[Fawkes Git] annotated tag/0.5.0: annotated tag 0.5.0 created

Tim Niemueller niemueller at kbsg.rwth-aachen.de
Thu Sep 27 12:03:20 CEST 2012

Changes have been pushed for the project "Fawkes Robotics Software Framework".

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  replaces  0.4.1
 tagged by  Tim Niemueller
        on  Thu Sep 27 11:35:17 2012 +0200

- *Log* ---------------------------------------------------------------
Fawkes 0.5.0

- Numerous ROS integration plugins for close Fawkes/ROS integration
- OpenNI data acquisition, user and hand tracking
- Coordinate frame transforms framework and static transforms plugin
- OpenRAVE manipulation and motion planning integration
- Adaptive Monte Carlo Localization plugin
- Point Cloud Library integration and tabletop object perception
- Nao hardware platform integration plugins and control GUI
- Roomba hardware platform plugin for RooTooth and RooStick
- Robotino hardware platform integration plugin
- Katana 5 DoF robot arm motion planning using OpenRAVE
- On-line RRD graphing capabilities for plugins
- CLIPS rule-engine/expert system framework aspect
- Plugin to build 2D laser filter cascades
- OpenCV-based vision buffer filters if IPP not available
- SSL support for webview
- Support for Gtkmm 3
- Plugins can provide new aspects
- Multiple laser visualization in LaserGUI
- FireVision folded into main source tree
- Fixes for newer compilers and distros
- Numerous fixes and smaller improvements in base system and plugins
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Bahram Maleki-Fard (227):
      openrave: Created folder for library and Makefile
      openrave: Added basic arm-motor class
      openrave: Added class for katana-arm motor
      openrave: Changed approach of using motors
      openrave: Added class to handle katana6M180 arm motors
      openrave: Added class to handle OpenRAVE Environment class
      openrave: Added class to handle a robot object
      openrave: environment: added multiple methods to add a robot
      openrave: Changed OpenRAVEMotors to OpenRAVEManipulator
      openrave: Moved manipulator class for katan6M180 in separate directory
      openrave: robot.h/cpp : added basic IK solving function
      openrave: Adapted to changes from OpenRAVE release 0.2.13
      openrave: Added planning parameters for robot
      openrave: Added birrt planner + updated OpenRAVE code
      openrave: bugfix planner and plannerParams
      openrave: manipulator: fixed angles transformation error + performance fix
      openrave: robot.h/cpp : added target setting methods
      openrave: Added qa applications
      openrave: Added OpenRAVEConnector as the basic interacting class
      openrave: robot.h/cpp: added conversion of euler rotation to quaternion
      openrave: Added proper exception handling/throwing
      openrave: robot.h/cpp: Simplified target setting with euler rotation
      openrave: environment.h/cpp: Added method to autogenerate IK solver
      openrave: connector.h/cpp: Included functionalities from last 2 commits
      openrave: environment.h/cpp: Viewer displays calculated robot motion
      openrave. robot: Added coordinate-system offset between device and OR
      openrave: Fixed bug in transforming manipulator angles from device to OpenRAVE
      openrave: connector: added arm-transition-calibration to SetManip method
      openrave: katana.xml : Added syntax changes since OpenRAVE 2.17
      openrave: Makefile: added lboost_thread to LDFLAGS
      openrave: robot: added method to set directly set transition offset
      katana: OpenRAVE support for katana plugin through lib fawkesopenrave
      katana: Added xml files for ceasar robot for OpenRAVE
      katana: conversion: Added functions to convert between katana encoder and angles
      katana: goto_thread: use virtual and protected to allow heritage
      katana: goto_thread_openrave: fully implemented usage of openrave-lib
      openrave: Create plugin for OpenRAVE support, accessible by an aspect
      openrave: Renamed OpenRAVEManager to OpenRAVEConnector
      openrave: Moved relevant class files from lib to plugin folder
      openrave: or_thread: Included classes and basic methods to run OpenRAVE
      openrave: Included manipulators folder from libs/openrave
      openrave: or_connector: Added methods from or_thread to be usable through aspect
      openrave: Moved qa apps from libs/openrave. Not tested yet thouth!
      openrave: Removed remaining files and folder from libs/openrave
      openrave: Added options to add,delete,rename,move,rotate objects
      openrave: robot: changed few call-by-reference to call-by-value
      openrave: robot: added possibility to set target by just a position
      openrave: Expanded aspect to support object handling methods
      openrave: Changed all camelCase to under_score
      openrave: Added interface for OpenRAVE commands
      openrave: Added thread to handle messages etc for OpenRAVEInterface
      openrave: openrave.mk: using lib lboost_thread-mt instead lboost_thread
      openrave: Added documentation to pass "make check"
      openrave: Makefile: now builds libfawkesopenrave and fakesopenrave seperately
      openrave: robot: automatically releases attached body when looking for new ones
      openrave: or_thread: added method to attach a body to a robot
      openrave: aspect: added method to attach object to a robot
      openrave: OpenRAVEInterface: added message to attach an object to robot
      openrave: message_handler: now hanldes incoming AttachObjectMessage
      openrave: or_thread & aspect: added functions to relase an object
      openrave: message_handler: added handling messages to release objects
      openrave: robot: added methods to attach and release object
      openrave: or_thread: attaching and releasing objects now handled in robot.h
      openrave: robot: added method to update openrave model
      openrave: robot: added value that defines if movements in OpenRAVE should be displayed
      openrave: Documentation: Resolved "make check" warnings
      openrave: katana.kinbody: fixed arm rotation to be same as real device
      openrave: viewer: display planned trajectory as point cloud
      katana: Changed from using openrave_lib to using openraveaspect
      katana: caesar.robot.xml: adapted new path for katana.kinbody.xml
      katana: caesar2011.kinbody.xml: added emergency button to robot model
      katana: caesar2011.kinbody.xml: apparently <mass in the XML file conflicts with ODE
      katana: KatanaInterface: added fields to goto an object in OpenRAVE Environment
      katana: goto_thread_openrave: handling ObjectGotoMessages
      katana: act_thread: handles incoming ObjectGotoMessages if OpenRAVE support is on
      katana: ObjectGotoMessage handling: bugfixes in act_thread and goto_threads
      katana: caesar.robot.xml: changed translation of arm model
      katana: caesar.robot.xml: translated such that on same level as fawkes coordinate system
      katana: goto_thread_openrave: added method to update arm data in openrave
      katana: act_thread: update openrave model more often
      katana: goto_thread_openrave: renamed to goto_openrave_thread
      katana: goto_openrave: made it a separate MotionThread, not depending on goto_thread
      katana: Documentation: resolved "make check" warnings
      katana: KatanaInterface: added entries for motor values
      katana: motor_control: get/set encoder/angle values for katana motors
      katana: act_thread: update katana values after succesful motion
      katana:  uses values in fawkes coordinate system now
      katana: goto_openrave_thread: removed multiplyer for set_target
      openrave: renamed classes OpenRAVE* to OpenRave*
      openrave: builds now on OpenRAVE >= 0.3 (stable releases)
      openrave: indepence of OpenRAVE double-precision
      skills: katana: changed default values for phi,theta,psi
      skills: katana.lua: added possibility to set/move single motor
      skills: katana: added param to set goto-target to an object in OpenRAVE
      skills: katana: added check wether to use fawkes or libkni coordinate system
      skills: (new) katana_rel; "relgoto" for katana arm
      skills: (new) or_object; object handling in OpenRAVE environment
      skills: (new) katana_grab; moves to and grabs on object
      skills: (new) katana_put; puts an object on a table
      katana: Adapted changes in openrave plugin (see last 2 commits)
      openrave: rename plugin files
      openrave: added argument that allows smoothening the trajectory
      openrave: (aspect) adapted methods to accept planner sampling
      katana: now samples trajectory with 40ms distance between each point
      openrave: adapted to changes in loading viewer and adding robot
