-clp: add the possibility to simulate action execution
      eclipse_externals: implement p_bb_get for fields of type byte
      eclipse_externals: properly handle reference counting for sent messages
      eclipse_externals: properly check for TF
      eclipse_externals: remove support for RCSoft graphs
      colli: add build dependency on ROS
      eclipse-clp: adapt to blackboard API change
      skill align_at_table: enable/disable perception in 2nd detection state
      skill align_at_table: adapt to new navigator drive modes
      buildsys: add an explicit exec_test target + make-style test execution
      buildsys: target subdirs only needs to depend on current target
      core: fix typo in Makefile for circular buffer unit test
      libnavgraph: build generators after libnavgraph
      eclipse-clp: never load the library eclipse_externals
      eclipse_debugger: correctly initialize GConf
      eclipse_debugger: catch every Glib::Exception and return an error code
      eclipse-clp: proper initialization and cleanup in EclExternalBlackBoard
      eclipse-clp: allow to connect to other ports than 1910
      baseapp: interpret positional arguments as plugins to load
      libplugin: add spaces between literals and string macros for GCC6
      dynamic modules: add spaces between literals and string macros for GCC6
      fvutils: replace all auto_ptrs by unique_ptrs or shared_ptrs for GCC6
      fvwidgets: replace all auto_ptrs by unique_ptrs or shared_ptrs for GCC6
      gui_utils: replace all auto_ptrs by unique_ptrs or shared_ptrs for GCC6
      bblogger: replace all auto_ptrs by unique_ptrs or shared_ptrs for GCC6
      clips: replace all auto_ptrs by unique_ptrs or shared_ptrs for GCC6
      dynamixel: replace all auto_ptrs by unique_ptrs or shared_ptrs for GCC6
      imu: replace all auto_ptrs by unique_ptrs or shared_ptrs for GCC6
      laser-cluster: replace all auto_ptrs by unique_ptrs or shared_ptrs
      laser-filter: replace all auto_ptrs by unique_ptrs or shared_ptrs
      laser: replace all auto_ptrs by unique_ptrs or shared_ptrs for GCC6
      mongodb: replace all auto_ptrs by unique_ptrs or shared_ptrs for GCC6
      mongodb_log: replace all auto_ptrs by unique_ptrs or shared_ptrs
      openni: replace all auto_ptrs by unique_ptrs or shared_ptrs for GCC6
      openprs: replace all auto_ptrs by unique_ptrs or shared_ptrs for GCC6
      pcl-db: replace all auto_ptrs by unique_ptrs or shared_ptrs for GCC6
      static-transforms: replace all auto_ptrs by unique_ptrs or shared_ptrs
      webview-ptzcam: replace all auto_ptrs by unique_ptrs or shared_ptrs
      lasergui: replace all auto_ptrs by unique_ptrs or shared_ptrs for GCC6
      GUIs: replace all auto_ptrs by unique_ptrs or shared_ptrs for GCC6
      skillgui: replace all auto_ptrs by unique_ptrs or shared_ptrs for GCC6
      firestation: replace all auto_ptrs by unique_ptrs or shared_ptrs
      firevision: replace all auto_ptrs by unique_ptrs or shared_ptrs for GCC6
      laser: use fill_n instead of memset to avoid overflow in conversion
      colli: isinf is in the namespace std and was removed from the global ns
      bash: add bash completion
      bash completion: add completion for meta plugins
      bash completion: fix -L autocompletion, improve -D, add -P, -c
      baseapp: update help text to include plugins as new positional arguments
      utils: replace deprecated readdir_r by readdir
      fvutils: only replace auto_ptrs if we use at least C++11
      bblogger: only replace auto_ptrs if we use at least C++11
      clips: only replace auto_ptrs if we use at least C++11
      dynamixel: only replace auto_ptrs if we use at least C++11
      imu: only replace auto_ptrs if we use at least C++11
      laser-cluster: only replace auto_ptrs if we use at least C++11
      laser-filter: only replace auto_ptrs if we use at least C++11
      laser: only replace auto_ptrs if we use at least C++11
      mongodb: only replace auto_ptrs if we use at least C++11
      mongodb_log: only replace auto_ptrs if we use at least C++11
      openni: only replace auto_ptrs if we use at least C++11
      skills: add interface IDs to the interface dependencies in all skills
      buildsys: also check the existence of gtest libs, not only its headers
      netcomm: add support for OpenSSL 1.1.0
      protobuf_comm: add support for OpenSSL 1.1.0
      interfaces: add support for OpenSSL 1.1.0

Tim Niemueller (2228):
      mongodb: MongoDB integration plugin
      mongodb: towards a MongoDB connector plugin
      mongodb: MongoDBAspect allow to name a MongoDB client config
      mongodb: provide aspect, add client configuration
      mongodb: provide MongoDB logger
      mongodb: remove no longer used file
      mongodb: add documentation for MongoDBThread
      mongolog: added initial plugin to record all BB data
      mongodb: removed logging thread from mongodb
      plugins: build mongodb and mongolog by default
      mongodb: more verbose info about connections
      mongodb: evaluate activation flag for client configs
      mongodb/mongolog: add missing libraries
      mongorrd: new plugin to monitor MongoDB performance
      mongolog: configure mongorrd when running
      mongodb: code and doc fixes for newer systems
      buildsys: boost build tools compatibility for FreeBSD
      mongodb: use boost buildsys tools
      mongorrd: remove plugin header file
      mongorrd: move into mongodb plugin directory
      mongodb-rrd: rename mongorrd to mongodb-rrd
      mongodb: remove superfluous header file
      plugins: add mongodb and mongolog plugins
      libconfig: add basic YAML config reader
      config: YAMLized configuration files
      libconfig: can query YAML config for specific values
      libconfig: add YAML value iterators and search
      libconfig: remove iterator access for default and host-specific values
      libconfig: only pass one file path to load
      libconfig: search and query fixes for YAML config
      logging: fix typo in debug level in console logger
      baseapp: add support for YAML config, make default
      config: convert 0/1 to false/true values
      utils: to_string can now "convert" strings
      core: add Exception::what_no_backtrace()
      libconfig: host-specific configuration implemented
      core: Doxygen 1.8.1 fixes for LockList and LockQueue
      libconfig: handle implementations that do not support comments
      libconfig: fixes to support in-memory SQLiteConfiguration again
      libconfig: type confirmation based on already determined type
      libconfig: more YAML tag verification
      depinit: init_interfaces() converted to module init func
      JumpState: timeout is set later, not in ctor
      SubFSMJumpState: true JumpState subclass, pass args
      FSM/HSM: proper separation and cleanup, state def/trans adding
      FSM grapher: added params changed flag
      HSM: Improved error propagation
      Removed WaitState
      SM/JumpState: change transition addition/changes
      Support custom graph attributes
      FSM: only print error message if there is one
      FSM grapher: Introduce support for recover state
      JumpState: better error reporting
      HSM: improve timeout handling
      logprint: use global printf and friends if available
      logprint: Better support for different loggers
      dotgraph: produce proper indentation
      SubFSMJumpState: copy variables after user init
      Added MultiSubFSMJumpState
      FSM grapher: support MultiSubFSMJumpState and fix bugs
      FSM grapher: multi subfsm only get one pseudeo state
      FSM: traced() accepts state name as input
      MultiSubFSMJumpState: fail requires all FSM to finish
      HSM:define_states(): export already existing states
      FSM:traced(): to states are not considered traced
      HSM: timeout default to 'to' state
      Generic dependecy initialization support
      predlib: support proper dependency initialization
      Fawkes Lua utils: added tableext module
      Add CMU and Intel Copyrights
      Fix luadoc documentation
      Add generated API documentation
      Add README, AUTHORS and LICENSE files
      MultiSubFSMJumpState: do not wait on fail, error handling
      stringext: change order of split params, fix
      HSM and grapher: allow hiding transitions
      FSM grapher: mark active state(s)
      FSM: set_error() prints only if debugging enabled
      SubFSMJumpState: only propagate error if there is one
      start.lua: move to ROS specific directory
      SkillHSM/jump states: support timeout
      SkillHSM: proper HSM subclass, removed old cruft
      Skiller ROS action initializer
      Added ROS action jump state
      Added automatic ROS skill for action generator
      skillenv: adapt to changes and to run in ROS/non-Fawkes
      SkillerJumpState: proper JumpState sub-class
      ROS-specific start script and module
      Rename skill_jumpstates.lua to skill_jumpstate.lua
      ROS specific graphing wrapper
      skillenv: added get_error() function
      ActionJumpState: explicit error message on timeout
      Skiller/ROS: proper skill call via ExecSkillAction
      Extend expression for valid action skill names
      Adapt to recent HSM/JumpState changes, cleanup
      skillenv: be less verbose on adding skills
      skillenv: mark skill modules as such
      SkillJumpState: better errmsg, opt. fail state, reset
      Skiller/ROS: make grapher independent of skillenv and name
      USe Neo Sans Intel font for ROS graphs
      SkillJumpState: Support custom dotattr for fin/fail trans
      ActionJumpState: have timeout in WAIT_RESULT
      Skiller/ROS: change initialization order
      Skiller/ROS start: setup logging as early as possible
      ROS action skills: use reduced clients
      Skiller/ROS: add topic initializer
      ROS graph: set dotattr before graphing
      ROS start: register topic initializer
      ActionJumpState: collapsed representation by default
      Added MultiActionJumpState
      SkillJumpState: automatically pass vars as args
      ActionJumpState: properly propagate errors
      Added ROS service skills
      ROS start: add topic initializer, again
      ActionJumpState: timeout on WAIT_GOAL_ACK
      SkillJumpState: print executed subskill string
      ROS service jumpstate: fix nil parameter on printout
      Adapt to dependency initialization changes
      ROS graphing: latching graph publisher
      ROS start: remove double service initializer
      ROS start: provide ServiceJumpState by default
      Skiller/ROS: set status text to skill string
      ROS/ServiceJumpState: abort concexec on failure
      skiller/ROS: support custom fail and final print functions
      SkillJumpState: remove forgotten debug statement
      ROS graphing: publish clean graph when forced
      Skiller/ROS: optional nodemon support
      ActionJumpState: convenience methods for goal interaction
      ActionJumpState: support arrays in goal message
      Skiller/ROS: better debug output
      skiller/ROS: adapt to machine/human message split
      skiller: added error KB information
      skiller/ROS: Adapt to new nodemon API
      ROS init: guard nodemon call on cancel, fixes issue #1
      ROS init: guard nodemon call on goal cb, fixes issue #1
      ROS init: fix format string bug, fixes issue #1
      SkillJumpState: print skill names on error
      Skiller/ROS: print skill string on new goal
      SkillJumpState: remove no longer used debug output
      skiller: adapt to roslua resolve_remap branch
      SkillHSM: remove clear_state()
      SkillJumpState: simplify and match AgentSkillExecJumpState API
      ActionJumpState: react to ABORTED in WAIT_FOR_GOAL_ACK
      ActionJumpState: always set FSM error message on exit
      skillenv: provide separate human and machine readable error strings
      Skiller ROS: print human readable, return machine readable
      ServiceJumpState: better error reporting
      ActionJumpState: print error only on failure
      ServiceJumpState: support setting services directly
      ServiceJumpState: setting params fixed
      ServiceJumpState: fix precondition handling
      Added ROS dependent luaagent Lua bits
      agentenv: support setting a custom status publisher
      AgentSkillExecJumpState: improvements and bugfixes
      SkillQueue: better parameter passing, error message
      luaagent: ROS related additions
      ROS luaagent: init logger, register topic initializer
      SkillQueue: use args table if given for skill
      AgentSkillExecJumpState: support final_to and fail_to
      Provide service initializer for ROS
      JumpState: fix assert error message
      ROS start: print note when init done
      Adapt to dependency initialization changes
      Add CMU and Intel Copyrights
      AgentSkillExecJumpState: pass fsm to skillqueue
      skill queue: fix least commitment, support arrays
      luaagent/ROS: add node monitoring, deferred init
      luaagent: adapt to roslua resolve_remap branch
      AgentSkillExecJumpState: process preconditions
      AgentSkillExecJumpState: init status before checking transitions
      agentenv: support error handling function
      ROS luaagent: error handling with nodemon
      ROS start: add ServiceJumpState to exports
      robotino: change odometry frame id to /odom
      vispathplan: plugin to visualize pathplan graph in rviz
      utils: AStar Fawkes style, hash-compatible key type
      utils: new ctor for map node, default param
      tf: covenience function to create ident transform
      navgraph: graph-based global path-planning
      config: example values for navgraph
      plugins: add navgraph to plugins built by default
      utils: add RCSoftMapNode equality operator
      navgraph: add graph visualization
      vispathplan: remove remnants of plugins
      navgraph: add resend interval for navi command
      utils: generic TopologicalMapGraph with RCSoft graph loader
      navgraph: adjust to topological map graph changes in utils
      navgraph: pathplan and visualization thread share graph
      navgraph: abort plan execution on navigator failure
      navgraph: use a proper A* heuristic in path search
      navgraph: send visualization updates less often
      utils: add setters for topological graph classes
      utils: assert unique and valid edges on topological graph
      utils: support topological graphs specified using YAML
      utils: documentation fixes for topological graph tools
      navgraph: support loading YAML graphs
      navgraph: support monitoring of the graph file
      navgraph: visualization improvements, directed edges
      utils: support old yaml-cpp version (<0.3.0)
      navgraph: set proper ori at target, allow property override
      navgraph: support tolerance property override
      utils: assert unique nodes for topological graph
      utils: small YAML topological graph specification change
      utils: assert that topological map graph is fully connected
      navgraph: add configurable post-tolerance reached travel time
      tf: give error on missing CFLAGS, missing include
      utils: check for yaml-cpp 0.2.6
      utils: YAML graph node properties sanity check
      navgraph: log graph on startup, smaller fixes
      navgraph: print arrow indicating nodes with orientation
      utils: YAML topo graph throws exception on property errors
      navgraph: port simple plan optimization
      tf: fix utils deflector and add inline keyword
      tf: add transform_origin() method for easy robot pose calculation
      navgraph: use new transform_origin() in tf for pose
      navgraph: default config value updates
      utils: added FileAlterationMonitor::reset()
      config: add YAML config monitoring, reloading, and notification
      config: documentation fix
      ffinfo: always print full version
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/yaml-config'
      config: finalize transition of default config to YAML
      laser: add extern C declaration for libudev include
      libconfig: raise critical error if yaml-cpp is missing
      utils: automatic shared memory registry unlinking
      baseapp: user-dependent shared memory registry
      config: static-transforms typo fix
      config: fix tabletop-objects typo in config, fixes #152
      tabletop-objects: add small fix for PCL >= 1.5.0
      config: add transforms example config for Kinect on tripod
      mongolog: adjust file headers to proper format
      mongodb-log: rename from mongolog
      libconfig: support for config value lists
      Merge branch 'mongodb' into pcl-restore
      tf: fix uninitialized variable
      tf: move resolve() method to Transformer class
      pcl_utils: several fixes, some severe
      pcl_utils: new functions, storage adapter, transforms
      aspect: remove StorageAdapter from PointCloudManager
      utils: move TIMETRACK_* macros to utils
      ros-pcl: set frame ID each time
      mongodb-log: include/exclude parameters for point clouds
      mongodb-log: do not specify GridFS collection
      config: add example for fake localization
      pcl-db-merge: merge and align point clouds from database
      config: config examples for mongodb and mongodb-log
      buildsys: optimize build for current system by default
      tabletop-objects: configurable input point cloud
      tabletop-objects: only process point cloud if changed
      tabletop-objects: proper output in case of non-modeled detection
      tabletop-objects: use convex hull if table model cannot be estimated
      tabletop-objects: consider viewpoint relation to table
      tabletop-objects: set cluster frame ID in each cycle
      config: fix OpenNI related config path
