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Mon Aug 16 06:30:52 CEST 2010

Changes have been pushed for the project "Fawkes Robotics Software Framework".

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- *Log* ---------------------------------------------------------------
Fawkes 0.4
Version: GnuPG v2.0.14 (GNU/Linux)


Bahram Maleki-Fard (2):
      Created MonoDrawer class to draw into monochrome images
      Added remaining drawing methods

Christof Rath (1):
      Nao camera control id depends on NaoQI version

Christoph Schwering (11):
      FIXED: configuration's set_default_comment() tried to set non-default comment.
      Added a property to enable/disable the second line in TwoLineCellRenderers.
      Made lock()-methods of thread-safe data structures const.
      Re-added ifdefs GLIBMM_PROPERTIES_ENABLED two TwoLineCellRenderer.
      Majority fuser.
      Added a thread-safe wrapper for std::set.
      Fixed some bugs in WorldModelObjPosMajorityFuser. Added QA-App.
      UDP broadcast option for world info transceiver.
      Changed WorldInfoTransceiver's broadcast flag from boolean to a new enumeration.
      Added documentation. Removed log_debug().
      worldmodel: majority-fuser is properly loaded depending on config

Daniel Beck (18):
      Fixed a range-check-bug in the tangent() method.
      Fixed the faulty computation of the angle between two vectors.
      The HomPoint- and the LineSegment-drawer got their own copies of the primitives to draw.
      Added MONO8 coding to the firewire camera.
      Added a camera to access special features of the AVT Pike camera.
      Included netcomm.mk in the Makefile for the FireVision tools.
      Added case for MONO8 to colorspace_buffer_size().
      Documentation fixes in the pike camera.
      Pike: some minor modifications.
      Compile Firestation with mirror calibration support if available.
      Firestation: reduced the maximal distance used for calibrataion to 4m.
      WI container + viewer: take into account global ball position recvd via worldinfo.
      Small modifications of the ECLiPSe plugin.
      Added the readylogagent plugin to the default make target.
      Eclipse externals: minor fixes (missing includes, etc.).
      Dummy interpreter: ensuring that the summands are < 100.
      Readylogagent plugin: added missing include.
      Readylogagent plugin: including eclipse.mk in the Makefile.

Gareth Priede (3):
      added ability to specify host on ffplugin
      host parameter on ffconfig and ffplugin
      ffconfig support quiet option for get

Masrur Doostdar (7):
      Initial version of bblogreplay plugin to replay bblogs
      bblogger: replay plugin renamed and moved to bblogger dir
      inserted example configs (from athome domain) for the bblogreplay plugin
      bblogreplay: remove some log-info output
      bblogreplay: possibility to enable loop the replay by config entry
      bblogreplay: documentation fixes
      ffbblog: properly write out second value as timestamp