      openrave/katana: added "-Wno-error" flag to Makefiles
      katana: arm can now wait before approaching next trajectory point
      nao predicates: set correct interface type for SPL Penalty
      naojoystick: basic agent for Nao joystick control
      naojoystick: stop head movement if analog-stick released
      naojoystick: stop nao walking, if analog-stick released
      naojoystick: added rumbling on bumber activation
      naojoystick: added rumbling with sonar distance checking
      skills: added basic nao skills
      naojoystick: bugfix in agent when sending WalkVelocityMessage
      skills: nao skills work correctly now using new motion engine
      naojoystick: improved and fully working agent
      naojoystick: cleanup + rumble only on bumber
      naojoystick: properly stop head movement
      openrave: load ik module only once to allow nice switching between ik types
      openrave: support for neuronics-katana.zae arm provided by OpenRAVE
      openrave: Addedd graspplaning for pre-generated grasp-sets
      openrave: aspect; resolved "make check" errors due to filename changes
      katana: fix detection of OpenRAVE installation
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bahram/katana_skills' into bahram/openrave-integration
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bahram/openrave_0.4_compatibility' into bahram/openrave-integration
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bahram/katana_smooth_trajectory' into bahram/openrave-integration
      openrave: fix bug to display motion for full-joint-trajectory
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bahram/openrave_graspplanning' into bahram/openrave-integration
      naomotion: motion_thread, only process last messages
      openrave: fix remaining documention
      openrave: ensure safe execution of python code
      katana: Enable usage of transforms
      skill katana: accept parameters for transform frames
      katana: Support setting target's rotation as quaternion
      katana: Fixed comiling warning; removed few HAVE_TF checks
      skill katana_rel: passing "frame" argument to subskill "katana"
      openrave: changed transition of katana on caesar model
      utils: fixed Lua support for std::vector<RCSoftMapNode>
      katana: removed __offset_x,y,z entries, redundant since usage of tf
      openrave: added option to rotate object by quaternion
      katana: fix Makefile to not compile if tf not available
      openrave: fix rotate_object by quaternion; OpenRAVE uses (w,x,y,z)
      skill: or_object: added rotation by quaternion
      openrave: increased height of caesar's body model
      katana: add exception catching when looking for IK solutions
      katana: correct checking of final position
      openrave: add BaseManipulation module for robot
      openrave: proper deletion of robot
      openrave: qa files updated to compile
      openrave: add target_t struct to encapsulate target configuration
      openrave: use BaseManipulation module for path planning
      openrave: add straight arm movement
      katana: Add controller class to encapsulate katana control
      openrave: add getter for pointer to OpenRaveManipulator
      katana: added option for setting theta-error
      katana: allow offset for LinearGotoMessage
      katana: added katana related exceptions
      katana: completet controller for KNI control
      katana: Adapted plugin to use KatanaController
      katana: Add KatanaControllerOpenrave class
      katana: include KatanaControllerOpenrave in act_thread
      config: add entry for katana/controller
      katana: fix error catching on controller init
      openrave/katana: adapt Makefile to compile with OpenRAVE >= 0.6.2
      openrave: updated deprecated OpenRAVE includes
      openrave: adapted deprecated IkParameterization type
      openrave: add straight movement for given absolute position
      katana: added interface field to set straight movement
      katana: support straight movement by plugin
      openrave: fix CPU load!! Use wakeup-thread instead of continuous one
      katana: transform controller coordinates to kni
      openrave: fix conversion to relative target for straight movement
      Merge branch 'openrave_0.6_compatibility' into openrave_katana
      Merge branch 'bahram/tf_katana' into openrave_katana
      Merge branch 'bahram/katana_grasp_tweaks' into openrave_katana
      Merge branch 'bahram/katana_controller' into openrave_katana
      katana: fix build if OpenRAVE not available
      openrave: do not automatically execute calculated path
      openrave: Allow target setting by IkParameterizaion type
      openrave: support 6D target for 5DOF arms
      katana: use 5DOF neuronics-katana arm model from OpenRAVE
      katana: add preproc flag to move path_planning outside motion-thread
      Merge branch 'openrave' into openrave_katana
      Merge branch 'bahram/tf_katana' into openrave_katana
      Merge branch 'openrave_0.6_compatibility' into openrave_katana
      Merge branch 'bahram/katana_grasp_tweaks' into openrave_katana
      Merge branch 'bahram/katana_controller' into openrave_katana
      Merge branch 'openrave_5dof_katana' into openrave_katana
      katana: explicitly convert unsigned to signed for libkni
      openrave: fix build if python not available
      katana: fix build if openrave plugin not available
      katana: smoothen movement of openrave_controller
      openrave/katana: remove deprecated warnings
      openrave: fix openrave detection
      katana: fix typo in a Makefile comment
      katana: fix crash when OpenRAVE deactivated, but set as controller
      katana: add correct check-for-final for gripper
      openrave: add caesar model with 6dof arm
      katana: allow switching between 5dof and 6dof with config flag
      openrave: load arm dynamically from openrave
      openrave: change initial position of 6-dof-katana to be collision-free
      openrave: extend caesar model by cover-plate to reduce collisions
      openrave: controller_openrave now calculates euler-rotation
      skill: katana_rel: allow modification of more params
      skill: new katana_approach: approaching some object
      katana: refresh encoder values on each update
      openrave: increase serializaion precision
      openrave: allow additional arguments for BaseManipulation
      openrave: remove manual trajectory-retiming after path-planning
      openrave: enable setting of debug level
      katana: set specific plannerparams, avoid  path oscilations
      katana: fix final check for simultanious movement of joints
      katana: proper update of openrave model
      katana: add movement of all joints at once
      openrave: added more environment locks for any OpenRAVE action
      openrave: add setting relative target as arm extension
      katana: adapt plugin+skill to allow movement based on arm extension
      katana: goto_openrave_thread allows editing of plannerparams
      katana: allow plugin and skill to set plannerparams
      katana: add seperate plannerparams for straight movement
      openrave: add few basic geometric models to resources
      openrave: add Collada model of our 6-dof-katana arm with dummy joint
      openrave: requires at least OpenRAVE 0.7.0 now
      skill: new katana_grab_any: grab anything; prepare table-scene for OpenRAVE
      skill: katana_grab_any: increased max grabbing distance + feedback on failure
      skill: katana_grab_any: use katana_approach instead of katana_rel

Bastian Klingen (2):
      openni: added capture_time to images
      openni: added capture_time to depth

Christoph Schwering (64):
      laser-filters: added projection filter
      laser-filters: qa app for projection filter
      laser-filters: fixed wrong usage of memset/memcpy
      laser-filters: projection: hard-coded values for left laser
      laser-filters: added projection filter to filter_thread.cpp
      laser-filter: projection: removed debugging
      laser-filter: added plugin to Makefile
      laser-filter: projection: changed coordinate system rotation
      lasergui: prints world position on click
      laser-filter: projection: fixed hard-coded values for right laser
      laser-filter: projection: configurable
      laser-filter: projection: improved documentation
      laser-filter: projection: filter readings near the ground
      laser-filter: projection: fixed wrong rotation and qa-app
      laser-filter: fixed syntax of deadspots vs dead_spots
      laser-filter: projection: z-threshold is configurable
      laser-filter: projection: added robot size parameters
      laser-filters: projection: LEFT parameter is now ROT_LASER
      laser-filters: fixed documentation
      gui_utils: InterfaceChooserDialog supports multi-selection
      Fixed: define-guard had a typo.