      pcl_utils: get_time() and copy_time() for Boost shared ptr clouds
      tabletop-objects: support XYZ and XYZ/RGB input point clouds
      tabletop-objects: more parameters moved to config file
      clips-agent: skeleton of CLIPS-based agent framework
      clips-agent: add support for config loading from CLIPS
      config: properly differentite int and uint in YAML config
      clips: log levels and component, context maintainer
      clips-agent: set agent-specific log component name
      clips-agent: generic skill calling support
      clips-agent: allow setting of debug level in config file
      clips-agent: support auto-starting of agent
      clips-agent: configurable (time (now)) fact assertion
      clips-agent: support loading of agent code
      libconfig: drop support for tagging
      libconfig: missing type assignment in YAML config fixed
      libconfig: a non-existent host file during write is not an error
      config: properly differentite int and uint in YAML config
      libconfig: move YamlConfiguration::Node to YamlConfigurationNode
      libconfig: support default indicator in YAML node
      libconfig: MemoryConfiguration and use in NetworkConfiguration
      plugins: build clips-agent by default
      clips-agent: support reading access to blackboard interfaces
      worldinfo_viewer: adapt to config changes
      libconfig: transmission of list values over the network
      libconfig: change type checking order
      config: move config files, drop number prefix
      Merge branch 'archlinux'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/multi-instance'
      Merge branch 'ros-configurable-node-name'
      Merge branch 'vmatare/behavior-backport'
      Merge branch 'bahram/be-backport'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/yaml-config-list-values'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/navgraph'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vmatare/navgraph-goaltolerance'
      eclipse_externals: adapt to new TopologicalMapGraph
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bahram/skill_dependency_dot'
      clips-agent: do not open skiller interface in sim mode
      clips-agent: doc fix
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/clips-agent'
      libconfig: doc fixes
      navgraph: example configuration
      Update AUTHORS file with all contributors
      utils: inotify detection for Ubuntu
      flite: fix compile flags for Ubuntu
      fvcams: ignore EBUSY error on setting format
      fvretriever: adapt to new YAML config
      buildsys: proper distro detection on Fedora
      ros-navigator: explicitly link against pthread
      tabletop-objects: ignore unknown pragmas
      config: fixes in amcl.yaml
      buildsys: fix V4L2 related typo in fvconf.mk
      fvcams: add PNG flags to build
      skills: test skill space reduced to say only
      config: make test default skill space for skiller
      lua: graceful handling of code errors
      skiller: assume skill failure on user code error
      clips-agent: example configuration
      utils: string splitting utility functions
      config: use new utils string split method
      buildsys: pass BASEDIR and FAWKES_BASEDIR as compile flags
      clips-agent: support CLIPS search path
      clips-agent: print error if agent file not found
      clips-agent: informative output on adding a blackboard interface
      clips-agent: fix asserting list facts
      aspects: proper ROSified PCL detection
      pcl_utils: proper ROSified PCL detection
      laser-pointclouds: proper ROSified PCL detection
      openni: proper ROSified PCL detection
      tabletop-objects: proper ROSified PCL detection
      utils: added implementation of hungarian method
      buildsys: support to check for multiple boost libs at once
      core: call a thread's finalize() before the finalizer
      core: support recursive mutex in LockPtr
      protobuf_comm: library to communicate via protobuf messages
      protobuf_clips: protobuf integration into CLIPS
      libs: add protobuf_comm and protobuf_clips libraries
      clips: support shared CLIPS environments
      clips: add new log router targets
      clips-agent: use shared CLIPS environment
      clips-agent: make clips-dirs a list of strings
      clips-agent: directly match specific config value
      clips-agent: defer auto-start into loop
      clips-agent: properly de-register functions
      clips-agent: do not assert config list values
      clips-protobuf: extend a CLIPS env by protobuf functionality
      libconfig: support retrieving list as string
      protobuf_comm: mute some debug output
      protobuf_clips: add deffacts with (protobuf-available)
      protobuf_clips: do not abort ending if no server available
      protobuf_clips: fix potential deadlock
      clips-protobuf: add accompanying CLIPS file and load it
      clips-protobuf: unwatch some noisy facts and rules
      clips-agent: properly lock CLIPS env when operating on it
      clips-agent: insert default CLIPS dir as first
      clips-agent: assert (agent-init) instead of (init)
      clips-agent: support list config values
      clips-agent: mark skills IDLE after FINAL/FAILED
      clips-agent: support selective silencing of fact/rule watching
      ros-navigator: only check for action server on command
      plugins: clips-protobuf is to be build by default
      clips-agent: fix error message if loading agent fails
      protobuf_comm: check if socket is open before closing
      clips-agent: remove skills fact when final or failed
      clips-agent: small readability improvement in time utils
      logging: set default log level on multi logger
      logging: proper finalization on LibLogger
      logging: extend multi instance creation by log level
      baseapp: support setting loggers from config file
      amcl: fill ROS map message with origin information
      clips-agent: remove noisy debug output, announce interfaces
      fvcams: vix V4L2Camera with newer kernels
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vmatare/robotino-fixes'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/jrothe/firestation/segfault-fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vonwirth/graph-layouting'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bklingen/procrrd'
      interface: make Interface::msgq_append() public
      blackboard: fix bug in message notification
      blackboard: adapt to Interface::msgq_append() changes
      blackboard: utility classes to wake threads on events
      ros: support asynchronous ROS main loop spinning
      pcl-db-merge: add configuration support
      plugins: add pcl-db-merge to plugins built by default
      pcl-db-merge: add interface to instruct merge
      pcl-db-merge: catch MongoDB exceptions on initial check
      pcl-db-merge-roscomm: instruct pcl-db-merge from ROS
      interfaces: ignore plugin-specific PclDatabaseMergeInterface.h
      openni: add pthread to OpenNI libraries
      pcl_utils: remove fawkespcl_utils library from targets
      mongodb: add pthread to LDFLAGS_MONGODB
      mongodb-rrd: adapt to newer MongoDB versions
      mongodb-log: catch exceptions while recording
      pcl-db-merge: fix MongoDB includes for Ubuntu 10.04
      pcl-db-merge: move all parameters to config file
      pcl-db-merge: better feedback on failed merge
      pcl-db-merge: catch and report more errors
      pcl-db-merge-roscomm: error checking, dummy recording
      pcl-db-merge: clarifications and info about point cloud age
      mongodb-log: remove old code, bring back config update
      mongodb-log: consistent file naming
      mongodb-log: change member naming style
      libconfig: missing type assignment in YAML config fixed
      libconfig: a non-existent host file during write is not an error
      TransformInterface: frame name field length of 64
      tf: remove underscore from TransformStorage public members
      tf: return zero timestamp on empty time cache storage
      tf: new TimeCache copy ctors and access to internal storage
      tf: explicit Transformer locking support, access to internals
      aspects: use shared Transformer for TransformAspect
      laser-filter: adapt to TransformAspect changes
      mongodb: pass MongoDB connection manager to threads
      mongodb-rrd: adapt to varying dbStats data types
      mongodb-log: remove useless debug output
      mongodb-log: use individual MongoDB clients for BB loggers
      mongodb-log: allow include/exclude rules for blackboard
      mongodb-log: allow config of GridFS chunk size
      mongodb-log: allow disabling of blackboard logging
      pcl_utils: documentation fixes
      ros-pcl: documentation fixes
      tabletop-objects: documentation fixes
      mongodb-log: add specialized and optimized transform logger
      pcl-db-merge: adapt to new mongodb-log transform logger
      mongodb-log: config storage interval for point clouds
      pcl-db-merge: set caching time to restored time range
      pcl-db-merge: align each point cloud to the previous one
      pcl-db-merge-roscomm: wait for the specified time
      pcl-db-merge: set default transform restore interval to [-2,2]
      utils: add StringConversions::to_long() method
      fvutils: allow passing RGB buffers to PNGWriter
      pcl-db-merge: increase max number of timestamps to 12
      pcl-db-merge: added some informative debug output
      pcl-db-merge-roscomm: sort timestamps before relaying
      mongodb-log: allow flushing after point cloud insert
      mongodb-log: concurret image logging with intervals
      ffmongodb-save-imgs: tool to save PNGs from images MongoDB
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/mongodb'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bklingen/mongolog'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/pcl-db-merge'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/ros-navigator'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/skiller-interr-handling'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/clips-agent'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/hungarian-method'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bklingen/gazebo'
      buildsys: fix merge error
      buildsys: set DISTRO to unknown if os-release file missing
      aspects: fix merge error
      mongodb-log: fix merge error
      plugins: fix merge error
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/slakani/navi_extended'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/slakani/motor_extended'
      protobuf_clips: documentation fixes
      protobuf_comm: documentation fixes
      utils: documentation fixes
      clips: documentation fixes
      tabletop-objects: documentation fixes (merge error)
      mongodb-log: documentation fixes
      utils: documentation fixes
      clips-protobuf: documentation fixes
      buildsys: always define GCC OpenMP flag
      buildsys: detect if PCL was build with OpenMP support
      core: fix documentation problem with new Doxygen
      utils: more documentation fixes for hungarian method
      pcl-db-merge: fix build on OpenMP-enabled systems
      doc: add BSD license header
      perception: disable build of pcl-db-merge for now
      pcl_utils: fixes for ROSified PCL
      plugins: ordering constraints
      buildsys: fixes for PCL flags on 32-bit systems
      pantilt: fixes for 32 bit systems
      roomba: fixes for 32 bit systems
      skiller: add logger, config, and clock to skill modules
      FSM Grapher: print warning if gv not available
      clips-agent: change order of type checking for config values
      fvmodels: fix typo in black thresholds model file names
      Merge branch 'luminance-thresholds'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/thofmann/clips-agent-fix'
      utils: add missing load_yaml_navgraph to tolua file
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/lua-yaml-navgraph'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/clips-agent'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/config-log'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vmatare/skiller-precond-fix'
      clips-webview: plugin to introspect CLIPS via webview
      libwebview: introduce WebRequest and support POST requests
      libwebview: support raw POST data
      webview: adapt plugin to new process_request() signature
      ros-webview: adapt to new process_request() signature
      rrdweb: adapt to new process_request() signature
      xmlrpc: adapt to new process_request() signature
      clips: reduce I/O router priority
      clips-webview: dapt to new process_request() signature
      clips-webview: support retracting and asserting facts
      logging: documentation fixes
      fvmodels: documentation fixes
      clips-webview: example configuration for use with clips-agent
      webview: highlight currently hovered plugin line
      clips-webview: highlight current fact line
      clips-webview: highlight links with red background
      plugins: build clips-webview by default
      tf: improve error messages
      tf: add Transformer ability to generate DOT graphs
      webview: add transforms visualization processor
      webview: no more expanding of blackboard interface list
      webview: remove explicit disabling of TF
      utils: add file type functions operating on a file descriptor
      libwebview: file reply from open file handle
      webview: use temporary file for graph generation
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vmatare/navgraph_tolua'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vmatare/skiller-errorhandling'
      utils: add method to search node closest to another node
      utils: add edge node property retrieval constness
      navgraph: adapt to new const return values for properties
      navgraph: configurable logging of graph on (re-)loading
      clips-agent: add support for loading navgraphs
      clips-agent: encode navgraph node positions as multifield
      clips-agent: navgraph utility functions
      clips-agent: navgraph usage examples
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/topograph-node-search'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/clips-webview'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/tf-webview'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vmatare/ppgoto'
      utils: more constness in topological node and edge
      utils: allow marking of graph nodes as unconnected
      utils: YAML navgraph supports an !unconnected node tag
      utils: topological connection checking respects unconnected flag
      navgraph: print unconnected node and edge info
      navgraph: configuration fixes and additions
      utils: allow to exclude unconnected nodes in search
      libwebview: include fixes for Ubuntu
      laser-pointclouds: set frame ID in every loop
      interfaces: steal_control field in Skiller AcquireControlMessage
      skiller: respect steal_control field in AcquireControlMessage
      clips-agent: add option to force skiller control acquisition
      utils: explicit graph method to consider unconnected nodes in search
      navgraph: fix orientation tolerance handling
      libconfig: change function signature to for old compilers
      ffdeadspots: robustify when checking distance values
      libconfig: fix use of wrong variable
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vmatare/skiller-precond-fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/navgraph-fix-tolerance'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/skiller-steal-control'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bahram/ppgoto_tunable'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/clips-navgraph'
      buildsys: update Triclops SDK detection in fvconf.mk
      fvcams: do no longer print warning about V4L1 camera
      fvcams: split FirewireCamera init, allow access to internals
      fvcams: Bumblebee2Camera can now auto-detect largest size
      fvstereo: adapt to new Triclops and rename functions
      fvutils: add conversion from MONO8 to YUV422PACKED
      bumblebee2: driver plugin for Bumblebee2 stereo camera
      fvutils: add colorspace RGB_PLANAR
      bumblebee2: provide all data, point clouds, fix calculations
      bumblebee2: better default configuration
      bumblebee2: publish transforms for lenses
      bumblebee2: hook into main thread at SENSOR_ACQUIRE
      bumblebee2: add time tracking support
      fvcams: fix crash when improperly using FirewireCamera
      fvutils: fix typo in conversion from RGB_PLANAR to RGB
      fvutils: add conversion from MONO8 to RGB
      bumblebee2: interface for viewing/setting stereo parameters
      interfaces: ignore OpenCVStereoParamsInterface header file
      bumblebee2: proper cleanup on init failure
      bumblebee2: support viewing/setting stereo parameters via bb
      bb2calib: GUI application to tune Bumblebee stereo parameters
      plugins: build bumblebee2 by default
      tools: adapt to Triclops detection changes
      bumblebee2: use documented reference coordinate frames
      bumblebee2: print min/max Z values
      bumblebee2: dispose buffer on error
      bumblebee2: support semi-global stereo correspondence algorithm
      protobuf_comm: simplify client's io_service handling
      aspects: support multiple aspects for one AspectProviderAspect
      rrd: adapt to AspectProviderAspect API change
      ros: adapt to AspectProviderAspect API change
      mongodb: adapt to AspectProviderAspect API change
      openni: adapt to AspectProviderAspect API change
      clips: adapt to AspectProviderAspect API change