Stefan Schiffer (1):
      refboxrep: initial support for MSL2010 protocol

Tim Niemueller (309):
      Extend .gitignore
      .gitignore: ignore bin/plugins/lib dirs on root level, doc gen files
      Documentation fixes for buggy Doxygen 1.6.1
      Move gui resources to res/guis
      Move build type config and rules to btypes subdir
      Adapt files after moving build type files
      Make specific lines silent event when silent mode is disabled
      BuildSys refactoring
      Export LD_LIBRARY_PATH to run apps during build without RPATHs
      Set SONAME on shared libraries
      Plugin path may not contain sub-directories
      Allow disabling SOVER/SONAME for libs, include GUI libs
      No sub-dirs for BINS allowed
      IFACEDIR/EXEC_IFACEDIR now point to lib dir, not src dir
      Use new IFACEDIR define in BB interface instance factory
      Added sysinstall build type for system-wide install, implements ticket #120
      Adapt Makefiles for system-wide installation
      Removed no longer used lighttpd config files
      Fix LIBBITS error
      Set appropriate Lua exec dirs, copy config and lua files
      Added icons and .desktop files for GUI apps
      Moved webview base classes to own library, preparing generic webview
      NetworkService::add_txt() now accepts formatted input
      Webview refactoring
      Add dummy in FamThread when HAVE_INOTIFY not defined to keep object size
      Use pkg-config file for libmicrohttpd
      Encapsulate web server in own class in libfawkeswebview
      Moved libfawkeswebview to fawkes namespace
      Webview documentation update
      Add and improve support for POST requests in libfawkeswebview
      Add libfawkeswebview including ordering constraints
      Added xmlrpc plugin
      CacheLogger: size interaction, external locking, arbitrary message length
      Added logging related XML-RPC methods
      Fixes for CentOS/RHEL 5.4
      Make network sending methods consume messages, implements #62
      Initial version of bblogger plugin
      Specify LOGDIR in buildsys config
      Fix Barrier for POSIX systems w/o native barrier
      Fix ordering of internal Barrier data initialization
      Inline and extend get methods of Time class, new copy ctor
      Added Interface::parse_uid() method
      Added MemAutoFree utility class
      Add log directory to git ignores
      First working version of BBLogger plugin
      Removed no longer used QA app for random trees
      Re-factor fvutils and fvcams libs into firevision namespace
      Re-factored classifiers and models for firevision namespace
      Small documentation fixes got aspects lib
      Finalized firevision namespace refactoring
      Mark subdir builds not to be .objs subdir build
      Glademm is no longer a basic GUI library
      Removed no longer used gui utils
      Make glademm optional, adapt libraries and tools
      Introduce HAVE_HILDON buildsys var
      Adapt and fix hildonized LaserGUI
      Fix version for for RefPtr's clear/reset method
      Provide Maemo version as macros
      Fix icons for Maemo, provide better readable icons for Maemo 5
      Fix uninitialized pointer
      Fix skiller default config: rename wm_pose -> pose
      Minor corrections to Lase EDL code
      Add support for Hokuyo URG laser
      Laser plugin can now run multiple acquisition threads
      Disable dead spots filter for laser by default
      Implement InterfaceInfo::operator<() to allow InterfaceInfoList::sort()
      Webview: sort list of interfaces by UID
      LaserAcquisitionThread: add convenience methods to init arrays
      Working URG laser range finder acqusition thread
      LaserPlugin can now support an arbitrary number of active devices
      Hokuyo URG: Ge get parameters from device
      URG laser: added preliminary gearbox based implementation
      Small fixes to URG laser driver
      Fixes after testing with URG/Gearbox laser driver
      Laser plugin now supports URG, URG/Gbx and Lase EDL LRFs
      Laser: Make laser drivers optional
      Laser: interface ID contains config name for all but main sensor
      Laser interfaces: add boolean field to indicate clockwise angle
      Laser: laser beams are now stored counter-clockwise by default
      LaserGUI: support counter-clockwise laser interface data
      Default config: laser plugin changes
      Added VisualDisplay2DInterface
      Updated VisualDisplay2DInterface documentation
      LaserGUI: support arbitrary 2D visualization support
      Extended VisualDisplay2DInterface
      LaserGUI: can now draw all shapes
      Fix Bumblebee2 build fail on optimized build
      Initial basic support for SR4000 camera
      Fixed vision master documentation typo
      CameraArgumentParser can now directly parse numbers
      Added cartesian 3D float/double colorspaces
      SwissRanger camera now supports different acquisition modes
      SwissRanger: add DISTANCE_GRAY_8 mode for dist visualization
      Laser: documentation fixes
      Added laserline plugin
      LaserHT: rename files and plugin
      LaserHT: renaming, adapted for 360deg laser
      Added Hough Transform for laser data
      LaserHT: first fully working version for line detection
      Merge branch '2d-visdisplay-interface' into HEAD
      LaserHT: support for Hough Transform data filtering by voters
      LaserHT: detect and visualize multiple lines, make it configurable
      LaserHT: re-implement line fitting using least squares
      LaserHT: set line visibility, write parameters of fitted line, conf values
      VisualDisplay2D: documentation fixes
      Merge branch '2d-visdisplay-interface' into laserht
      LaserHT: add HoughTransform API documentation
      BBLogger: first skeleton for BBLogger console tool
      FileAlterationMonitor: support watching files and interruptible processing
      BBLogger: allow immediate flushing after each written chunk
      BBLogger: ffbblog tool can now print info and data and watch logs
      SwissRangerCamera: return correct buffer and its size