      gui_utils: added MultiInterfaceChooserDialog
      gui_utils: slightly simplified code of InterfaceChooserDialogs
      lasergui: Added capability to draw multiple lasers (UNTESTED)
      lasergui: Fixed: crazy zoom when multiple lasers are selected
      gui_utils, lasergui: order in InterfaceChooserDialog can be changed
      utils: fixed two errors in normalize_rad() and normalize_mirror_rad().
      buildsys: adjusted settings for ICC 11.1-038 for fvutils
      firestation: first new version of mirror calibration in firestation.
      fvutils: removed unneeded semicolons in YUV422-pixel-getter/setter-definitions.
      firestation: mirror calibration supports PNM masks.
      firestation: fixed crosshair.
      firestation: angles of marks can be set/adjusted by user.
      buildsys: set IPP_PATH with wildcards as there are many different versions.
      firestation: added button to speed up mirror calibration.
      firestation: reduced expected marks from 9 to 7, simplified hole-filtering.
      firestation: hack fixes crash when mask is loaded before camera images.
      fvutils: added missing fclose() to PNMReader's dtor.
      firestation: removed printf() for performance.
      firestation: fixed an assertion.
      firestation: undid the hack from aec74438fe6ead5bef759ced892701d63642a22f.
      firestation: fixed inverted angles, added documentation.
      firestation: mirrorcalib: fixed lines rotated in opposite direction than slider
      firevision: mirrorcalib: added documentation.
      fvfilters: fixed wrong include-paths
      buildsys: fvconf: added math library to VISION_LIBS
      firestation: adapted to new directory structure
      fvmodels, firestation: moved mirror calibration to libs/fvmodels/mirror
      fvfilters: fvmodels: fixed circular dependency
      buildsys: fvconf: fixed wrong path for HAVE_BULB_CREATOR
      fvmodels: fixed mirror_calib compilation if IPP is not installed
      firestation: fixed compilation if IPP is not installed
      fvmodels: mirror_calib: added missing deallocation
      Merge branch 'master' into mirrorcalib-merged-with-master
      firestation: fixed GTK 3 vs GTK 2 2 ifdef
      naogui: fixed: Makefile links with libm
      fvmodels: mirror_calib: fixed apidoc
      mirrorcalib: fixed some merge issues.
      gitignore: added Vim backup files
      fvmodels, firestation: fixed HAVE_OPENCV defines
      fvfilters: fixed OpenCV versions
      fvmodels, fvfilters: fixed dependencies
      fvmodels, firestation: center point can be user-specified
      fvmodels: fixed Doxygen error

Daniel Beck (21):
      Preliminary support for the Kinect camera.
      Kinect support for the camera factory.
      Added new struct for 3D cartesian coords and ctors for HomPoints.
      Readylog plugin: adapted to recent changes.
      Geometry: fixed documentation bug.
      ECLiPSe externals: basic remote BB access.
      ECLiPSe externals: send and receive messages.
      ECLiPSe externals: added to Makefile.
      ECLiPSe externals: fixed debug output.
      ECLiPSe externals: modules with external predicates.
      ECLiPSe externals: fixed submodule detection.
      ECLiPSe external: added predicta bb_has_writer/0.
      ECLiPSe externals: wrapper class for BB.
      ECLiPSe externals: externals for the annotated maps.
      ECLiPSe externals: documentation and p_serial_instance().
      ECLiPSe externals: added 2 predicates to the map-graph module.
      ECLiPSe externals: added some missing documentation.
      ECLiPSe externals: get orientation of map node.
      ECLiPSe-externals: added explicit dependencies to the Makefile.
      ECLiPSe externals: after closing the interface remove it from the list.
      Merge branch 'eclipse-fawkes-externals'

Daniel Ewert (2):
      buildsys: Makefile and flag fixes required for Ubuntu 12.04
      laser-pointclouds: ignore some warnings for Ubuntu 12.04

Jonathan Hoeges (2):
      Added length_square method to class fawkes::HomVector
      LineSegment: added projection

Sebastian Reuter (1):
      ros-navigator: support sending navigation commands off to ROS

Tim Niemueller (880):
      UniquenessConstraint: include cstddef for NULL
      Aspects: modular and flexible aspect handling
      AspectProviderAspect: support adding new aspects at run-time
      plugin lib: unload plugins in reverse order, now really
      Mainapp: fix locking issue after finalization failure
      libfawkeswebview: introduce WebUrlManager
      Aspects: added WebviewAspect
      webview: use new WebviewAspect
      webview: plugin processor handles load/unload failures
      xmlrpc: use new WebviewAspect
      ffifacegen: store enum types as int32
      Interfaces: re-generate for enum as int32 storage
      FieldIterator: added get_enum() and get_enums() methods
      BlackBoard: open_multiple_for_reading() type patterns
      BlackBoardInterfaceObserver: type patterns
      rrd: added basic rrd plugin with infrastructure and stubs
      rrd: RRD description classes
      rrd: first working version
      xmlrpc plugin: use new WebviewAspect
      webview: introduce navigation manager
      Merge branch 'webview-aspect' into rrdweb
      rrdweb: plugin to show arbitrary RRD graphs
      Merge branch 'extensible-aspects'
      Merge branch 'blackboard-improvements'
      libfawkescore: added LockVector utility class
      libfawkescore: added RWLockVector utility class
      libfawkescore: added ScopedRWLock utility class
      libfawkesutils: added sec to usec conversion function
      rrd: support removing RRDs, graph defs need name
      rrd: proper RRD management thread, removed demo code
      rrd: added example plugin
      Plugins: build rrd plugin by default
      rrd: return RRDs and graphs using RWLockVector
      Merge branch 'rrd' into rrdweb
      Plugins: build rrdweb plugin by default
      rrdweb: properly lock graphs vector
      Merge branch 'webview-aspect'
      Merge branch 'rrd'
      Merge branch 'rrdweb'
      rrd: link against m (for time.h)
      FireVision: fvstereo depends on fvcams for BB2
      Support building without webview/libmicrohttpd
      utils: add string conversion for long int
      rrd: use StringConversion methods to convert numbers
      flite: look for header in /usr/local
      rrdweb: do not crash on missing graph image
      rrd: add destructors and assignment ops (fixes build fail)
      festival: added missing libraries, check for missing executable
      Merge remote branch 'origin/daniel/kinect' into firevision-integration
      firevision: move cams to libs/fvcams
      firevision: move classifiers to libs/fvclassifiers
      firevision: move filters to libs/fvfilters
      firevision: move fvutils to libs/fvutils
      firevision: move models to libs/fvmodels
      firevision: move stereo to libs/fvstereo
      firevision: move fvwidgets to libs/fvwidgets
      firevision: move tools to tools/vision
      firevision: move apps to plugins/vision
      firevision: move fvconf.mk to buildsys