      clips: move environment maintenance to CLIPSEnvManager
      clips-agent: adapt to CLIPSAspect API change
      clips: add CLIPSFeatureAspect and infrastructure
      clips-protobuf: use new CLIPSFeatureAspect to provide protobuf
      protobuf_clips: do not assert (protobuf-available)
      clips: provide access to all environments from CLIPSEnvManager
      clips: add new CLIPSManagerAspect to access internals
      clips-webview: multi-env support through CLIPSManagerAspect
      libwebview: support disabling client-side caching
      webview: configurable client-side caching (turned-off by default)
      pcl-db-merge: rename dir in preparation for more plugins
      pcl-db-roscomm: rename to generic name
      pcl-db-retrieve: added interface to instruct plugin
      interfaces: add PclDatabaseRetrieveInterface to ignores
      pcl-db-merge: refactor for code re-use
      pcl_utils: convenience method for pcl transform
      pcl-db-retrieve: retrieve and transform single point cloud
      mongodb: default configuration for local database
      pcl-db-roscomm: support pcl-db-retrieve instruction
      pcl-db: useful default configuration
      tabletop-objects: small changes to adapt to variable input
      pcl-db: support ensuring and index for TF and PCL data
      pcl-db-merge: support to transform result to sensor frame
      config: adapt pcl-db-merge parameter for better results
      tabletop-objects: allow disabling of table model alignment
      tabletop-objects: avoid unnecessary point cloud transform
      tabletop-objects: use logging facilities
      tabletop-objects: fix mem leak
      tabletop-objects: cylinder fitting parameters
      tabletop-objects: work on base relative point cloud
      config: move config files from modules.d to conf.d
      config: add example value for enabling a debug log file
      core: better handle exceptions during finalization
      baseapp: catch and forward finalization exceptions
      libplugin: catch (and ignore) exceptions on destruction
      clips: support providing multiple CLIPS features with one thread
      clips-protobuf: adapt to new CLIPSFeatureAspect API
      aspects: make AspectProviderAspect list param const
      clips: add CLIPS feature to access blackboard (for reading)
      clips-agent: remove blackboard interface code
      clips: add (now) function as generic function for all envs
      clips-agent: remove (now) function
      clips: rename retract-time to time-retract
      clips: move some basic CLIPS code to clips plugin
      clips: add some more utils and missing code
      clips: add search path related code
      clips-agent: remove code that was moved to the clips plugin
      clips-agent: more useful default configuration
      clips: make blackboard update on time optional
      clips: add clips dir to default search path
      clips: add config feature (moving more code from clips-agent)
      buildsys: always test unsuffixed boost library names
      buildsys: do no longer warn about missing V4L1 support
      config: add support for new yaml-cpp 0.5+ API
      utils: add support for new yaml-cpp 0.5+ API
      utils: fix segfault if a navgraph has no nodes
      player: disable explicit preprocessor warnings
      mongodb-log: support PCL 1.7.0 and later
      libs: ordering constraint for protobuf_clips
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/pbcomm-simplify'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fzwilling/linkscripts-fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fzwilling/navgraph-load-relative-paths'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fzwilling/navgraph/orientation-distance-fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fzwilling/show-lua-errors'
      Merge branch 'thofmann/joint-interface'
      pcl_utils: concentrate PCL related utilities in pcl_utils
      mongodb-log: use pcl_utils PCL adapter
      pcl_utils: documentation fix (include path)
      laser-pointclouds: link against pcl_utils
      openni: link against pcl_utils
      tabletop-objects: link against pcl_utils
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/fedora-20'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bahram/math_upoint_t'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bahram/be-conditions'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/bumblebee2'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/timn/pcl-db-retrieve'
      pcl-db: adapt to PCL 1.7.0+ and code move to pcl_utils
      pcl-db: documentation fixes
      libs: build pcl_utils
      fvutils: add YUV420_PLANAR colorspace
      fvutils: conversion from YUV420_PLANAR to YUV422_PLANAR
      fvcams: identify YU12 format as YUV420_PLANAR colorspace
      fvcams: use YUV420_PLANAR as default in V4L2 with libv4l
      config: useful retriever default configuration
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bahram/2013_be-backport-skills'
      skills: remove hsmtest skill
      skills: remove no longer used serialexec skill
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bahram/motorinterface_desired_fields'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tneumann/robotino-act-des_values'
      interfaces: add missing JointInterface.tolua
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/thofmann/ros-jointstate-publisher'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/thofmann/joint-pantilt'
      ros: fix Makefile indentation for ros-joint
      plugins: build pcl-db plugins by default
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/yuv420planar'
      webview: remove large header and have small logo in navbar
      clips: better error reporting for base CLIPS files
      clips: make path info persistent across (reset)
      clips: better error information if file is not found
      clips: add timer deftemplate with usage example
      clips: add set-eq and set-diff functions to utils
      clips: add string> comparison function
      clips: properly assert bool config values as symbols
      clips: assert fact if feature is asserted
      utils: watch for file moves on file watches, null name detection
      navgraph: add NavGraphAspect to access TopologicalMapGraph
      navgraph: provide NavGraphAspect, fix reloading bug
      eclipse-externals: fix ambiguous list usage
      utils: add explicit assignment operator for TopologicalMapGraph
      utils: add support for change listener in TopologicalMapGraph
      clips-navgraph: plugin to provid the navgraph to CLIPS environments
      clips-agent: remove load-config CLIPS function
      clips-agent: remove navgraph related code
      clips-agent: remove unused variable
      clips-navgraph: re-assert graph on change
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/clips-modularize'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/clips-navgraph'
      gazebo: do not set HAVE_GAZEBO if not available
      ros: add missing ros-joint objects to OBJS_all
      plugins: disable readylogagent until backporting the newer version
      clips-ros: ROS integration for CLIPS
      ros-cmdvel: only send transrot if motor has writer
      blackboard: provide access to timestamp in interface info
      interface: provide access to timestamp in interface info
      clips: add (blackboard-get-interface-info)
      aspect: PluginDirectorAspect conflicts with BlockedTimingAspect
      clips-ros: link against Boost libraries
      plugins: add ordering constraints for clips-ros
      clips: provide (path-load*) function
      clips: make message router name a macro constant
      clips: add support to preload blackboard interface deftemplates
      clips: add (blackboard-close) function
      laser-cluster: use minimum distance cluster
      laser-cluster: configurable cluster selection method
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/laser-cluster-min-size' into laser-cluster
      plugins: add ordering constraint navgraph -> ros
      blackboard: remove ambiguous bit fields from messages
      amcl: support periodic saving of current position to config
      amcl: allow disabling reading of the intial covariance
      amcl: disable annoying "Num samples" debug output
      amcl: more sensible default configuration
      map-lasergen: allow laser data generation from current map pose
      map-lasergen: add missing config value path prefix
      aspects: deferred initialization of publisher in TransformAspect
      map-lasergen: deferred publisher initialization
      clips-agent: adapt to new boolean config value symbols
      clips: new feature to detect redefinitions
      clips-agent: do not unwatch blackboard-read by default
      clips-agent: allow early use of redefine-warning feature
      clips-agent: more specific error messages on unwatching
      clips: by default ignore WDIALOG messages
      clips: by default unwatch all for new environments
      pcl-db: fix warning generation on missing requirements
      baseapp: fix daemonization support
      baseapp: delete pid file when killing daemonized instance
      mainapp: adapt to modified libfawkesbaseapp
      worldmodel: use TF instead of geometry types
      fvmodels: remove projective camera stuff
      laser-filter: move old QA app for projection filter
      laser-filter: do not link against fawkesgeometry
      firestation: do not link against unused fawkesgeometry
      worldinfo_viewer: remove as no longer maintained
      worldinfo_utils: remove as no longer maintained
      geometry: deprecate geometry library
      luaagent: do not auto-load deprecated fawkesgeometry package
      skiller: do not auto-load deprecated fawkesgeometry package
      fvmodels: remove unused includes
      laser-filter: remove unused includes
      lua: add tf_utils module (adapted from LLSF branch)
      skills: remove intercept_ball skill
      skills: use tfutils instead of fawkesgeometry in goto
      fvcams: Nao hacks must be enabled explicitly
      fvutils: add JPEG image compressor using MMAL
      fvcams: FileLoader supports raw images without header
      webview: support retrieval of JPEG camera images and streams
      buildsys: remove annoying warnings on ARM
      buildsys: check for protobuf compiler headers
      buildsys: check for libjpeg and MMAL for JPEG support
      baseapp: have thread manager properly initialize singular threads
      core: change visibility of Thread::notify_of_failed_init() to public
      webview: make small logo Fawkes red
      map-lasergen: fix uninitialized variable
      amcl: utils read_map_config() supports passing a config prefix
      map-lasergen: support separate map configuration
      map-lasergen: fix inverted custom map prefix condition
      baseapp: remove unused variables
      baseapp: ignore SIGPIPE
      libconfig: make inotify optional in YamlConfiguration
      libconfig: fix errorneous assignment
      core: properly support C++11 and clang for hash map/set
      fvcams: add missing include
      fvcams: fix invalid exception initialization
      fvcams: remove unused variables
      fvclassifiers: remove unused variables
      fvmodels: fix errorneous assignment
      fvmodels: add missing constructor
      fvmodels: remove unused variables
      fvutils: remove unused variable
      interface: proper 64bit detection on clang
      ffifacegen: proper 64bit detection on clang
      logging: fix invalid exception initialization
      netcomm: fix missing NULL setting
      netcomm: fix API inconsistencies uncovered by clang
      netcomm: proper C++11/clang types
      libplugin: do not run FAM if inotify unavailable
      tf: remove FreeBSD specifics no longer needed on 10.0-RELEASE
      utils: remove unused variables
      utils: fixes if inotify unavailable
      libwebview: cast enum to int for error check
      amcl: remove unused variables (and assignment)
      bblogger: use signed type for comparison
      bblogger: remove unused variable
      flite: mark FreeBSD to require extra linking
      laser-filter: remove unused variable
      mongodb-rrd: remove unused variable
      fvbase: add missing include
      roomba: remove unused variable
      rrd: remove unused variable
      webview: fix double variable declaration
      worldmodel: fix double variable declaration
      buildsys: add support for clang to buildsys
      fvcams: remove superfluous parantheses
      joystick: remove unused variables
      katana: remove unused variables, fix forward declaration
      laser: remove unused variable
      openni: compiler specific disabling of warnings
      tabletop-objects: non-POD arrays not allowed in clang, use vector
      tabletop-objects: remove unused variables
      tabletop-objects: compiler specific disabling of warnings
      buildsys: disable specific warnings for PCL using clang
      player: compiler specific disabling of warnings
      ros-webview: remove unused variable
      gui_utils: remove unused variable
      fvwidgets: remove unused variable
      tools: remove unused vars, fix invalid assignments and comparisons
      buildsys: ignore some warnings with clang
      fvwidgets: only conditionally remove variable
      laser: disable warning for Gearbox Hokuyo driver
      buildsys: disable warning for gtkmm24 with clang
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ggierse/mongodb_ubuntu'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/bb-netmsg-format'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/clips-improvements'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/map-lasergen-curpos'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/remove-geometry'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/clang'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/common/tabletop-obj-merge'
      fvutils: simple retrieval of shared memory image buffer meta data
      utils: remove superfluous debug output
      utils: fix inotify detection on ARM
      libwebview: fix documentation of DynamicWebReply::size()
      libwebview: properly prepend HTTP headers to dynamic replies
      libwebview: do not allow thread cancellation during MHD_run()
      flite: add Raspbian to the distros that require extra linking
      fvretriever: allow retrieval with a configurable color space
      fvretriever: properly lock shared memory buffers before writing
      webview: rename camera to image processor, introduce JpegStreamProducer
      webview: catch exception during service deregistration
      webview: add actionlist class for lists of action items/links
      pantilt: remove some debug output for Sony EviD100P driver
      pantilt: proper non-blocking transfers for Sony EviD100P
      pantilt: add support for setting mirroring in Visca driver
      webview: update jquery to 1.11, jquery-ui to 1.10.4
      libwebview: request manager for activity information
      libwebview: add method to check for cookie and post value
      libwebview: add GET argument processing for requests
      libwebview: collect and provide request number/time
      aspects: provide request manager in WebviewAspect
      fvutils: add vertical flipping support to JPEG compressors
      pantilt: non-blocking operation of Sony EviD100P
      pantilt: force initial data retrieval for Sony EviD100P
      pantilt: support for configurable mirroring in Sony EviD100P
      webview: trigger server request manager stup
      fvutils: disable vflipping by default
      interfaces: add CameraControlInterface
      pantilt: do not add joint interfaces to listener
      pantilt: improve Visca reception timeout handling
      pantilt: Visca non-blocking zoom retrieval, fixes
      pantilt: Visca support setting and retrieving power value
      pantilt: expose power, zoom, and effect setting of EviD100P
      webview: configurable JPEG stream parameters
      webview-ptzcam: pan/tilt/zoom camera controller webview page
      fvcams: do not switch to UPTR if MMAP is set and minor changes
      fvbase: disable acquisition threads if no client thread exists
      fvbase: allow explicit enabling/disabling over blackboard
      webview-ptzcam: also turn off image acquisition on inactivity timeout
      libwebview: rename WebReply::response_code_t to WebReply::Code
      libwebview: associate WebReply with WebRequest
      libwebview: read request headers
      libwebview: collect additional request meta data
      libwebview: add support for access logging
      webview: support configuring and setup of an access log
      webview-ptzcam: better timeout handling
      gitignore: ignore typical paths for access_log
      fvcams: support setting of video standard and input for V4L2
      webview: properly announce HTTPS to log
      webview-ptzcam: add support for pan/tilt/zoom presets
      ros-webview: adapt to libwebview type name change
      webview: always setup request, always authenticate
      webview: explicit deep image copying and conversion
      webview: support Apache Portable Runtime for password verification
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/webview-ptzcam'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/webview-tight'
      pantilt: fix conditionally uninitialized value
      buildsys: include domain repo config sooner
      gui_utils: explicitly set color in TwoLinesCellRenderer
      core: rename Exception errno parameter
      liblua: own Lua state on re-initialization
      utils: do not conditionally exclude variables from FAM
      amcl: always collect last covariance and actually publish it
      tabletop-objects: earlier NULL setting of interfaces
      webview: apply realpath() to htdocs dir
      buildsys: always use top-level res directory
      gossip: robot group communication plugin skeleton
      gossip: initial group registration using mDNS-SD
      protobuf_clips: properly require C++11
      clips-navgraph: properly require C++11
      clips-protobuf: properly require C++11
      clips-ros: properly require C++11
      clips-webview: properly require C++11
      clips: properly require C++11
      clipsaspect: properly require C++11
      webview: properly require C++11
      buildsys: have buildtype config set CFLAGS_EXTRA, not CFLAGS_BASE
      buildsys: add support for LDFLAGS_EXTRA
      buildsys: add gcc_atleast_version macro (and use it)
      config: add missing <iostream> include in YamlConfiguration
      pcl_utils: change ">>" to "> >" nested templates
      openni: check for i386 flag
      openni: add -Wno-unused-but-set-variable only for GCC 4.6+
      tabletop-objects: if GCC is used require at least version 4.5
      robotino-ir-pcl: add missing compilation flags
      webview: compatibility with older GCC versions
      buildsys: require GCC 4.6 for CLIPS features
      protobuf_clips: use CLIPS error messages
      clips: use CLIPS error message if unavailable
      fvutils: remove register keyword, fix guard
      blackboard: fix header guards (found by clang 3.4)
      openni: remove register keyword
      ffifacegen: fix header guard (found by clang 3.4)
      refboxcomm: comment out unused variables
      refboxrep: comment out unused variables
      rrdweb: fix header guard (found by clang 3.4)
      buildsys: add clang_atleast_version macro
      buildsys: disable deprecated register keyword warnings on clang 3.4
      buildsys: split protobuf parts in two files
      protobuf_comm: typedefs for easier signal type use
      gossip: proper dependency checks for aspect
      gossip: aspect inifin now relies on group manager to reset group
      netcomm: recognize services after name collision resolution
      libgossip: implement actual message sending
      gossip: adaptation to new API and default configuration
      gossip-example: example plugins for sending and receiving messages
      netcomm: make encryption/decryption utilities more generic
      buildsys: add utils to create number from version string
      skillgui: pass graphviz version number as compile macro
      skillgui: restore compatibility with graphviz < 2.36
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vmatare/skillgui-graphviz-2.36-fix'
      amcl: catch exceptions when writing pose to config
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/common/robotino-gripper'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/robotino-base'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/amcl-config-exceptions'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/cpp11-checks'
      protobuf_comm: add encryption support
      gossip: support encryption configuration
      protobuf_comm: optional support for old framing protocol
      protobuf_clips: force usage of old framing protocol
      protobuf_clips: pass client errors to CLIPS environment
      clips-ros: properly lock CLIPS environments
      clips-webview: properly lock CLIPS environments
      clips: properly lock CLIPS environments
      clips-agent: lock CLIPS environment during initialization
      buildsys: more informative output during builds
      libinterface: provide timestamp access in Lua code
      ffifacegen: generate timestamp methods in Lua wrappers
      interfaces: re-generate all interface with new ffifacegen
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fzwilling/clips-navgraph-added-to-makefile'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/lua-interface-timestamp'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fzwilling/clips-bb-feature-fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/fzwilling/pb-comm-uninitialized-message-register-fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/buildsys-output'
      clips: fix building of feature deffacts, fixes #310
      robotino: configurable coordinate frame IDs
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tneumann/robotino-odom-offset'
      robotino: support enabling/disabling of motor
      core: create extra section and symbols for plugin information
      libplugin: use libelf for caching meta data
      plugins: clips-navgraph depends on navgraph
      laser-filter: write through/select timestamp on output
      fvbase: enable acquisition thread for continuous threads
      laser: set interface timestamp based on data acquisition time
      laser: configurable time offset or scan time factor for URG
      navgraph: support taking shortcuts
      navgraph: centralized pose calculation
      libinterface: properly set timestamp on read_from_buffer()
      buildsys: fix linkscripts auto inclusion
      libinterface: provide instant access to buffer timestamps
      navgraph: reduce debug output
      navgraph: allow shortcut to target node
      navgraph: priotize node reaching over shortcuts
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/plugin-libelf'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/clips-feature-fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/fvbase-fix-cont-start'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/interface-buffer-timestamps'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/robotino-motor-switch'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/laser-filter-timestamp'
      utils: fix file notifications and try harder to merge events
      libplugin: reload meta-data on file modification
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vmatare/v4l2-controls'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vmatare/vlc-colorthreshold'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vmatare/vlc-colorthreshold-luma'
      amcl: use laser data timestamp, buffer if impossible
      robotino: less debug output
      libconfig: mutual exclusion in YAML config
      amcl: lock config on saving current pose
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/navgraph-shortcut'
      core: set thread name if supported
      buildsys: slightly modified output colors
      buildsys: force priority of PCL lib directory
      pcl-db: small compile fixes for Ubuntu
      buildsys: get flags for multiple ROS packages at once
      pcl_utils: fix timestamp handling for PCL 1.7.0+
      tf: initialize stamp in Stamped<T> to zero
      amcl: remove debug output about saving the pose
      navgraph: allow shortcut to final node on final edge
      navgraph: more informative message on sending next goal
      ros-move-base: emulate move_base from Fawkes
      ros-move-base: check for running move_base (unless renamed)
      config: define platform-wide standard frames
      protobuf_clips: support multiple peers
      protobuf_comm: add additional ctors with encryption
      protobuf_clips: support encryption for broadcast peers
      protobuf_comm: add another ctor for peer
      protobuf_comm: allow for disabling encryption on peer
      protobuf_comm: fix offset error in server on deserialization
      clips-protobuf: add time slot for message and missing deftemplate
      protobuf_clips: set times on incoming messages
      protobuf_clips: distinguish local and network instantiations
      protobuf_clips: add signals for outgoing messages
      protobuf_clips: provide accessor for peers
      protobuf_comm: open combined IPv4/IPv6 sockets in server
      protobuf_comm: doc update to fit in manual
      clips: separate rule for cleaning up server receive fails
      utils: initialize return values to avoid recursive calls
      utils: add an API to convert external time source native times
      gazsim-timesource: allow conversion of gazebo offset times
      gazebo-laser: compatibility with Gazebo's own Hokuyo laser
      gazsim-laser: use the timestamp provided by Gazebo to tag data
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fzwilling/gazebo'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fzwilling/clips-agent-steal-skiller-control-fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/thofmann/kdl_parser'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/thofmann/robot_state_publisher'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ggierse/flite_configurable'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/thread-names'
      libs: add ordering constraint on core for kdl_parser
      ros: support special value $HOSTNAME for node name
      navgraph: visualization improvements
      fvutils: convert full image in yuv422packed_to_rgb_plainc()
      openni_utils: add get_usb_info() function
      openni-data: use new USB info utility function
      openni-data: remove depth registration code
      openni-data: support RGB input mode
      openni-data: lock image buffers on writing
      openni-data: properly set registration mode for Xtion
      utils: support default properites in the navgraph
      navgraph: override config values with default properties
      navgraph: visualize target, travel, and shortcut tolerance
      protobuf_comm: add raw data methods for repeaters
      amcl: fix laser range config values
      protobuf_comm: properly set payload size for encrypted messages
      protobuf_comm: fix encrypted buffer size for multiple of block size
      utils: add missing headers for string_split
      lasergui: fix off by one error in angle reversion
      laser: add utility methods for resetting values
      laser: add support for Sick TiM55x connected via USB
      laser: refactor Sick TiM55x driver to prepare for Ethernet
      laser: Sick TiM55x USB in thread name
      laser: add support for Sick TiM55x connected via Ethernet
      laser: compatibility with libusbx before 1.0.16
      laser: fix uninitialized variable
      interfaces: IMUInterface for IMU data
      imu: driver plugin for inertial measurement units
      imu: support continuous acquisition
      laser: catch parse exception, fixes #325
      laser: flush device on startup
      laser: re-sync on datagram parsing failures
      laser-lines: detect lines in laser pointclouds
      interfaces: ignore plugin-specific LaserLineInterface
      laserht: remove plugin, superseeded by laser-lines
      tf: add utility methods to operate on float arrays
      robotino: publish odometry through an IMUInterface
      robotino: optionally calculate the odometry within the plugin
      skills: add align_laserht to align to laser line
      imu: support older Boost version for CruizCore
      imu: CruizCore data catch up and fixes
      imu: optional support for time tracking of CruizCore driver
      robotino: improve timestamp handling and odometry robustness
      core: guard thread name for recent glibc versions
      robotino: better default configuration
      fvshowyuv: print YUV values on click
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/common/colli_merge_ready'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/thofmann/robot_state_publisher'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/thofmann/ros-robot-description'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/thofmann/threading-multi-recover-fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fzwilling/webview-tweaks'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/amcl-range-fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/laser-sick-tim55x'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/ros-move-base'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/openni-xtion'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/ros-node-is-hostname'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tneumann/lua-math'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vmatare/luadoc'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/gossip'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fzwilling/gazsim-comm-crypto'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fzwilling/gazsim-gyro-lag'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bahram/relgoto_backwards'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/laser-lines'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/navgraph-visualize-tolerances'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ggierse/skillgui'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vmatare/threshold_old_gcc'
      fvutils: allow zero-sized ROIs
      robotino: configurable rotational odometry correction factor
      skill spin: add simple skill to spin on the spot
      robotio: support enabling/disable estop on bumper contact
      laser-cluster: detect cluster in 2D laser scan using PCL
      laser-cluster: integrate thread into main loop
      laser-cluster: filter out non-finite points
      laser-cluster: make line removal optional
      laser-cluster: colored debug output point cloud
      laser-cluster: change interface ID
      laser-cluster: second passthrough non-finite filtering
      laser-cluster: cluster constraint filtering
      laser-cluster: detect cluster switching
      laser-cluster: example configuration for the Robotino
      laser-cluster: fix offset const value modification
      laser-cluster: mute noisy debug output
      laser-cluster: add auto-start config value
      laser-cluster: remove waits when disabled
      laser-cluster: set to not found when disabled
      laser-cluster: apply passthrough cut-off in X direction
      laser-cluster: support setting max X distance via blackboard
      laser-cluster: fix cluster difference check
      laser-cluster: write (configurable) N clusters to blackboard
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/laser-multi-cluster' into laser-cluster
      laser-cluster: fix typo in condition
      laser-cluster: require at least GCC 4.6 (or clang)
      plugins: build laser-cluster by default
      laser-cluster: re-generate interface with newer ffifacegen
      amcl: make buffering and debug output optional
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/amcl-laser-buffer'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/imu'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/laser-cluster'
      pcl_utils: support getting info and data in single adapter call
      pcl-db: support database parameters and flags for operations
      pcl-db-merge: set time only if point cloud udpated
      pcl-db: check for full pcl compatibility on retrieve
      pcl-db: retrieve is_dense field as boolean
      pcl-db-retrieve: allow for retrieving without transformation
      pcl-db-store: store specific point clouds on request
      interfaces: ignore PclDatabaseStoreInterface header
      pcl-db-roscomm: support pcl-db-store and database parameters
      pcl-db: config for explicit database and non-overlapping PCL IDs
      pcl-db: documentation fixes
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/pcl-db-store'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/robotino-estop'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/yaml-config-host-reload'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vmatare/fvmodel_black'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vmatare/pos2pixel_fixes'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vmatare/roi_new_funcs'
      fvmodels: fix signed/unsigned comparison
      laser: support older libusb-1.0 for Sick TiM55x
      laser: support older Boost version for Sick TiM55x
      robotino: link against IMUInterface
      pcl-db: build interfaces only when plugin can be built
      plugins: build imu plugin by default
      skiller: fix a bug that some skills were not rendered in skillgui
      laser-cluster: better color marking of clusters
      laser-cluster: add selection mode to LaserClusterInterface
      gazsim-robotino: provide gyro data via IMUInterface
      amcl: mute some more debug output
      fvcams: do not close in stop to avoid endless loop
      laser-cluster: support setting selection mode at run-time
      ros-pcl: run in WORLDSTATE rather than in SENSOR_PROCESS hook
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/laser-cluster-colors'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/laser-cluster-runtime-mode'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/skiller-graph-fix'
      navgraph: adapt to navgraph coding style
      navgraph: guard for C++11 support
      navgraph: make constrained search more dynamic
      navgraph: remove debug output
      navgraph: add visualization support for blocked nodes
      navgraph: add methods to query blocked nodes from constraint repo
      navgraph-static-constraints: plugin to add static constraints
      lua mathext: fix round function for negative values
      utils: set nodes for edges
      utils: add str_split() function that splits by delimiter string
      navgraph: add support for edge constraints
      navgraph: provide feedback on constraint compute about changes
      navgraph: rename and cleanup publish_graph()
      navgraph: basic replanning support
      navgraph: consider path costs when deciding on new plan
      navgraph: add config flag to not abort on error
      gossip: support local groups with separate send/recv ports
      libconfig: remove debug output from YAML config
      skiller: add support for add-on features
      skiller: add navgraph feature
      utils: smaller API changes to AStarState
      navgraph: adapt search state to API changes and slim down a little
      navgraph: fix race condition on vis thread setup
      navgraph: add visualization interval config value
      navgraph: fix modified flag for static list edge constraint list
      navgraph: require C++11 for navgraph aspect library