      firevision: adjust libraries to move
      firevision: remove unused code and Makefile
      Adapt whole tree to FireVision fold-in
      ffconfig: fix mixed up print line/value
      libfawkescore: stringified version string
      utils/FileAlterationMonitor: throw proper exceptions
      libfawkesconfig: make ValueIterator methods const
      libfawkesconfig: simplify change handler API
      webview: provide API to set HTML headers
      rrd: improve description memory handling
      rrd: use graph name for graphics name
      rrdweb: better readable output for multiple graphs
      Merge remote branch 'origin/timn/config-changehandler'
      libfawkescore: fix exception messages
      ThreadList: proper finalization on failed initialization
      AspectManager: finalize aspects of failed initialization
      libfawkeswebview: added SSL support to WebServer
      libfawkeswebview: add support for basic authentication
      webview: add support for SSL and basic authentication
      src Makefile: remove firevision fom SUBDIRS
      Merge branch 'timn/firevision-fold-in'
      GCC 4.6.0 and Linux 2.6.38 fixes
      utils: getkey() can now have a timeout
      ffifacegen: support custom enum values
      joystick: added keyboard joystick emulation
      roomba: initial plugin skeleton
      roomba: initial Roomba 500 communication class
      roomba: integration threads, interface, functionality
      roomba: fixes leading to first working version
      roomba: better timing efficiency, greeting
      roomba: support setting mode in config
      roomba: add explicit support for RooTooth device
      Roomba500Interface: add IR_NONE to InfraredCharacter enum
      roomba: RooTooth tested and smaller fixes added
      roomba: query mode by default, configuration options
      roomba: native types and new messages in interface
      roombajoy: new plugin to remote control roomba
      joystick/JoystickInterface: separate axes
      Merge branch 'ffkbjoystick' into roomba
      roombajoy: make joystick buttons/axes configurable
      bbsync: change remapping definition
      joystick: invert axis values
      roombajoy: add spot cleaning button
      roombajoy: proper driving with analog joystick
      Merge branch 'ffkbjoystick' into roomba
      roombajoy: configurable min/max radius/velocity
      roomba: indicate mode by clean LED color
      JoystickInterface: add fields for force feedback
      joystick: may the force be with you
      roomba: add API for setting digit LEDs (ASCII)
      roomba: show battery charge on digit LEDs
      Merge branch 'ffkbjoystick' into tmp-roomba
      roombajoy: force feedback on approaching obstacles
      TestInterface: 64-bit (default) version
      ffifacegen: generate proper cast for enum arrays
      webview: move CSS files to subdir
      webview: added favicon, explicitly set content language
      webview: add jquery to static content
      webview: collapsible list of interfaces using JQuery-UI
      buildsys: create doc/api directory after deleting it
      buildsys rules: ordering constrains for (pre)subdirs
      utils IPC/shmem: add num_attached(), make getters const
      libfawkescore: added LockPtr
      libfawkescore: RefPtr documentation update
      ffifacegen: error messages in parser, fail on error
      Interface: fixed type/ID null termination
      blackboard: properly handle max size type in net handler
      blackboard: observer now works on RemoteBlackBoard
      RemoteBlackBoard: guard against some typical deadlocks
      openni: plugin skeleton
      openni: added OpenNiAspect and OpenNiContextThread
      HumanSkeletonInterface: new interface for human tracking data
      openni: added tracker thread
      HumanSkeletonProjectionInterface: 2D projected pose info
      openni: added support for publishing projected skeleton
      openni: Added simple skeleton visualization GUI
      buildsys: support bin/lib/plugin names with dash
      openni: split user tracker into own plugin
      openni: HumanSkeletonProjectionInterface is custom interface
      openni-usertracker: do not block on new data
      Plugins Makefile: add openni to plugins built by default
      utils: added SharedMemoryRegistry
      utils: SharedMemory uses new SharedMemoryRegistry
      mainapp: initialize SharedMemoryRegistry master
      fvbase: fix memory leak in acquisition thread
      utils: SharedMemoryRegistry uses named semaphore
      buildsys: use -rpath instead of -R
      buildsys: specify shared object file extension
      fvconf.mk: call pkg-config only if found
      buildsys: added macosx build type
      libfawkescore: compatibility with Mac OS X
      libfawkesutils: compatibility header for strndup()
      libfawkesutils: compatibility with Mac OS X
      libfvcams: compatibility with Mac OS X
      libfvutils: compatibility with Mac OS X
      libfawkesgeometry: compatibility with Mac OS X
      libfawkesinterface: compatibility with Mac OS X
      libfawkesnetcomm: compatibility with Mac OS X
      libfawkesplugin: compatibility with Mac OS X
      mainapp: use more compatible uid/gid set functions
      bblogger: use proper endian.h on Mac OS X
      refboxrep: build MSL2008/2010 only with libxml++
      skillgui: adapt to missing clock_gettime() on Mac OS X
      vision tools: compatibility with Mac OS X
      libfawkesutils/fvutils: make libmagic optional
      xmlrpc: compatibility with Mac OS X
      buildsys: adapt to BSD sed for setting build type
      libfawkescore: added LockPtr::refcount()
      openni: better run-time error detection
      libfvutils: Update QA apps, add simple test image creator
      fvutils: new conversion routines for Bayer patterns
      fvutils: another Bayer pattern conversion
      openni-image: new plugin to export image data
      openni: disable strict aliasing, uninitilized variable
      openni-image: configurable debayering mode
      openni: higher tolerance for old data warning
      laser: rename circle filter to max circle filter
      laser: added minimum laser circle filter
      laser: added circle sector filter
      laser/laser-filter: move files
      laser: remove filter related code
      laser-filter: move filter.h base header to filters subdir
      laser-filter: base plugin skeleton
      laser-filter: LaserDataFilter API multi-array support
      laser-filter: filter thread for non-depending cascades
      libfawkesinterface: fix memory leak
      ffdeadspots: adapt to new laser-filter plugin
      laser-filter: auto dependency detection and serialization
      laser-filter: add min merge data filter
      laser: auto-detect non-chardev mode PCAN driver
      lasergui: move all resources to common directory
      blackboard: support for listing with type/id patterns
      fvutils QA: added missing license header for qa_createimage
      gui utils: added interface chooser dialog
      lasergui: support selecting of interface
      Lib to access the annotated maps used for path planning.