      navgraph: add support for edge cost constraints
      navgraph: add static list edge cost constraint class
      navgraph-static-constraints: support static edge cost constraints
      navgraph: add visualization support for edge cost constraints
      blackboard: convenience method to construct formatted identifier
      libconfig: add convenience methods that take path as string
      laser-cluster: support multiple clustering threads
      laser-cluster: support multiple clustering threads
      laser-cluster: support min length of lines to filter
      buildsys: provide functions to check PCL the version
      laser-cluster: link against rostime with older PCL if ROS is installed
      laser-cluster: support setting max inter-sample distance
      laser-lines: support setting of minimum line length
      laser-lines: support setting max inter-sample distance
      laser-lines: remove min size parameter
      buildsys: split Eigen3 bits into own file
      navgraph: convenience ctors for node and edge constraints
      navgraph-clusters: block edges based on laser clusters
      navgraph: support periodic visualization updates
      navgraph-clusters: split constraint into own class
      navgraph: add convenience ctor
      navgraph-clusters: support static cost constraint mode
      core: fix dtor race condition on InterruptibleBarrier
      navgraph: support configurable cost factor for re-planning
      skiller: re-initialize features after Lua context restart
      laser-lines: fix "on side of point on line" determination
      baseapp: remember start time and provide uptime
      amcl: mute transforms warning at startup
      laser-cluster: mute transforms warning at startup
      colli: mute transforms warning at startup
      laser-lines: mute transforms warning at startup
      plugins: add dependency of skiller to navgraph
      navgraph: simplify final conditions
      navgraph-clusters: add distance-based cost constraint
      navgraph: documentation fixes
      navgraph: adapt visualization config to default navgraph-cluster params
      navgraph: ordering constraints for subdirs
      plugins: add navgraph-clusters to plugins build by default
      protobuf_comm: convert protobuf exeception to std::runtime_error
      amcl: if neither current nor buffer timestamp works, use current time
      laser-cluster: fix "on side of point on line" determination
      clips-navgraph: add feature to add and remove edge constraints
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/common/lua-math'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/fvcams-v4l2-fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/amcl-buffering'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/gossip-local'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/interruptible-barrier-fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/uptime'
      tabletop-objects: ignore warning for new Eigen3 version
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vmatare/position_to_pixel'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/skiller-navgraph'
      laser: properly build without libusb
      openprs: integration plugin for OpenPRS
      logging: add file descriptor redirection logger
      logging: explicit output file for console logger
      baseapp: optional support to redirect stderr to log
      config: enable stderr to log redirection by default
      openprs: move sub-process code to new library
      openprs: move sub-process code to new library
      openprs: add aspect and communication proxies
      openprs: default configuration
      openprs-example: simple plugin showing OpenPRS usage in Fawkes
      buildsys: add OpenPRS bits
      openprs: guard include appropriately
      openprs: cleanup Makefiles using general OpenPRS bits
      netcomm: add accessor for Fawkes TCP port
      libconfig: add missing network handler removal call
      buildsys: allow overriding of undefined symbols behavior for libs
      utils: split string to list, add dual join function
      interfaces: add msgid field to SkillerInterface
      skiller: set SkillerInterface::msgid field
      openprs: add utility functions for pretty printing
      openprs: better startup timing and error handling
      buildsys: pass OpenPRS-relevant directories as macros
      openprs: initialize basic global variables
      openprs: extensible data path handling
      openprs: disable OpenPRS ID mangling
      openprs-agent: task executive using OpenPRS
      openprs: add methods to send messages from format string
      openprs-agent: move OpenPRS definitions to own file
      openprs: force lower case IDs for internal symbols
      openprs-agent: OP invocation coalescing meta OP
      openprs-agent: add time utility functions, predicates, and OPs
      openprs-agent: adapt utils to lower-case IDs
      openprs: add optional action return value debugging
      openprs: add mod_utils module with op-name function
      openprs: updated initialization OpenPRS code
      plugins: add openprs and openprs-agent plugins to default
      interface: support custom separator for array strings
      openprs-agent: module and OPs for blackboard access
      openprs-agent: restructuring and blackboard access
      openprs-agent: drop support for busy looptime
      openprs-agent: add utility macros for argument processing
      openprs-agent: use LONG_LONG for time, add timeout predicate
      openprs: move base modules from openprs-agent
      openprs: add path substitution for data paths
      openprs: support passing a GDB delay parameter to kernels
      openprs-agent: support setting GDB delay in config
      clips-protobuf: fix uninitialized client ID
      openprs-agent: support protobuf-based agent communication
      libconfig: fix issues regarding list values
      openprs: add mod_config to access config from within OpenPRS
      openprs-agent: add mod_navgraph for navgraph access
      libconfig: properly reject signed values from uint test
      openprs: sanity check for local mp name
      openprs: support incoming message passer communication
      openprs: declare and set local mp name for communication
      openprs: add op-names function and some minor cleanup
      openprs: mod_config asserts config-loaded when finished
      openprs: support INTEGER and LONG_LONG for time types
      openprs: use time OPs that work without coalescing meta selector
      openprs: config related declarations and (settings-loaded) fact
      openprs-agent: mod_protobuf - assume ports to be of type LONG_LONG
      openprs: mod_skiller - online check for exclusive control
      skiller: never reset message ID
      openprs-agent: mod_skiller - consider S_INACTIVE as failed
      openprs-agent: tweaks to the coalescing meta selector
      openprs-agent: support configurable agent program
      openprs-agent: add example agent that calls the say skill
      plugins: add dependency from perception to mongodb
      robotino: support OpenRobotino API 2 (and thus Robotino 3)
      robotino-joystick: adapt to deadman switch feature
      buildsys: ignore unused local typedefs in OpenCV and Eigen3
      buildsys: fix CFLAGS overrides for source files in subdirs
      ros: link against Boost system for newer Boost versions
      ros: fix ros-move-base intermediate file deletion
      buildsys: make march and mtune parameters compiler config
      buildsys: default to clang on FreeBSD
      libwebview: add missing include
      colli: fix unused variables
      laser: remove unused variables
      buildsys: update tolua++ path for FreeBSD 10
      tf: add macro to avoid unused variable warning in bullet
      config: use in-memory temporary dump DB
      buildsys: fix protobuf detection for FreeBSD
      buildsys: detect qemu for older GCC versions
      config: mark aliasing for GCC 4.4
      protobuf_comm: compatibility with GCC 4.4
      laser-cluster: fix typo in Makefile
      laser-lines: fix typo in Makefile
      gossip: support building with GCC 4.4 (CentOS 6)
      protobuf_clips: documentation update for older doxygen
      colli: properly guard visualization code
      pcl-db: always build interfaces
      joystick-teleop: move from robotino-joystick plugin
      joystick-teleop: more configuration options, stop only once
      joystick-teleop: check for writer and catch exceptions
      joystick-teleop: configurable deadman button mask
      libconfig: catch exception on int/uint determination
      joystick-teleop: support separate drive modes
      robotino: re-order initialization for API 1 compatibility
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bahram/laser-lines_bearing_fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bahram/thread_loop_mutex'
      interfaces: remove continuous elements of SkillerInterface
      robotino: fix double unit conversion for API 1
      skiller: remove support for one-shot skill execution
      skillet: remove support for one-shot skill execution
      skillgui: remove support for one-shot skill execution
      clips-agent: adapt to dropping one-shot skill execution
      luaagent: adapt to dropping one-shot skill execution
      liblua: setfenv alternative for Lua 5.2
      buildsys: support Lua 5.2 detection
      lua: add setfenv replacement for Lua 5.2 compatibility
      liblua: allow prefixing Lua path and cpath
      libs: add missing dependency of fvmodels on tf
      skiller: prefix paths and set LUADIR global variable
      skiller: support loop callbacks
      skiller: add ROS integration for the Behavior Engine
      skills: if ROS is enabled add fibo ROS action skill
      skiller: allow default initialization of ROS action arguments
      skiller: support relative ROS action base topic
      skiller: add support for finalization callbacks
      skiller: pass ROS node name and no_print_funcs parameter
      skiller: setup roslua logging to be piped through Fawkes
      libconfig: compatibility with yaml-cpp 0.2.6
      pcl-db-roscomm: add build support for PCL 1.5.0
      webview: fix char string conversion warning
      logging: move checks to logging.mk
      baseapp: make stderr redirect logger optional
      interface: mark interface as changed if setting via field iterator
      ros-skiller: add topic for passively observing the skill status
      gui_utils: service chooser dialog remembers last manual host entry
      skiller: write interfaces before setting the status
      skiller: add support to time the loop callbacks
      skiller: properly intialize current skill string and msg ID
      skiller: informative message in ROS action initializer
      skiller: ROS action initializer defaults to delayed cancellation
      skiller: ROS action jumpstate now accepts static arguments
      skiller: ROS action jumpstate fix vars table reference
      lua: support custom loops and inits for SubFSMJumpState
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/robotino3'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tneumann/robotino3-odom'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tneumann/s-tf-config-change'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/service-chooser-gconf'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/skiller-drop-oneshot'
      buildsys: detect matching Lua and tolua++ pairs
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/skiller-lua5.2'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/skiller-ros'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/thofmann/ros-skiller'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/interface-field-iterator-fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/thofmann/tf-typo'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/pr2'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fnolden/opencv_to_firevision'
      mongodb: drop support for sync_cluster connections
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/thofmann/unittests'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/thofmann/circular-buffer'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/common/colli'
      mongodb: drop support for sync_cluster connections
      buildsys: fix unsupported flag on clang
      colli: avoid use of register keyword
      colli: remove unused variables
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/mongodb-drop-synccluster'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fzwilling/gazsim-tuning'
      mongodb: detect mongo-cxx-driver version header
      mongodb-log: adapt to mongo-cxx-driver
      pcl-db: adapt to mongo-cxx-driver macro renaming
      openprs: wait for server to come up on plugin init
      openprs: wait for kernel to come up for some time
      openprs: documentation fixes
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/common/navgraph-constraints' into navgraph-refactor
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/navgraph-cluster' into navgraph-refactor
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/clips-navgraph-constraints' into navgraph-refactor
      ffconfiggui: no maintainer timeout, deprecate and remove
      libinterface: better support for enum values
      ffifacegen: generate meta info for extended enum handling
      interfaces: re-generated with new ffifacegen
      bumblebee2: re-generated with new ffifacegen
      katana: re-generated with new ffifacegen
      laser-cluster: re-generated with new ffifacegen
      laser-lines: re-generated with new ffifacegen
      nao: re-generated with new ffifacegen
      openni: re-generated with new ffifacegen
      openrave: re-generated with new ffifacegen
      pantilt: re-generated with new ffifacegen
      pcl-db: re-generated with new ffifacegen
      robotino: re-generated with new ffifacegen
      roomba: re-generated with new ffifacegen
      skiller: re-generated with new ffifacegen
      utils: split string to list, add dual join function
      utils: add str_join function that takes delimiter as string
      libinterface: support setting interface owner name
      libinterface: support getting readers/writer owner names
      blackboard: support maintaining interface ownership meta data
      blackboard: add wrapper that automatically sets ownership info
      aspects: owner info for BlackBoardAspect
      tf: set nicely readable interface owner info
      webview: fix missing navigation entry removal
      webview: show blackboard interface readers/writer names
      libnavgraph: move navgraph bits from utils to own library
      libnavgraph: rename TopologicalMapX to NavGraphX
      navgraph: adapt to libnavgraph refactoring
      libs: build navgraph library
      libnavgraph: move NavGraphAspect and constraints to library
      libnavgraph: fix documentation for timed constraints
      navgraph-clusters: adapt to libnavgraph refactoring
      clips-navgraph: adapt to libnavgraph refactoring
      clips-agent: remove unused header
      skiller: adapt to libnavgraph refactoring
      libnavgraph: make constraint repo intrinsic navgraph property
      navgraph: adapt to constraint repo refactoring
      navgraph-clusters: adapt to constraint repo refactoring
      clips-navgraph: adapt to constraint repo refactoring
      libnavgraph: remote root node member from NavGraph
      clips-navgraph: remove references of graph root node
      libnavgraph: move NavGraphSearchState from navgraph plugin
      libnavgraph: move search into NavGraph and generalize
      navgraph: close NavPath interface on finalize
      navgraph: adapt to new libnavgraph search API
      navgraph: adapt config to new config path
      libnavgraph: move buildsys bits to own file
      libnavgraph: add NavGraph::clear() method
      libnavgraph: remove nodes and edges, signature changes
      libs: add missing dependency of navgraph on aspect
      libnavgraph: methods for closest edges and points on edges
      libnavgraph: add operator to check validity of nodes and edges
      navgraph: make visualization thread change listener
      libnavgraph: remove yaml-cpp flags from general compiler flags
      libnavgraph: proper ordering constraint of sub-dirs on library
      libnavgraph: const-ness improvements
      libnavgraph: ensure calc_reachability() before searching
      libnavgraph: methods to check if node or edge already exists
      libnavgraph: assert node/edge uniqueness on insertion
      libnavgraph: support updates of nodes/edges
      libnavgraph: property setting and typed retrieval for edges
      libnavgraph: distance calculation to points and nodes
      clips-navgraph: const-ness and assertion fail fix
      navgraph: send goto only once (merge remnant)
      navgraph: visualization coalesces wakeups and locks graph
      libnavgraph: add missing include
      eclipse_externals: adapt to navgraph API changes
      plugins: add dependency of eclipse_externals on navgraph
      libnavgraph: add Voronoi-based navgraph generator
      navgraph: make navgraph file parameter optional
      navgraph: use recursive lock for navgraph
      libnavgraph: more parameter constness for constraints
      libnavgraph: add polygon node and edge constraints
      navgraph-static-constraints: support polygon contstraints
      navgraph: show constraint name for blocked directed edges
      navgraph: visualization now shows polygon constraints
      webview: support blackboard connection graph view
      libinterface: fix generation of UID
      libinterface: increase max interface ID length to 64 chars
      libinterface: change parse_uid() signature, fix memleak
      bblogger: adapt to libinterface API change
      libplugin: fix memleak in meta info reader
      clips: support writing blackboard interfaces
      clips: set blackboard interface owners to environment name
      clips: adapt to libinterface API change
      clips: provide readers and writer with interface info
      webview: support per node blackboard graph
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fzwilling/threading-int-barrier-fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/deprecate-config-editor'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/navgraph-refactor'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/blackboard-enums'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/blackboard-ownership'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/clips-bb-writing-and-ownership'
      interfaces: re-generated NavPathInterface with new ffifacegen
      blackboard: properly forward notifier calls to parent blackboard
      webview: support older graphviz versions
      lasergui: initialize GConf if available
      laser-cluster: create labeled point cloud
      pcl_utils: add support for XYZL pcl type in adapter
      cmake: add cmake modules to use Fawkes for external code
      openprs: make server comm read/write methods static
      openprs: read and send greeting for server alive check
      netcomm: fix uninitialized variable
      config: fix barrier race condition in network config
      openprs: fix link flags and finalization for mod_config
      openprs: allow FAWKES_HOST and FAWKES_PORT to be set as env vars
      openprs: informational output about killing processes
      openprs-agent: add missing link libraries
      openprs-agent: adapt to new navgraph config path
      openprs-agent: enable finalization for mod_navgraph
      openprs-agent: detect preempted skill and cause them to fail
      laser_lines: post-process lines to filter large gaps
      laser-lines: write line end points to interface
      laser-lines: support specification of max line length
      laser-lines: configurable min and max distance to line base
      laser-lines: visualize line segment if length checks are enabled
      protobuf_comm: work around broken connect fail in Boost 1.54
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/thofmann/unittests'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/thofmann/build-fixes'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ggierse/navgraph-fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/mloebach/navgraph-file-alteration-fix'
      navgraph-clusters: fix interface listener handling
      laser-lines: move visualization to separate method
      laser-lines: factor line detection out into template function
      libwebview: set proper content type on page replies
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/protobuf-comm-client-boost-bug-workaround'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/webview-page-content-type'
      buildsys: print error if path to Fawkes contains space
      interfaces: remove deprecated LocalizerControlInterface
      interfaces: add LocalizationInterface
      amcl: support setting initial pose over blackboard
      ffset_pose: console tool to set initial pose for localization
      tools: add set_pose to be built by default
      amcl: add header to support building without ROS
      laser-lines: calc_lines optional parameter to get remaining points
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/amcl-bb-set-pose'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/laser-lines-clustering-and-endpoints'
      libnavgraph: add Voronoi-based navgraph generator
      navgraph: make navgraph file parameter optional
      navgraph: use recursive lock for navgraph
      libnavgraph: more parameter constness for constraints
      libinterface: add convenience method to cast message
      libnavgraph: allow setting bounding box later
      libnavgraph: support automatically connecting nodes
      navgraph-generator: plugin to generate dynamic graphs
      navgraph: assert connectedness later during calc_reachability
      interfaces: ignore NavGraphGeneratorInterface.h
      navgraph-generator: add graph default property messages
      navgraph-generator: support new messages related to default properties
      amcl: rename CFG_PREFIX macro to AMCL_CFG_PREFIX
      navgraph-generator: add support to generate obstacles from static map
      dynamixel: generic Dynamixel servo driver plugin
      interfaces: ignore DynamixelServoInterface header
      dynamixel: example configuration
      navgraph-generator: add support to add POI with orientation
      utils: add Eigen3 support utils
      gui_utils: search by name in plugin tree view interactive search
      plugins: build navgraph-generator by default
      blackboard: fix possible deadlock
      blackboard: check interface type and id lengths for validity
      core: fix exception handling in thread list finalization
      ffifacegen: detect and disallow overlong interface type names
      libinterface: increase max interface type length to 48
      libnavgraph: add well-known property identifier
      libnavgraph: add method to find a specific edge
      libnavgraph: remove nodes and edges by node names
      libnavgraph: support allowing multi graphs
      libnavgraph: support saving of navgraphs to YAML file
      navgraph-interactive: manipulation of navgraph via rviz
      libnavgraph: make NavGraphEdge::closest_point_on_edge const
      navgraph-generator: allow adding unconnected nodes
      navgraph-generator: post-processing filtering support
      navgraph-generator: determine some line parameters from map resolution
      navgraph-generator: fix off-by-one bug in line obstacle determination
      libnavgraph: properly remove node
      utils: generic str_join function over iterators
      laser-lines: always return endpoints in order of line dir
      navgraph-generator: rely on calc_lines end point ordering
      navgraph-generator: add multi graph filtering support
      navgraph-generator: run-time configurable visualization
      navgraph-generator: example configuration
      buildsys: add CGAL bits
      libnavgraph: adapt to buildsys CGAL bits
      libnavgraph: add NavGraphEdge::set_property for C strings
      utils: utility methods to calculate line segment intersections
      utils: add functions for point-to-point distances
      libnavgraph: make edge_exists() take directedness into account
      libnavgraph: add methods to check edges for intersections
      libnavgraph: add utility to generate unique node names
      libnavgraph: make sure to start connectedness test with connected node
      libnavgraph: add edge addition conflict resolution methods
      libnavgraph: add tags for edge insertion mode
      navgraph-generator: add AddEdge message and related constants
      navgraph-generator: allow the addition of arbitrary edges
      libnavgraph: fix uninitialized variable
      navgraph-generator: allow adding nodes without initial connection
      libnavgraph: allow specifying the insertion mode in graph file
      libnavgraph: locked double buffering in static list edge cost constraint
      libnavgraph: add set_properties methods for nodes and edges
      navgraph: edge property preservation and setting
      interfaces: add PlaceWithOriGotoMessage to NavigatorInterface
      libnavgraph: provide mutable access to path nodes
      navgraph: support PlaceWithOriGotoMessage
      skill ppgoto: support ppgoto{place=P, ori=ORI} call style
      eclipse-clp: fix path substitution patterns
      eclipse-clp: make file lookup fail if file not found
      eclipse-clp: code cleanup, indentation, initialization
      eclipse-clp: configurable file search path and agent name
      eclipse_externals: add detection for Debian systems
      eclipse-clp: unified eclipse.mk, proper Boost detection
      eclipse-clp: adapt filepath and skiller message renaming
      eclipse_externals: fix typo in Makefile
      eclipse_externals: reference interfaces by UID, API change!
      eclipse-clp: adapt tktools to blackboard externals change
      eclipse_externals: print errors to stderr
      eclipse_externals: add function to check if interface has changed
      eclipse-clp: gracefully fail on eclipse error
      eclipse-clp: query only one interface in tktools
      eclipse-clp: do not post periodic update event
      eclipse-clp: allow finalization concurrent to loop
      libnavgraph: support disabling of navgraph notifications
      navgraph-generator: disable navgraph notifications during computation
      navgraph-generator: add final and msgid fields to interface
      navgraph-generator: provide computation final info
      clips-tf: coordinate transforms and utilities for CLIPS
      plugins: add ordering constraint for navgraph-generator
      plugins: build clips-tf by default
      navgraph-generator: reset edges on clearing the graph
      clips-agent: support table as parameters
      navgraph-interactive: add properties to node menu
      libnavgraph: automatically apply default properties
      navgraph: enforce tolerances graph default properties
      buildsys: fix typo in CGAL bits
      navgraph-generator: do not build if CGAL not available
      navgraph: ignore orientation of commands if NaN
      navgraph: apply default properties to free target
      navgraph-generator: guard against non-finite points
      interfaces: add Laser1080Interface
      laser: add support for the Sick TiM571 laser scanner
      laser-filter: add support for Laser1080Interface
      lasergui: add support for Laser1080Interface
      laser-pointclouds: add support for Laser1080Interface
      ros-laserscan: support Laser1080Interface
      laser-filter: example configuration
      libwebview: support setting TLS cipher suite
      webview: configurable cipher suite
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/navgraph-clusters-fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tneumann/navgraph_tolua'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bahram/navgraph_dependent_build_fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bahram/navgraph_ori_fix'
      skiller: fix typo in Makefile regarding navgraph
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/navgraph-polygon-constraint'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/jrothe/navgraph_default_properties_tolua'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vmatare/skillgui-error-handling'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/plugin-tree-view-search'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/cmake-modules'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tneumann/bb-open-mult-ifs'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tneumann/lua-laser-lines-utils'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tneumann/clips-agent-skills-table'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bahram/skill_ppgoto_error_checking'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fzwilling/clips-bb-msgs'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fzwilling/gazsim-localization-label'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fzwilling/gazsim-robotino-infrared-sensor'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fzwilling/gazsim-multiple-webcams'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fzwilling/protobuf-clips-bool-field-fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/blackboard-fixes'
      protobuf_clips: bring back logging support
      libs: add dependency of protobuf_clips on logging
      clips-protobuf: pass logger to CLIPS communicator
      protobuf_clips: fix parameter ordering of error logging
      protobuf_clips: explicit type conversion on set
      protobuf_clips: print value converted to string on set fail
      protobuf_clips: add (pb-tostring ?msg) function
      protobuf_clips: to check for field consider required fields
      protobuf_clips: return SYMBOL values instead of bools
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/clips-protobuf-logging'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/clips-tf'
      libnavgraph: fix merge fail
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/thofmann/colli-depend-on-ros'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/thofmann/ros-position-3d'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/thofmann/unittests'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/thofmann/wait-condition-deadlock-on-thread-cancel'
      skiller: proper initialization of skill string
      openprs: undeclare default time function
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/openprs'
      openprs: adapt to removal of continuous skill exec message
      openprs: adapt to refactored navgraph
      utils: fix merge fail (functions added twice)
      skiller: remove extra line (merge fail)
      openprs: add missing documentation
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/common/dynamixel-plugin'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/common/eclipse-clp'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/rmaassen/laser-lines-moving-average'
      dynamixel: documentation fixes
      eclipse-clp: add missing license header
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/webview-configurable-crypto'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/laser-cluster-labels'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/common/demo_skills'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/common/skills-go-15'
      libwebview: documentation fix
      laser-filter: add 1080to360 filter
      laser: fix Sick TiM5xx ethernet flush timeout handling
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/sick-tim571'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/thofmann/libnavgraph-build-order'
      buildsys: detect CGAL on FreeBSD and fix typos
      config: fix ambiguous overloads and remove unused declarations
      libnavgraph: fix typo in Makefile
      libnavgraph: remove unused variable
      amcl: add missing include
      dynamixel: remove useless value check
      interfaces: add missing files for EclipseDebuggerInterface
      eclipse_debugger: properly detect GUI availability
      buildsys: provide HAVE_CPP11_RANGE_FOR variable
      libnavgraph: check for range-based for loop support
      protobuf_comm: add guard for old protobuf version
      dynamixel: check for range-based for loop support
      navgraph-clusters: check for navgraph support
      webview: disable blackboard graph for older compilers
      buildsys: disable deprecation warnings for eigen3 on GCC 5
      libnavgraph: fix uninitialized variable
      config: explicitly set errno to zero before calling strtol
      ffifacegen: set errno to zero before calling strtol
      config: use automatic base for integer conversion
      robotino: fix missing initialization for APIv1
      amcl: support operation of AMCL without ROS
      laser: fix laser data age calculation
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/common/katana_urdf'
      interfaces: add covariance field to Position3DInterface
      amcl: set covariance of pose interface
      lua: add additional asserts to JumpState ctor
      lua: support setting informative text for timeout transition
      lua: support additional init and loop funcs for skill jumpstate
      skiller: do not re-execute on Lua reload
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fzwilling/gazsim-mps-light-vision'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fzwilling/lua-angle-distance'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/hsm-fixes'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/sick-tim-time-fix'
      libnavgraph: split new edges add intersection when adding nodes
      interfaces: add path generation fail error code to NavigatorInterface
      navgraph: catch exceptions and better error handling
      libnavgraph: allow multi graphs during search_path()
      libnavgraph: re-indent voronoi generator
      utils: add triangle functions for area and contains check
      utils: add polygon functions for area, contains check, and centroid
      tf: add quaternion creation helpers to Lua wrapper
      ros-clock: plugin to publish time to ROS
      ros-odometry: fix publisher initialization
      config: add missing values for ROS-related plugins
      libnavgraph: provide access to Voronoi face polygons
      navgraph-generator: indentation fixes in NavGraphGeneratorInterface
      navgraph-generator: code for free area POI generation
      laser-filter: set short values to NaN in min filter
      laser-cluster: use bbox min x value for passthrough filter
      laser-filter: by default reset data to quiet NaN
      libnavgraph: add similarity threshold to Voronoi generator
      joystick: add safety lockout feature
      libnavgraph: use std::list::remove_if instead of std::remove_if
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bahram/presubdirs_fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bahram/skill_backoff_simplified'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/common/dynamixel-plugin'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/common/subskill_args_fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/thofmann/eclipse-clp'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/thofmann/eclipse-blackboard'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/amcl-ros-less-support'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/joystick-safety-lockout'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/laser-cluster-non-zero'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/navgraph-float-rounding-fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/navgraph-generator-free-space-pois'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/ros-clock'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/skiller-no-exec-on-restart'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/tf-lua-funcs'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ggierse/config-fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/mloebach/f22-compat'