      laser: support URG identification via USB bus/device number
      openni-usertracker: more descriptive error messages
      .gitignore: added .settings for Eclipse IDE
      Merge branch 'webview-ssl-auth'
      Merge branch 'webview-jquery'
      webview: add missing include for FreeBSD
      skelgui: support for showing background image
      libfawkesutils: argument parser NULL pointer check
      openni: common openni utils lib with setup code
      openni-usertracker: fix init problem with setup utils
      openni-usertracker: set state to invalid on closing interface
      openni: add utils to PRESUBDIRS
      laser: remove debug output from Lase EDL thread
      laser: support probing for URG by serial number
      openni-pointcloud: calc and publish Kinect point clouds
      skelgui: documentation fixes
      openni-pointcloud: use Fawkes' coordinate system
      openni-pointcloud: fix sign problem in coordinates
      openni: added default config for resolution and fps
      pantilt: added missing default config values
      pantilt: RX28 QA app modified for communication testing
      pantilt: debug output improvements
      pantilt: fix echo cancellation
      pantilt: compare expected and actual length on read
      openni utils: added find_or_create_node()
      openni-usertracker: update center of mass in pose detection
      openni: better context locking
      openni-usertracker: provide user labels as image buffer
      skelgui: support drawing (labeled) depth image
      openni: add skelgui to SUBDIRS in Makefile
      openni-usertracker: center of mass in Fawkes coordinates
      skelgui: skel drawer class, toggle features, docs
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/core-improvements'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/blackboard-remote-observer'
      openni-usertracker: convert from OpenNI to Fawkes coords
      openni-usertracker: add visibility history
      Merge branch 'openni'
      skelgui: check for OpenGL
      skelgui: missing Makefile changes
      Merge branch 'laser-filters'
      Merge branch 'lasergui-select'
      Merge branch 'urg-select'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/pantilt-protofix'
      buildsys: support additional base cflags
      eclipse externals: fix uninitilized value
      mainapp: command line argument to set Fawkes TCP port
      ffwatchdog: tool to watchdog and restart processes
      ffwatchdog: support daemonizing
      ffwatchdog: custom command line parsing
      openni utils: add get_resolution() method
      openni utils: conversion utilities
      openni-handtracker: plugin to track hands using OpenNI
      skelgui: anticipate non-existing label image
      skelgui: support visualizing hands
      skelgui: fix wrong parameter name
      openni-pointcloud: add missing conversion from mm to m
      VisionAspect: re-establish dependency constraint
      openni-pointcloud: fix coordinate calculation
      openni point cloud viewer: simple OpenGL app to visualize PCLs
      fvmodels: fix parameter setting for radial scanlines
      openni PCL viewer: add flag to draw colored point cloud
      SkillGUI: execute skill string on enter in entry
      skelgui: fix remote depth drawing
      blackboard: fix deadlock on died connection when opening interface
      openni-usertracker: do not close interfaces on lost user
      Merge branch 'openni-handtracker' into openni-pointcloud
      fvutils: better JPEG error handling, larger buffer size
      openni utils: move color defs from skelgui to utils
      openni utils: basic type definitions for data exchange
      openni utils: skeleton and hand interface observer
      skelgui: remove code moved to openni utils
      OpenNI PCL Viewer: trackball animate calls original idle func
      OpenNI PCL Viewer: camera image transfer thread
      OpenNI PCL Viewer: skeleton drawing, use transfer thread
      skelgui: print users only if valid
      OpenNI PCL Viewer: draw only valid users, larger window
      OpenNI PCL Viewer: drawing of arbitrary object positions
      ffwatchdog: wait for proc and support signal escalation
      openni: run and maintain XnSensorServer
      FV ROI: set color for ROI, general-purpose hint
      fvfilters: FilterROIDraw uses new ROI color flag
      fvutils: added YuvColormap::replace_color()
      fvclassifiers: make SimpleColorClassifier simple again
      fvclassifiers: added MultiColorClassifier
      fvmodels: add setter colormap in loopup table color model
      fvutils: remove debug output from colormap file reader
      katana: sensor updates during OpenRAVE motion
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/interface-custom-enum'
      roomba: fix and warning for missing BlueZ
      joystick: documentation for force feedback code
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/roomba'
      joystick: fix ffkbjoystick for FreeBSD
      roomba: change some types to fix CentOS 5 build fail
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/posix-shmem-registry'
      libfawkesutils: link against pthread on Linux
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/macosx'
      bb2rectlut: conditional type cast
      libfawkesutils: more guards for strndup
      mainapp: parameter to set mDNS service name on command line
      libfawkesnetcomm: automatic mDNS-SD name conflict resolution
      refboxcomm: SPL processor fix
      ffkbjoystick: add var init for old compilers
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/vision-aspect-fixes'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/scanlinegrid-fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/skillgui-enter'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/blackboard-deadlock-fix'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/cmdline-port'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/watchdog'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/openni-usertracker'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/openni-handtracker'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/openni-pointcloud'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/openni-procrun'
      openni: fix compile error if OpenNI is not available
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/classifier-multicolor'
      buildsys: remove uncolored-quickdoc phony target
      libfawkesutils: __style and minor mods for ArgumentParser
      fvutils: documentation fixes
      netcomm: move FawkesNetworkManager from mainapp to netcomm
      libfawkesbaseapp: move code from mainapp to new lib
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bahram/openrave_katana'
      buildsys: fix presubdirs dependency error
      buildsys: fix dependency of Lua on C++ interface lib
      buildsys: properly build new interface the first time
      openrave: move interface to interfaces subdir
      openrave: add namespace spec to fix doc error
      katana: move KatanaInterface to interfaces subdir
      katana: add missing private statement to fix doc errors
      plugins: make katana depend on openrave
      openrave: fix detection of OpenRAVE installation
      openrave: rename ambiguously named aspect files
      katana: adapt to new openrave plugin file names
      Interface: clarified documentation, improve readability
      Interface: add support for side store buffers
      luaagent: rename exec thread to periodic exec thread
      Lua utils: interface importer supports two-stage mode
      LuaContext: change file alteration monitor handling
      LuaContext: fix typo bug
      LuaContext: C function support
      skiller: adapt to recent LuaContext changes
      luaagent: adapt to recent LuaContext changes
      luaagent: support continuous execution mode
      Lua agents: contdemo continuous agent demo
      ECLiPSe externals: fix typos
      xmlrpc: add detection of xmlrpc-c for Ubuntu
      skillgui: check for minimum required graphviz version
      buildsys: missing package warning if there are any
      buildsys: anticipate Ubuntu paths for tolua++
      buildsys/fvconf: swissranger support depends on libusb
      buildsys: use always both, generic and specific LDFLAGS
      webview: change default port to 8088
      xmlrpc: more libraries for Ubuntu compilation
      netcomm: fix possible hangs/deadlocks in AvahiThread
      libfawkeslogging: introducing new lib to concentrate logging
      libfawkesplugin: move mutex into PluginManager
      fawkesutils: fix errorneous Exception instantiation
      libfawkesbaseapp: move code from main thread to runtime
      webview: error reply takes formatted string as parameter
      webview: add WebReply::add_header() convenience method
      webview: URL manager now checks for existing base URLs
      webview: simple Trac wiki formatter
      ros: added ROSAspect
      ros: added basic ROS integration plugin
      ros: added ros-talkerpub example plugin
      ros-webview: plugin to provide webview to ROS
      libfawkesbaseapp/logging/plugin: documentation fixes
      buildsys: remove FireVision paths from config
      fvconf: do not link against OpenCV's libcvaux
      refboxcomm: adapt SplProcessor to libfawkeslogging
      bblogger/bbsync: remove libfawkesgeometry from libs
      buildsys: added naocross build type
      libfawkesgeometry: clean up OpenCV linker flags
      naoqi: Fawkes plugin and NaoQi module to interact with NaoQi
      Dynamic modules: reorganized code and argument passing
      libfawkesplugin: arguments for module flags and cache init
      libfawkesbaseapp: run-time argument class
      naofawkes: use new init options to initialize Fawkes
      plugins: add nao to the list of plugins built by default
      NaoHardwareInterface: support academic Nao and new values
      nao: add thread to support DCM
      RemoteBlackBoard: fix potential segfault
      Interface: add msgq_first_safe()
      HumanoidMotionInterface: remove some Nao-specific bits
      Nao interfaces: split NaoHardwareInterface into smaller chunks
      naoqi: DCM thread handles servo movements, interface split
      naoqi-motion: plugin to call ALMotion
      naofawkes: load naoqi-motion and webview by default
      naogui: imported gui to control the Nao
      naogui: motion tab page, remove expander
      NaoJointInterface: reorder message fields
      naogui: convert from libglade to Gtk::Builder
      libfawkesgeometry: fix LDFLAGS for F-15/OpenCV 2.2.0
      naoqi: DCM thread now handles all stiffness messages
      naogui: properly handle stiffness setting
      naoqi-motion: report moving status
      naoqi-speechsynth: plugin to employ ALTextToSpeech
      naogui: added tab to call speech synthesis
      naoqi-motion: add kick task
      naoqi-motion: added standup task
      naogui: add standup motion execution
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/webview-port'
      buildsys: change to Gtkmm 3.0
      libs: cleanup library dependencies
      gui_utils/fvwidgets: adapt to Gtkmm 3.0, kill Glade
      GUIs: migrate to Gtkmm 3.0
      libfawkescore: added LockMultiMap
      nao: added DCM utility library
      nao: added naoqi-leds plugin to control Nao's LEDs
      Merge branch 'gtkmm3' into nao
      gui_utils: multi-interface support for InterfaceDispatcher
      naogui: support LED control
      naogui: move directly to nao dir
      fvcams: add missing fawkeslogging library
      nao: added startup and shutdown sounds, play after startup
      nao-buttons: plugin to access buttons on the robot
      naogui: support showing button info and remote clicking
      fvconf: bring back OpenCV 2.0 support
      naojoystick: uncompleted simple agent for Nao remote control
      Interface: fix timestamp update error on write()
      Interface: fix wrong buffer out of bounds check
      Interface: compare buffers to private memory
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/continuous-luaagent'
      luaagent: adapt ContinuousExecThread to libfawkeslogging
      fvconf: bring back OpenCV 2.1 support
      Merge branch 'master' into nao
      nao-buttons: no updates after 120 secs of inactivity
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/libfawkesbaseapp'
      libfawkesgeometry: fix LDFLAGS for F-15/OpenCV 2.2.0
      fvclassifiers: fix OpenCV related typo in Makefile
      nao: implement support for ultrasonic sensors
      naogui: support new ultrasonic features
      naoqi-buttons: disable ALSentinel button handling if loaded
      naoqi-motion: bring back concurrent walk and head movement
      HumanoidMotionInterface: change YawPitchHead to MoveHeadMessage
      NaoJointPositionInterface: removed Goto, added Move messages
      noaqi-motion: move code to lib, support new MoveHeadMessage
      nao: adapt DCM thread to interface changes
      naogui: use Move style commands for servo setting
      naoqi-leds: remove excessive debugging output
      libfawkesbaseapp: add additional default plugin init option
      libfawkesbaseapp: main thread support for default plugin
      libfawkesbaseapp: main thread supports longer blocking start
      nao: remove audio playing from DCM thread
      naofawkes: support for Nao-specific default meta plugin
      naofawkes: play startup sound after initialization
      libfawkeslogging: light gray debug logging on console
      libfawkesbaseapp: fix uninitialized vars in InitOptions
      libfawkesbaseapp: give info after init, remove duplicate code
      libfawkeslogging: add SyslogLogger
      naofawkes: use NaoQi logger in naofawkes module
      naofawkes: initialize console and syslog loggers
      naofawkes: play sound if Fawkes init fails
      GUIs: bring back optional support for Gtk 2
      Merge branch 'gtkmm3' into nao
      libs Makefile: add missing ordering constraints
      naogui: Gtkmm 2.22 compatibility
      ros-webview: adapt to new libfawkeslogging
      Plugins Makefile: build ros plugin by default
      buildsys lua.mk: find tolua++ on Debian/Ubuntu systems
      libfawkesbaseapp: libdaemon optional again
      buildsys lua: find tolua++ on OpenEmbedded/Nao
      joystick: fix delay bug in force feedback
      joystick: rumble support for remote console ffjoystick
      fvutils: fix segfault on closing non-open files
      SharedMemory: allow configuring of shared mem registry name
      libfawkesbaseapp: persistent SharedMemoryRegistry
      scale_viewer: simple viewer that can upscale images
      default.sql: rename retriever example value
      scaled_viewer: time track inter timeout time
      libfawkesbaseapp: allow disabling default signal handlers
      libfawkesbaseapp: show forced exit msg only after 3 sec
      buildsys: make linker configurable
      Merge branch 'schwering/laser-projection'
      laser-filter: fix include statements
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/configurable-linker'
      openni: compatibility with OpenNI
      logging/baseapp libs: add missing includes for FreeBSD
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/openni-'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/gtkmm3'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bahram/naojoystick' into nao
      joystick: documentation fixes
      refboxcomm: always enable SPL refboxcomm
      Merge branch 'nao'
      naocross: set linker to GCC
      vision Makefile: added missing warning_scaled_viewer target
      buildsys: fix parallel building of interfaces
      buildsys: if Gtkmm 2 is used require at least version 2.12
      pantilt: move interface to subdir
      ffptu: small tool to control PTU via keyboard
      nao: fix documentation for older Doxygen versions
      ffptu: documentation fixes
      LaserGUI: fix painting of white background on Gtkmm 3
      LaserGUI: fix segfault on failing to open an interface
      readylogagent: adapt to libfawkeslogging changes
      pantilt: slow start and parking for RX28 PTU
      License scripts: adapt to Python files
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/rosplugins'
      BuildSys: make yellow more brownish for better readability
      fvwidgets: add Gtk::Builder ctor for ImageWidget
      BuildSys: pass SRCDIR definition to CFLAGS
      openrave: use SRCDIR to determine script location
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bahram/openrave-integration'
      openrave: adapt to libfawkeslogging
      openrave: selectively disable warnings
      Move interfaces to libs dir
      fawkesutils: add TIME_MAX and TIME_MIN static instances
      fawkesutils: add Time comparison operators and is_zero()
      fawkestf: first working version of tf without comm
      BlackBoard: move listener/observer registration to BlackBoard
      BlackBoard: subscription updates, ticket #36
      BlackBoard: remove listener registration parameter
      BlackBoard QA: fix and extend blackboard QA apps
      fawkescore: support recursive mutexes
      Plugins/libs: remove listener subscription flags
      fawkesinterface: field info support for type "double"
      fawkestf: additions to tf.mk
      interfaces: added TransformInterface
      fawkestf: transform broadcaster and listener for Fawkes
      static-transforms: plugin to publish static transforms via tf
      examples: make examples compile again
      tf_example: simple example how to read transforms
      fawkestf: added dummy transform broadcaster
      fawkesaspects: added TransformAspect
      tf_example: use new TransformAspect
      Plugins: add static_transforms to plugins built by default
      fawkestf: rename broadcaster to publisher
      utils: fix Time::get_msec(), add Time::get_nsec()
      fawkestf: disable auto timestamping for TransformPublisher
      fawkesinterface: fix auto timestamping check in set_timestamp()
      ros-tf: plugin to exchange transforms between Fawkes and ROS
      fawkestf: add concept of disabling listener/publisher
      fawkesaspects: added mode of operation to TransformAspect
      ros-tf: use TransformAspect to initialize publisher
      fawkestf: convenience methods, overlong lines, libs Makefile
      pantilt: (RX28) added (optional) support for fawkestf
      fawkesbaseapp: extra 10% before warning for exceeded loop time
      ros-tf: some informative output about opened interfaces
      pantilt: (RX28) wait 5ms on parking before checking final
      pantilt: (RX28) always run worker thread loop
      fawkesbaseapp: keep signal handling alive until very last moment
      pantilt: (RX28) logging changes
      fawkestf: transform methods, coding style
      pantilt: (RX28) full spec of translation, change frame IDs
      static-transforms: use TransformAspect
      tf_example: adapt to fawkestf changes