      fvconverter: add libpng compile flags
      buildsys: disable deprecation warning for CLIPS
      dynamixel: use unique_ptr instead of auto_ptr for C++11
      openprs: use unique_ptr instead of auto_ptr for C++11
      katana: use long long loop variable because of to_string
      ffifacegen: fix use after free
      libwebview: remove usage of std::auto_ptr
      webview-ptzcam: adapt to libwebview API changes
      imu: avoid use of std::auto_ptr if possible
      static-transforms: avoid use of std::auto_ptr if possible
      katana: avoid use of std::auto_ptr if possible
      buildsys: adapt protobuf generation message
      blackboard: rename errno to error_code
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bahram/kinova_dualarm'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bahram/skills_jaco_bimanual'
      jaco: rebuild interfaces with updated ffifacegen
      plugins: build jaco plugin by default
      libs: add missing dependency of gui_utils on blackboard
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/amcl-pose-covariance'
      gui_utils: remove throbber
      skillgui: replace custom throbber with standard spinner
      eclipse_debugger: remove unused references to throbber
      buildsys: find CGAL on Ubuntu
      buildsys: export pkg-config paths for 32bit builds
      buildsys: add support for ROS hydro/indigo
      tf: use ROS bullet only on fuerte
      ros: fix typo in Makefile
      ros-laserscan: use message events to adapt to ROS indigo
      ros-tf: use message events to adapt to ROS indigo
      ros-move-base: remove unused variable
      amcl: fix origin for publishing the map
      buildsys: add math rounding flag for CGAL
      utils: adapt lines for older Eigen versions
      libnavgraph: support older Eigen version
      libnavgraph: support older CGAL versions
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tneumann/laser-filter-map-filter'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/amcl-map-publisher-origin-fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/gui-remove-throbber'
      joystick-teleop: fix segfaults if collision safety disabled
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/mloebach/joystick-no-collision'
      buildsys: adapt libxml++ detection to glibmm 2.46
      buildsys: adapt to C++11 requirement of glibmm 2.46
      bumblebee2: use full GUI flags instead of just gtkmm
      naogui: use full GUI flags instead of just gtkmm
      refboxcomm: use buildsys libxml++ detection
      refboxrep: use buildsys libxml++ detection
      lasergui: avoid use of std::auto_ptr
      fvviewer: fix build flags
      libwebview: avoid use of deprecated function
      skillgui: compatibility with Gtkmm 2.18
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/glibmm-2.46'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/webview-avoid-deprecated'
      buildsys: fix generated build flags for ROS Jade
      buildsys: mute deprecated declarations warning for OpenCV
      mongodb: use C++11 by default
      mongodb: call mongo::client::initialize()
      mongodb: replace use of std::auto_ptr with std::unique_ptr
      ffmongodb-save-imgs: use std::unique_ptr instead of std::auto_ptr
      buildsys: fix LIBBITS for sysinstall on aarch64
      buildsys: fix Lua detection of 64 bit architectures
      tf: include cstdint header when its types are used
      fvfilters: fix includes for OpenCV 3
      buildsys: include Eigen using -isystem
      robot-state-publisher: use our own Eigen flags
      blackboard: assert interface IDs are not empty, fixes #369
      joystick-teleop: fix missing initialization
      mongodb: update Boost libraries required
      interfaces: add static_transform field to TransformInterface
      tf: upgrade fawkestf to ROS tf2
      aspects: adapt TransformAspect to fawkestf tf2 upgrade
      baseapp: adapt to fawkestf tf2 upgrade
      amcl: adapt to fawkestf API change
      colli: adapt to fawkestf API change
      pcl-db: pass authority when setting transforms
      tf_example: adapt to fawkestf API after tf2 upgrade
      tf: allow creation of multiple publishers
      static-transforms: publish static transforms only once
      ros-tf: compatibility with ROS tf2
      aspect: rename BB interface ID to frame ID in TransformAspect
      aspect: support late definition of publisher frame ID
      libconfig: update frame regex
      netcomm: fix missing locks in fawkes message network server
      tf: move functions to tf utils for broader use
      tf: generalized access to transform storage
      tf: add time cache clone method (copy ctor)
      tf: support getting reverse frame ID list
      tf: backward compatibility to "slash" frame names
      amcl: use deferred transform publisher initialization for naming
      colli: explicitly check for static transforms in sanity check
      tf_example: add code that demonstrates transform publishing
      gazsim-robotino: replace hardcoded frame IDs with config values
      mongodb-log: adapt to tf2 API upgrade
      config: adapt to new frame name convention
      config: fix retrieving of single values via NetworkConfiguration
      amcl: use general frame IDs and from laser interface
      map-lasergen: use general frame IDs and custom laser frame
      ffset_pose: retrieve fixed frame from config if not given
      config: update examples for new frame ID convention
      ros-move-base: non-reference arguments to action server callbacks
      ros-navigator: fix error message
      libconfig: fix offset error when sending strings over network
      libconfig: proper length handling of strings in netconf
      netcomm: fix deadlock and memory corruption in server thread
      skiller: pre-initialize args tables for sub-skills
      clips-tf: be less verbose
      colli: reduce log output
      laser-cluster: reduce log output
      laser-filter: condense map filter log output
      navgraph-generator: copy and set default properties sooner
      navgraph: fix arrows in visualization for ROS hydro and up
      ros-tf: initialize publisher before listening to events
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/fedora-patches'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/blackboard-zero-id-fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/mongodb-init-fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/ros-hydro-indigo-jade'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/silence-eigen-warnings'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/common/eclipse-clp'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ggierse/genderrec'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/jrothe/build-navgraph-interactive'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/jrothe/navgraphpath_tostring'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/integration-fixes'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vmatare/yamlconf-better-errors'
      aspects: fix format parameter
      aspects: remove unused variable in TransformAspect
      fvfilters: restore compatibility with older OpenCV
      tf: avoid use of lambda function
      mongodb: more complete deprecation test for std::auto_ptr
      mongodb_log: fix compilation on CentOS 6.
      ros-tf: fix guards for when tf2_msgs is not available
      ros-tf: periodically publish static transforms for ROS tf1
      colli: remove target goal execution handling via ROS
      ros-move-base: fix simple goal topic
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ggierse/key-value-interface'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ggierse/laser-lines-respect-max-num-lines'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/common/frame-rename'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vmatare/ros-gazebo-fixes'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/ros-fix-tf1'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/colli-strip-ros-exec'
      buildsys: fix clean target for LIBS_gui
      webview: remove width on blackboard interface side list
      ros-tf: avoid boost::bind to fix tf self-filtering
      amcl: remove leading slash of incoming ROS pose messages
      ros-tf: remove leading slash from incoming ROS tf1 messages
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/ros-tf-self-filter-fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/ros-tf1-incoming'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vmatare/pre-release-fixes'
      buildsys: set LIB_SUFFIX on 64 bit Fedora
      pcl_utils: add utility functions to make PCL quiet
      aspects: conditionally mute PCL
      config: add configuration to mute PCL
      mongodb: adapt Boost libraries depending on mongo client version
      buildsys: add ros-pkg-version and ros-pkg-version-atleast
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ggierse/ffswitch'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/pcl-shutup'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/ubuntu-trusty-fixes'
      mongodb: fix compilation on FreeBSD adding regex Boost lib
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/common/frame-rename'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bahram/openrave_Wno-deprecated-declarations'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bahram/luaagent_fixes'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bahram/skilljumpstate_inheritance'
      blackboard: support nested BlackBoardWithOwnership instances
      blackboard: add BlackBoard Lua wrapper
      libinterface: improve Lua wrapper typing
      ffifacegen: add generic Message methods to generated messages
      interfaces: re-generate with new ffifacegen
      liblua: add support for finalization calls
      skiller: support dynamic interface allocation
      skiller: add support for pre-loop callbacks
      skiller: make skillenv more self-contained and adapt to interfaces
      skiller: implement run-time fully in Lua
      skiller: re-generate SkillerDebugInterface with new ffifacegen
      skiller: use Lua-based run-time
      skillgui: set graph color button state based on interface
      skills/say: specify interface ID
      config: remove interfaces from skiller config and disable ROS
      config: fix frame name in gazsim config
      libinterface: add semantics for changed() for writing instance
      skiller: preserve exclusive controller in context restarts
      blackboard: more specific error when sending message with no writer
      liblua: better versions of do_string
      libplugin: make sending plugin lists quiet
      buildsys: extend tolua++ generation with exception handling code
      libinterface: add Interface::msgq_enqeue() to Lua wrapper
      liblua: more utility methods for LuaContext
      liblua: improve restart and finalization handling
      ffifacegen: generate Interface::msgq_enqueue() and assertions
      interfaces: re-generate with new ffifacegen
      bumblebee2: re-generate interfaces with new ffifacegen
      dynamixel: re-generate interfaces with new ffifacegen
      jaco: re-generate interfaces with new ffifacegen
      katana: re-generate interfaces with new ffifacegen
      laser-cluster: re-generate interfaces with new ffifacegen
      laser-lines: re-generate interfaces with new ffifacegen
      nao: re-generate interfaces with new ffifacegen
      navgraph-generator: rename id to name in interface field names
      openni: re-generate interfaces with new ffifacegen
      openrave: re-generate interfaces with new ffifacegen
      pantilt: re-generate interfaces with new ffifacegen
      pcl-db: re-generate interfaces with new ffifacegen
      robotino: re-generate interfaces with new ffifacegen
      roomba: re-generate interfaces with new ffifacegen
      skiller: re-generate interfaces with new ffifacegen
      logging: add method to set component logger name (again)
      lua: add support for pre-loading in interface initializer
      skiller: support re-loading with writing interfaces
      skiller: fix skill dependency graph generation
      libconfig: fix variable shadowing in net handler
      libconfig: fix GCC optimization problem
      clips: fix blackboard reading for +/- inf values
      buildsys: remove 5.3 from acceptable Lua versions
      robotino: refactor for replaceable com thread
      libplugin: better error handling on config errors in plugin ctors
      buildsys: add support for Boost version checking
      robotino: add initial direct communication support
      robotino: smarttabify robotino plugin
      robotino: re-factor blackboard access for sensor data
      robotino: remove OpenRobotino dependency from act thread
      robotino: set bumper emergency stop setting
      robotino: fill in method bodies, full communication working
      robotino: allow deserializing multiple messages from buffer
      robotino: decouple sending and receiving in direct comm
      robotino: update configuration layout
      robotino: add velocity controller and safety checks
      robotino: determine if controld3 is running in direct mode
      joystick: change acquisition thread variable style
      joystick-teleop: apply threshold to individual axes
      joystick: add re-enabling of safety lockout, change default config
      robotino: better default configuration
      robotino: add informative output when connection is lost
      tf: better timestamp formatting in exceptions
      robotino: configurable timeouts and intervals
      robotino: C++11 is a mandatory requirement
      robotino: set zero velocity on disabling motor
      map-lasergen: fix calculation of laser position
      joystick: give axis and button data once after connection
      joystick: avoid busy waiting if joystick disconnected
      joystick-teleop: fix condition on safety checks
      joystick-teleop: add support for force feedback
      navgraph: use DELETEALL marker instead of individual deletes
      navgraph: remove deprecated default navigation bits
      joystick: add bypass button mask
      joystick-teleop: add runstop support
      robotino: add support for setting digital outputs
      protobuf_clips: proper message validity checks
      protobuf_clips: some helpful debugging output
      protobuf_clips: do not run agenda on events
      protobuf_clips: properly set rcvd-via slot
      ros-webview: adapt to webview-related messages in fawkes_msgs
      skiller: fix spurious re-execution on releasing control
      ros-skiller: fix potential memory leak
      ros-skiller: fix access after free on exec skill message
      ros-skiller: fix spurious premature skill stops
      navgraph: add support for publishing navgraph data via ROS
      navgraph: enable navgraph ROS publishing by default if available
      robotino: improve checksum error handling
      robotino: default parameters for checksum error handling
      robotino: always consume remaining buffer on checksum error
      navgraph: fix locking issue in visualization
      laser-lines: publish coordinate frames for the line end points
      navgraph-generator: move edges by map filter parameter to config
      laser-lines: separately publish laser lines and their average
      laser-lines: fix identifier offset for frames
      laser-filter: filter instance and buffer names
      laser-filter: min-merge allows ignores input with empty frame
      laser-filter: handle NaN values gracefully
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fzwilling/align_at_table-transform'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/map-lasergen-fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/navgraph-deleteall'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/navgraph-rospub'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/netconf-fixes'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/protobuf-clips'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/robotino-direct'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/skiller-fixes'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/skiller-auto-interfaces'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tneumann/angle_distance_fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tneumann/pcl-ros-bidirectional'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vmatare/lua-utils'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vmatare/yamlconf-better-errors'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vmatare/scope-timetracker'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vmatare/cpp-namespaces'
      utils: fix scoped time tracker documentation
      navgraph: rospub thread doc fixes
      robotino: re-generate interface with latest ffifacegen
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/clips-bb-inf'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/laser-filter-min-merge-ignore-empty-frame'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/laser-lines-frames'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/navgraph-generator-filter-config'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/navgraph-vis-lock-fix'
      plugin_generator: fix BASEDIR to compile
      plugin_generator: rename binary to ffgenplugin
      plugin_generator: automatically create directory
      plugin_generator: add missing _ to deflector
      plugin_generator: add superfluous newline
      plugin_generator: fix documentation and indentation
      plugin_generator: fix docs and indentation in generated code
      laser-lines: fix line deletion in visualization
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vmatare/tfutils'
      tfutils: fix tf_age return statement
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fzwilling/skiller-two-skills-called-use-last'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fzwilling/depthcam'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/thofmann/bash-completion'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/thofmann/gcc6'
      buildsys: no C++11 flag on GCC 6 and above
      gazebo: add ffmpeg flags if available
      fvwidgets: remove code for glibmm without exceptions
      gui_utils: remove code for glibmm without exceptions
      netloggui: remove code for glibmm without exceptions
      plugin_gui: remove code for glibmm without exceptions
      skillgui: remove code for glibmm without exceptions
      firestation: remove code for glibmm without exceptions
      fuse_viewer: remove code for glibmm without exceptions
      yuv_viewer: remove code for glibmm without exceptions
      lasergui: support builds for new and old glibmm
      openprs: conditional use of unique_ptr
      pcl-db: make C++11 or later mandatory requirement
      static-transforms: conditional use of unique_ptr
      webview-ptzcam: conditional use of unique_ptr
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vmatare/motor-freeze'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bschaepers/amcl-segfault-fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bschaepers/debian'
      kdl_parser: use buildsys eigen3 detection
      ros-skiller: make callback arguments non-refs
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vmatare/laser-lines-matching'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/thofmann/skills-interface-ids'
      mongodb: update compile and link flags for FreeBSD
      skiller: remove unused member variables of exec thread
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/ros-webview-fawkes_msgs'
      laser-lines: documentation fixes for line tracking code
      config: remove unused old config file
      config: remove unused old firevision field configs
      buildsys: fix boost version comparison macros
      pcl-db: revive more auto_ptr
      robotino: fix Boost version check
      buildsys: do no longer install firevision header to subdir
      buildsys: remove _ in header install dirs
      eclipse_debugger: rename binary to ffeclipse-debugger
      lasergui: rename binary to fflasergui
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tneumann/colli-testing/obst-wider-cost-next-to-it'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tneumann/colli-testing/omni-drive-mode-no-ori-next-target'
      lasergui: fix typo in man page rule
      lasergui: update man page to reflect new name of tool
      openprs: specify module install path
      openprs-agent: specify module install path
      gazebo: specify install path for Gazebo plugins
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/jrothe/plugin_generator'
      buildsys: modernize output of sysinstall rules
      buildsys: support arbitrary file installation for sysinstall
      clips: copy CLIPS files for sysinstall
      clips-agent: copy CLIPS files for sysinstall
      clips-navgraph: copy CLIPS files for sysinstall
      clips-protobuf: copy CLIPS files for sysinstall
      clips-ros: copy CLIPS files for sysinstall
      openprs: copy OpenPRS files for sysinstall
      openprs-agent: copy OpenPRS files for sysinstall
      joystick: add missing linking against libm
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/thofmann/recovery-of-cancelled-threads'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sschoenitz/timeout'
      laser-lines: fix format string arguments
      clips-protobuf: destroy messages on cleanup
      protobuf_clips: remove unused map of message facts
      ffifacegen: generate packed interface structs
      libwebview: fix access_log date format
      netcomm: remove world info protocol
      refboxcomm: adapt to moved enum specification
      worldmodel: remove (soccer) world model plugin
      refboxrep: remove referee box repeating tool
      netcomm: socket sub-lib IPv6 compatibility
      netcomm: acceptor thread that supports address type and listen address
      netcomm: IPv6 support for fawkes protocol
      utils: extend host/port parsing for IPv6
      gui_utils: increase service chooser dialog default size
      gui_utils: remove direct ipaddr access, use generic host:port parsing
      libbaseapp: support IPv4/IPv6 configuration
      netloggui: remove dependence on direct IP access from service chooser
      libs: mark new gui_utils dependency on utils
      ttmainloop: documentation fix
      refboxcomm: specify IPv4 address type to sockets
      libconfig: support !ipv4 and !ipv6 tags in YAML config
      config: proper IPv4/IPv6 default configuration
      netcomm: make service disconvery IPv6 capable
      gui_utils: fix annoying GConf invalid key error
      gui_utils: support IPv6 addresses in service chooser dialog
      utils: parse_host funcs no longer modify port if not given
      ffplugin: better error message on connect fail
      libbaseapp: informative messages regarding IPv4/IPv6
      skillgui: fix invalid icon size warning
      netcomm: proper scope IDs for IPv6 addresses
      netcomm: throw SocketException in Socket
      netcomm: fix address family handling in Socket
      netcomm: support connecting to specific endpoint in fawkes client
      netcomm: further improve connect error message for socket
      netcomm: add missing freeaddrinfo
      gui_utils: store IP addr and addr:port separately
      gui_utils: service chooser connect directly to discovered endpoint
      config: move network settings to network.yaml
      libbaseapp: adapt to move network related config values
      libwebview: support enabling/disabling of IPv4/IPv6
      webview: support central IPv4/IPv6 config values
      netcomm: change service handler signature to include interface
      webview: adapt to browse handler API change
      batterymon: adapt to browse handler API change
      fvnet: adapt to browse handler API change
      gui_utils: adapt AvahiDispatcher to API change
      gui_utils: adapt to API change, always show interface for IPv6
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bschaepers/doc'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bschaepers/protoc-3-compatibility'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fzwilling/gazebo7-fps-issue-fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fzwilling/generic-goto'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fzwilling/jaco-better-error-message'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/thofmann/gtest-check-libs-exist'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/thofmann/openssl110'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/blackboard-packed-interfaces'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/clips-protobuf-cleanup'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/netcomm-ipv6'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/webview-access-log-format'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vmatare/png-better-errors'
      robotino: regenerate interface
      navgraph-generator: regenerate interface
      fvutils: align header and definition parameter names
      interfaces: regenerate for changed packing
      bumblebee2: re-generate interfaces for changed packing
      laser-cluster: re-generate interfaces for changed packing
      laser-lines: re-generate interfaces for changed packing
      nao: re-generate interfaces for changed packing
      openni: re-generate interfaces for changed packing
      pantilt: re-generate interfaces for changed packing
      roomba: re-generate interfaces for changed packing
      dynamixel: re-generate interfaces for changed packing
      katana: re-generate interfaces for changed packing
      openrave: re-generate interfaces for changed packing
      jaco: re-generate interfaces for changed packing
      skiller: re-generate interfaces for changed packing
      pcl-db: re-generate interfaces for changed packing
      gui_utils: add cerrno include
      netcomm: fix invalid pointers and add missing include
      netcomm: add missing free
      buildsys: allow Boost sub-library specific cflags/ldflags
      buildsys: for Boost up to 1.55 and clang ignore some warnings
      buildsys: fix compile flags for CGAL with clang
      buildsys: do not use MFLAGS to pass make flags
      baseapp: add indirectly used Boost asio
      gossip: add indirectly used Boost asio
      libbaseapp: destroy main thread later
      libconfig: add missing includes for YAML config
      fvutils: fix invalid call in JPEG compressor
      fvutils: fix seemingly ambiguous use of std::abs
      netcomm: fix ambiguous template parameter name
      netcomm: add missing include for clang/libc++
      amcl: fix ambiguous use of std::abs with clang/libc++
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/freebsd-fixes'
      Update AUTHORS with all contributors
      fawkescore: mark as version 1.0.0

Tobias Neumann (80):
      robotino-act: add des fields from motorinterface
      robotino-act: fixed value of desired fields
      robotino: date transforms a configurable time into the future
      utils/math: add 3D polar and conversion to coord
      fvmodels: add pixel from 3D position
      colli: changed 7 lines to 1, no logical change
      colli: add subscriber for /move_base_simple/goal
      colli: send motor comands in rviz subscriber
      colli: fixed calculation of roboter position
      colli: changed config comments and order
      colli: add bool for Drive(0,0) (just send once)
      colli: add to Makefile
      colli: remove strange / 2.0 in slow drive mode
      colli: change interpolation in GuaranteeTransStop function
      colli: change config value drive_mode
      colli: fixed garanteeTransStop prediction
      colli: change var name from "row" to "column"
      colli: removed offset of laser readings
      colli: removed repeated code be reordering if-else
      colli: escape mode, based on a potential field
      colli: add config value for escape drive mode
      colli: removed (de-)activation of motor
      colli: removed trig_table
      colli: changed transform of laser data
      colli: reduce log_info output
      colli: add new laser history for unable to transform
      colli: fast timestamp compare in buffers
      colli: set msg-keep in history to debug
      colli: add linear motor instruct
      colli: just forward escape
      colli: fixed parameter for chosen escape mode
      colli: fixed config value in drive mode
      colli: add documentation
      colli: add config for obstacle shape
      lua-math: add math.nan and math.isnan() for lua
      colli: add config value for drive restrictions
      colli: add translation in Y-direction
      colli: add slowForwardDriveMode for omnidirectional driving
      colli: select drive mode uses drive restriction config
      colli: add omni escape drive mode
      colli: add current x- and y-translation to drive modes
      colli: improved slow forward omni drive mode
      navgraph: set stop at target
      navgraph: set orient at target
      navgraph: change target orientation
      navgraph: change semantic of orient at target
      navgraph: use NAN in navgraph and fix ori calculation
      colli: mode calculation for rotation into own function
      colli: fixed compare with NAN
      interface/colli: removed unnecessary drive modes
      colli: add compare between old and new laser data
      colli: potential-field-escape-omni increased drive angle
      colli: forward omni drive mode changes
      colli: changed escape warn msg to debug
      colli: add emergency stop for close stops
      colli: changed line search
      colli: add cfg to stop spamming the debug-log
      colli: add config values for emergency stop
      robotino: add config for translation correction
      colli: fixed calculation of moving direction
      static_transforms: implement ConfigurationChangeHandler
      navgraph: (node) add is_valid to tolua
      lua: tfutils add transform6D
      ppgoto: fixed ori=nil handeling
      blackboard: add interface list maintainer
      lua: add utils for laser-lines handling
      laser-filter: add laser filter to exclude beams from map
      laser-filter: change neighborhood to 15 for map filter
      angle.h: fix angle_distance, removed the signed return value
      angle.h: add angle_distance_signed
      jaco: removed call of abs around angle_distance
      navgraph: removed call of abs around angle_distance
      mathext: fixed angle_distance for values >2pi
      ros-pcl: add bidirectional exchange of pointclouds
      ros-pcl: fixed segmentation fault (workaround?)
      ros-pcl: add changed requested by Tim
      angle.h: changed parameter order of angle_distance_signed
      colli: adapt to new syntax of angle distance
      colli: no pre-orientation towards the next target in omni-drive-mode
      colli: higher near-middle-far obstacles

Victor Mataré (82):
      make start.lua patch-compatible with ROS skiller
      Revert "skiller: pass clock, config, and tf vars to skills"
      start.lua: use add_module_initializer()
      skiller/exec_thread.cpp: use start.lua in fawkes/
      copy code from initial ROS luaagent commit
      luaagent: remove start.lua in main dir
      luaagent: new start.lua in fawkes/, fix plugin
      add gentoo support to lua.mk
      luaagent: add agentenv.init(AGENT) in start.lua
      navgraph: introduce final_tolerance property
      navgraph: rename tolerance properties
      navgraph: add new tolerance props to header
      skill_jumpstate.lua: fix subskill __args init
      skiller, luaagent: un-guard skill/agent import
      core/exceptions: rename errno param to errnum
      plugins/robotino: fix ros-joints build
      webview: Use strerror_r return value
      tf: add fawkes::tf::get_yaw() to Lua wrapper
      hsm.lua: fix #228
      hsm:add_transitions(): use Bahram's compromise
      topological_map_node.tolua: add property getters
      fsm.lua: fail if next_state:do_init() fails.
      skills:ppgoto: stop on reset()
      fvcams: implement newer v4l2 controls
      skillgui: adapt for graphviz 2.36
      V4L2Camera: fix exposure_auto error msg
      fvutils: port VLC's colorthreshold
      fvmodels: ColorModelSimilary: VLC threshold algo
      fvmodels: similarity: set saturation threshold
      fvmodels: similarity: initialize color_classes_
      fvmodels: similarity: make color class re-usable
      fvfilters: colorthreshold: fix similarity check
      fvmodels: similarity: runtime color assignment
      fvfilters, models, base: fix doxygen
      fvmodels: similarity: fix visibility & comments
      fvcams: v4l2: implement sharpness parameter
      fvmodels/color/similarity: support luma threshold
      fvmodels:color:similarity: fix doc errors
      fvcams: document new v4l2 controls
      buildsys: add %.luadoc make target...
      doc: remove old pre-generated luadocs
      gitignore: ignore doc/lua
      pixelFromPosition: fix namespace & allow y cam angle
      fvmodels:PixelFromPosition: don't throw pointers
      fvmodels:PixelFromPosition: specific OutOfBoundsExceptions
      fvmodels:PixelFromPosition: fix angle->pixel calculation
      fvutils:color:threshold: gcc < 4.6 compat
      fvmodels:ColorModelBlack: make UV configurable
      fvmodels: rename PixelFromPosition
      fvmodels: fix PositionToPixel filterout in Makefile
      fvmodels:PositionToPixel: doxy for class & c'tor
      fvutils:ROI: add an intersect function
      fvutils:ROI: fix intersect() for 0-size ROIs
      fvmodels:PositionToPixel: remove empty destructor
      fvutils:ROI: intersect() returns ROI, not ROI*
      fvutils:ROI:intersect(): return ROI based on this
      fvmodels:ColorModelBlack: document new c'tor
      fvmodels:ScanlineGrid: assign ROI by value
      skillgui:gvplugin: test headlabel before rendering
      gui_utils:service_model: fix segfault in on_service_removed()
      fvmodels:PositionToPixel: add get_pixel_position_unchecked
      fvutils:ROI: fix intersect() calculation
      skillgui: catch error in SkillGuiGtkWindow c'tor
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/common/dynamixel-plugin' into current
      plugins: add dynamixel subdir to plugins Makefile
      config/yaml: add node path to exception message
      libconfig: add node path to exception message in YamlConfiguration
      gazebo: fix deprecation errors for gazebo-6.5
      ros-joints: add general CFLAGS to overrides
      robotino: prefer OpenRobotino V2 over V1 during build
      tabletop-objects: implement HAVE_QHULL_2011
      laser-lines_utils: simplify center() call
      gazebo: fix <cmath> namespace usage
      colli: fix <cmath> namespace usage
      TimeTracker: Add ScopedClassItemTracker
      tfutils: make transform6D polymorphic
      robotino: log change in TransRotMessage sender
      tfutils: implement tf_age function
      laser-lines: match lines combinatorially by distance
      laser-lines: catch TransformException
      laser-lines: use configurable odom frame for tracking
      fvutils: make PNGReader file input errors helpful

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