      static-transforms: allow partial configurations
      katana: support for publishing transforms
      baseapp: pass proper time to wakeup_and_wait (main thread)
      core: fix deadlock in ThreadList
      pantilt: (RX28) improve timing and transform behavior
      default config: desired loop time 33333, max thread time 66666
      katana: remove debugging remnants
      fawkestf: explicitly use std::isnan
      static-transforms: config value for update interval
      blackboard: properly handle 0-pointer passed as listeners
      fawkestf: set TransformListener enabled flag
      pantilt: only add TF compiler flags if it is available
      fawkesaspect: add missing warning_tf target
      fawkestf: print time as timestamp in error message
      static-transforms: date transforms slightly into the future
      tf_example: catch ExtrapolationException
      fvutils: change contract for CARTESIAN_3D_FLOAT/DOUBLE
      openni: change format of point cloud buffers
      BuildSys rules: file-specific CFLAGS take precedence
      BuildSys rules: apply nametr to binary name
      aspect: three levels for BlockedTimingAspect sensor hook
      core: provide * operator and use_count of RefPtr
      utils: add time operators for sec/usec
      fvutils: add PCL adapter/conversion
      buildsys: add pcl detection and config file
      aspects: add PointCloudAspect and infrastructure
      openni-pointcloud: distribute PCL point clouds via PointCloudAspect
      ros-pcl: plugin to exchange points clouds with ROS
      ros-pcl: remove publisher manager, not required anymore
      utils: use double for passing seconds in Time
      static-transforms: initialize Quaternions to (0,0,0,1)
      tf_example: handle ConnectivityException, absolute time diff
      ros-pcl: publish proper point cloud type info
      ros-pcl: publish point cloud only if changed
      Plugins: move vision dir to perception
      tabletop-objects: detect objects on a table surface
      fvutils: add missing include of pcl.mk
      aspects: add missing include <stdint.h> for point cloud manager
      perception: add tabletop-objects to plugins built by default
      tabletop-objects: remove debug output and unused code
      tabletop-objects: fix uninitialized variable
      tabletop-objects: consider normal vector direction for filtering
      openni: tune no-data timeout threshold
      interfaces: added Position3DInterface based on TF
      tabletop-objects: properly reset point clouds in finalize
      tabletop-objects: write cluster centroids to Position3DInterface
      tabletop-objects: guard against empty point clouds
      tabletop-objects: write table centroid to blackboard
      luaagent: fixed missing skillstati import
      aspects: remove debug output from PointCloudManager
      tabletop-objects: sanity checks for table detection
      tabletop-objects: documentation fixes
      ros: aspect no longer imports any ROS header
      tabletop-objects: added support for visual debugging
      tabletop-objects: cleanup on finalize fix
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/tf' into pcl
      pantilt: (RX28) pan/tilt offsets now set in degrees
      pantilt: ffptu shortcuts for 0/90 deg, setting of resolution
      tabletop-objects: fix wrong table height (index off by one)
      tabletop-objects: vis thread can optional publish table centroid
      tabletop-objects: support storing positions in baselink frame
      core: add RefPtr::reset() method
      tabletop-objects: avoid deletion of input pointcloud on finalize
      joystick: add missing format parameter on FF exception
      pcl_utils: move PCL utils to own library
      ros-tf: fix initialization exception (invalid publisher)
      blackboard: fix BB listeners segfault, fixes ticket #148
      pcl_utils: fix guard
      tabletop-objects: number object interfaces starting from 1
      tabletop-objects: set plane distance threshold to 2cm
      tabletop-objects: mute debug output
      tabletop-objects: improved cluster colors, show cylinders
      tabletop-objects: support switching off processing
      pcl_utils: set_time() takes const time now
      ros-tf: fix format string for log output
      bbsync: re-enable listener registration
      interfaces: add frame field to Laser(360|720)Interface
      laser: require and set laser coordinate frame ID
      laser-pointclouds: convert laser data to point clouds
      laser-filter: support and pass on frame IDs
      laser-filter: projection filter now uses tf
      aspects: proper locking in PointCloudManager
      laser-pointclouds: properly lock mappings
      utils: make light gray slightly darker
      tabletop-objects: unify variable naming
      tabletop-objects: move parameters to configuration
      tabletop-objects: visualize solid table plane
      tabletop-objects: check angle between table normal an Z axis
      plugins: perception depends on ros
      tabletop-objects: ICP table model fitting
      tabletop-objects: visualize camera frustrum
      tabletop-objects: added feature to visualize camera frustrum
      tabletop-objects: horiz/vert viewing angle general parameters
      tabletop-objects: extended hull visualization
      tabletop-objects: replace ICP with polygon method
      fawkestf: fix deadlock in Transformer::can_transform()
      fawkestf: add tolua++ wrapper
      utils: add two missing Time constructors for tolua++
      skiller: add optional tf support
      luaagent: add optional tf support
      skiller: pass clock, config, and tf vars to skills
      tabletop-objects: calculate table corner points and visualize
      tabletop-objects: enhance polygon edge selection criteria
      tabletop-objects: removed debugging output
      tabletop-objects: use latest common time for hull transform
      tabletop-objects: properly sorted table model hull points
      tabletop-objects: cvx hull point numbering, table triangles
      fvcams: V4L2 compatibility kernel >= 3.1 (aka 2.6.41)
      tabletop-objects: calculate and publish full table pose
      openni: fix OpenNI node aliveness check
      utils: add TimeTracker::ping_abort() method
      tabletop-objects: read table dimensions from config
      tabletop-objects: typo in pointcloud name that caused segfault
      tabletop-objects: base quota on voxelized cloud
      tabletop-objects: projected table clustering
      tabletop-objects: optionally take only table cluster points
      tabletop-objects: add time tracker support
      tabletop-objects: table model parameters and tuning
      buildsys: adapt pcl.mk to new PCL 1.3.1 package
      tabletop-objects: adapt to PCL 1.3
      fawkescore: change ScopedRWLock ctor param order
      rrd/rrdweb: adapt to ScopedRWLock changes
      pantilt: [RX28] increase update frequency
      fawkesbaseapp: bring back showing usage instructions
      utils: auto-master capability for SharedMemoryRegistry
      baseapp/utils: support shared mem registry cleanup
      openni-pointcloud: move to SENSOR_PREPARE wakeup hook
      openni-pointcloud: make pcl generation optional
      openni-pcl-frombuf: generate pcl from buffer
      openni-usertracker: update CoM in calibrating state
      ros-tf: properly register for reader/writer BB events
      luaagent: add fawkesgeometry package to default packages
      tabletop-objects: rename table model parameters
      tabletop-objects: print loop number in messages
      tabletop-objects: parameter and criteria tuning
      tabletop-objects: more config options for visualization
      Merge branch 'master' into pcl
      utils: avoid adding existing segments again
      fvtutils: add frame ID field to shm image buffers
      openni-image: write stable buffer, move to prepare hook
      openni_utils: methods for alternate viewpoint and sync setup
      openni-pointcloud: support registering of depth and image
      openni: remove plugin header files
      aspect: PointCloudManager::StorageAdapter::clone() is const
      fawkescore: add Thread::wait_loop_done() method
      fvutils: add CARTESIAN_3D_FLOAT_RGB buffer and data type
      fvutils: added GRBG to RGB debayering functions
      openni-data: merge image and point cloud plugins
      ffpclviewer: adapt to new buffer IDs
      ros-pcl: keep point cloud open while used
      tabletop-objects: adapt to new openni buffer IDs
      fawkestf: improved error and exception messages
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/tf'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/pcl'
      skillgui: reorder includes, fixes build on F-16
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/schwering/lasergui-colors'
      libs: fixes for FreeBSD 9.0 on amd64
      Documentation fixes for improved Doxygen 1.7.4
      netcomm: add missing include to fix rawhide build fail
      utils: remove superfluous double number specifier
      aspects: fix exclusion filenames if PCL is not available
      rawhide: fixes for GCC 4.7.0 and glibc 2.15
      interfaces: remove (unsigned) long ints from TestInterface
      tf: add support for FreeBSD
      laser-filter: properly omit tf if not available
      katana: fix build if fawkestf is not available
      Documentation fixes for Doxygen 1.7.6/1.8.0
      skillgui: fix non-virtual dtor in polymorphic super class
      config: add and fix pantilt config values
      ffptu: support RX28 commands, especially for setting ID
      laser-pointclouds: link against math lib
      plugins: add laser-pointclouds to default plugins
      aspect: added string conversion for hook type
      core: prevent copying/assignment of InterruptibleBarrier
      baseapp: catch excpetions in individual wakeup hooks
      core: fix "running with another barrier" bug and segfaults
      baseapp: add fawkes::runtime::quit() function
      webview: restory compatibility with libmicrohttpd 0.4
      webview: look for header if pkg-config fails
      robotino: basic plugin for the Festo Robotino
      robotino-joystick: plugin to remote control Robotino
      robotino: add RobotinoSensorInterface to provide sensor data
      robotino: provide sensor data via blackboard
      robotino: provide odometry information
      robotino: convert IR voltages to real distances
      robotino-ir-pcl: convert distances to point cloud
      baseapp: destroy main thread TLS later
      buildsys/pcl: support pkg-config version suffix
      buildsys: specific CFLAGS override generic ones, not extend
      aspect: improved point cloud type checking for old compilers
      openni: detect OpenNI on Ubuntu/Debian
      robotino-joystick: send stop during prepare_finalize()
      robotino: adapt to new wakeup hooks, message on quit
      robotino-ros-joints: plugin to publish wheel joint state info
      tabletop-objects: compile fixes
      plugins: build robotino plugin by default
      robotino: add support for gyro values
      vision tools: adapt to CFLAGS override
      core: more precise info on unknown init exception
      core: provide dereferencing operator for LockPtr
      fvretriever: support setting the frame ID
      buildsys: add boost utilities
      tabletop-objects: link against boost_thread if ROS unavailable
      ros-images: provide (camera) images to ROS
      utils: fix unused result warnings in getkey()
      pantilt: fix unused result warnings in Visca driver
      ros-tf: disable strict aliasing warnings for tf_thread
      buildsys: search for alternative OpenCV pkg-config names
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bahram/openrave_katana'
      buildsys: add boost utilities
      openrave: simplify OpenRAVE detection
      openrave: adapt to OpenRAVE 0.6.4 API changes
      buildsys/pcl: support pkg-config version suffix
      buildsys: pcl.mk provides functions to detect components
      tabletop-objects: adapt to the new pcl buildsys support
      Merge branch 'robotino'
      fvfilters: use OpenCV if IPP unavailable
      fvfilters: added QA apps
      buildsys: add missing library for older OpenCV versions
      buildsys: fix tolua++ linking problem on Ubuntu 12.04
      buildsys: ROS Fuerte compatibility
      buildsys: pass on system LD_LIBRARY_PATH
      buildsys: added missing settings for ROS PCL
      aspect/pcl_utils: support for ROS PCL time stamp
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/opencv-filters'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/schwering/mirrorcalib-opencv'
      fvmodels: change macro not understood by doxygen
      laser: better error message on open failure in URG driver
      openni: use PCL utils to adapt to ROS PCL
      laser: add frame config value for URG driver
      robotino: set max velocity in config, take speed fraction
      ros-ir-pcl: adapt to ROS PCL
      fvmodels: fix conflicting declarations
      openni: fix compilation if PCL unavailable
      robotino: add missing update of sequence number
      amcl: skeleton for Adaptive Monte Carlo Localization
      amcl: added AMCL libraries
      ros-laserscan: plugin to publis Fawkes laser scans to ROS
      ros-laserscan: publish one scan topic per laser interface
      robotino: publish odometry transform
      skillgui: fix uneditable combo box for skill string
      robotino: publish velocity data via blackboard
      amcl: implemented reading of occupancy grid maps
      fvcams: V4L2 cam better error message on failed buffer enqueuing
      fvmodels: ScanlineGrid no longer deletes ROIs
      tf: add Scalar and Matrix3x3 types
      tf: added type-related utility methods
      tf: add name resolution support and tf utils
      amcl: first working version of the localization thread
      robotino: fix odometry tf
      robotino: take absolute velocity values
      robotino-joystick: adapt to absolute velocity values
      tf: fix get_yaw(Pose)
      ros-tf: avoid resending ROS transforms over and over
      static-transforms: increase transform future dating by 10%
      laser: print min and max distances for URG driver
      laser: convert URG data errors into inf/NaN values
      laser: by default initialize laser data with NaN values
      amcl: properly read initial pose and covariance from config
      amcl: properly initialize AMCLLaser
      amcl: fix transforms, account for rotated lasers, cleanup
      amcl: fix map reading (negation and upside down)
      amcl: publish map if ROS features are enabled
      robotino: fix odometry reset and do reset on startup
      plugins: add amcl to plugins built by default
      amcl: remove unused header in map lib
      core: add header to use exceptions for asserts
      amcl: use exception asserts in AMCLLaser
      amcl: rename pf_err/pf_z to kld_err/kld_z
      amcl: add grace period to still call updates after stopping to move
      buildsys: include parent config later to allow overrides
      fvmodels: fix uninitialized values
      lasergui: properly handle NaN/inf values
      fvmodels: add get_lut() to Bulb for raw LUT access
      amcl: write robot position to Position3DInterface
      clips: plugin to provide CLIPS environments
      clips: register message routers for nicer logging
      skiller: do not complain if exclusive controler registers again
      buildsys: add mkdir call for interface source directory
      interfaces: fix generator for indexed accessor
      tabletop-objects: fix potentially uninitialized variable
      amcl: remove assertion causing trouble on robotino
      config: add frame for lase_edl laser plugin example
      amcl: make map publisher optional (enabled by default)
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/interface-fixes'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/bulb-getlut'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/ros-laserscan'
      amcl: allow specification of angle range in config
      Merge branch 'master' into amcl
      amcl: move map and config reading to new lib, crucial bug fix
      map-lasergen: given a map and position generate laser data
      amcl: fix crucial initialization problem
      ros-tf: put ROS tf flags after fawkestf flags
      map-lasergen: configurable position and Gaussian noise
      map-lasergen: consider laser transform, frames from config
      amcl: apply initial pose after laser transform
      map-lasergen: make sending of odometry optional
      map-lasergen: allow specifying orientation
      amcl: modified default parameters and comments
      blackboard: remove notifier wait conditions
      map-lasergen: compatibility with GCC < 4.7
      lasergui: fix potentially uninitialized values
      amcl: remove debugging code, add informative output
      amcl: add missing value for formatted log output
      tf: if ROS bullet is available use it, fixes ticket #151
      amcl: ordering constraint for proper parallel builds
      ros: use proper ROS buildsys macros
      gitignore: add core files to ignored files
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bahram/openrave_katana'
      Merge branch 'ubuntu_12.04_fixes'
      katana: fix guard position to compile without OpenRAVE
      openrave: documentation fix
      ros-odometry: plugin to publish odometry to ROS
      ros-cmdvel: translate ROS Twist messages to navigator transrot
      ros-cmdvel: format, style, and naming fixes
      ros-navigator: format, style, and naming fixes
      ros-odometry: format, style, and naming fixes
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/amcl'
      buildsys: proper ordering constraints for (pre) subdirs
      nao: ordering constraints to fix parallel builds
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/clips'
      plugins: add clips plugin and ordering constraints
      core: Doxygen 1.8.1 fixes for LockList and LockQueue
      buildsys: gcc config file, availability check for C++11
      core: different way to test GCC version
      gitignore: make core file ignore not exclude core lib
      map-lasergen: only build plugin if C++11 available
      amcl: properly guard variable unused if ROS unavailable
      tf: use HAVE_CPP11 buildsys variable to determine flags
      Merge branch 'openni-capture-times'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/timn/ros-plugins'
      laser: add support for Gearbox 10.11
      buildsys: fix for ppc64 sysinstall build type
      amcl: properly set pose interface
      ros-navigator: link with boost thread, required for ROS Fuerte
      Added README file
      buildsys: always use long version number
      webview: add header enumeration for syswide install
      tabletop-objects: remove debug output from Makefile
      plugins: build festival plugin by default
      Mark as version 0.5.0

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