      fvlistsrcams: pass CameraArgumentParser without params instead of null
      srsave: demo plugin to save SwissRanger data to point files
      SwissRanger: documentation fixes
      BBLogger: hash is unsigned char field, fix text output of hash
      BBLogger: console tool now supports conversion to CSV text files
      BBLogger: add file magic
      BBLogger: print off_t type with %li, fix for older compilers/libs
      V4L2Camera: adapt to Linux 2.6.32, fixes rawhide build fail
      Main app: get rid of default plugin load exception message
      Implicit uncolored-% target, switch-buildtype-% target
      BuildSys: introduce BUILDSYSDIR and BUILDCONFDIR
      BuildSys: INST_HDRS_SUBDIR was always set, not only when unset
      BuildSys: implement install_buildsys
      Corrections for proper installation of utils and aspects libraries
      Mainapp: properly remove thread hook when last thread is removed
      Merge branch 'webview-refactoring'
      Merge branch 'xmlrpc'
      Merge branch 'fnc-consume'
      Merge branch 'firevision-namespace'
      Merge branch 'sysinstall'
      Merge branch 'maemo-5-fixes'
      Merge branch 'swissranger'
      Merge branch 'hokuyo-urg'
      Merge branch 'laserht'
      Merge branch 'bblogger'
      SwissRangerCamera: put into firevision namespace
      Adapt tools to removed gui utils header
      FireVision: removed deprecated colormodels.h
      Fix documentation errors with newer doxygen after merge
      Fountain: drop RCSoftX support
      Fixes for optimized and secured builds (Fedora 12)
      Adjustments for system-wide installation
      Remove fawkesinterfaces legacy library
      player: Minimal changes to get plugin to compile again
      wiv: Remove no longer used headers
      Use only most specific LDFLAGS variable
      Extend set of plugins built by default
      bblogger: print error message if conversion fails
      CFLAGS updates for build system
      bblogger: fix compile warnings (ignored return value)
      Add ordering constraint (luaagent depends on skiller)
      player: add player to dependencies
      fvutils: do not call exit() in library
      desktop files: added missing trailing semicolon
      world info viewer: fix compile warning (unused return value)
      Interface::parse_uid(): allow nums in type/ID and whitespaces in ID
      API doc: do not generate collaboration graphs
      buildsys: install documentation if available
      FireVision Makefile: ordering constraint tools deps on fvwidgets
      Interfaces: get proper string values for enum types
      Interfaces: re-generate with new interface generator
      Fix ticket #119: meta plugin chain loading deadlock
      Rename wiv to ffwiviewer
      Rename interface_generator to ffifacegen
      Various fixes to fix FreeBSD compile errors
      FreeBSD: remove dependency on libstrfunc, no longer necessary
      bblogger: modify type of angle step to float
      SkillGUI: compile fixes for CentOS 5
      Exception: add type_id field
      bblogger: BBLogFile utility class for easy log file access
      ffbblog: adapt tool to use new utility class
      bblogreplay: adapted to BBLogFile utility class
      bblogger: provide default config for qatest scenario
      mainapp: prevent cancellation during a loop, fixes deadlock
      bblogger: Thread::run() stub added
      bblogreplay: log replay thread restructured for blocked operation
      bblogreplay: support blocked timing replay integrated into main loop
      bblogreplay: non-blocking blocked timing replay, grace period
      bblogger: support auto-generation of replay configs
      bblogger/bblogreplay: extended example default configuration
      InterfaceFieldIterator: fix uninitialized interface field
      ThreadList: add assignment operator method
      Compatibility with tolua++ 1.0.93
      mainapp: prevent cancellation during a loop, fixes deadlock
      mainapp: fix more deadlocks, improve external mainloop handling
      ttmainloop: adapt to recent main app changes
      laser: clockwise_angle config value was not read
      laserht: added time tracking
      laserht: HoughTransform now re-uses nodes
      Make config.mk inclusion mandatory for Makefiles
      Adapt Makefiles to mandatory config.mk inclusion
      Imported Nao camera from nao repository
      buildsys: support submodule builds
      buildsys: allow proper multi-target calls
      buildsys: do not overwrite SYSROOT if already set
      Main Makefile: remove linkscripts
      NaoCamera: move to firevision namespace
      PluginManager: fix error message for missing plugin dir
      Makefiles: adapt to recent build system changes
      Removed RCSoftX doxygen config
      Root Makefile: split and move parts to etc/buildsys
      Doxygen config: split config files and support submodules
      buildsys: find_invlic.pl can now search multiple paths
      buildsys: bring back support for uncolored targets
      buildsys: SUBMODULE* vars initially empty now
      geometry lib: gui lib depends on main lib
      LaserGUI: fix mouse dragging
      bblogger: allow turning loggig on/off via BB interface
      ffbblog: added commands to enable/disable logging
      Merge remote branch 'origin/schwering/mods_for_controlcenter'
      Merge branch 'mainloop-fixes'
      LaserGUI: add missing variables
      Merge remote branch 'origin/timn/bblogger'
      Merge branch 'laserht'
      Merge remote branch 'origin/daniel/geometry'
      Merge remote branch 'origin/daniel/firevision-misc'
      laserht: documentation fix
      refboxrep: copy MSL 2008 to 2010
      refboxrep: format fix for x86_64 in msl2010
      refboxcomm: make MSL and SPL processors optional
      refboxcomm: pass and use logger in MSL2008
      refboxcomm: MSL2008 processor no longer blocks
      netcomm: fix QA apps, comment out worldinfo QA
      refboxcomm/msl2008: remove unused code, add copyright
      refboxcomm: add remote blackboard processor
      refboxcomm: rename MSL2008 to MSL2010 to avoid confusion
      bblogger: fix FreeBSD compile error (wrong include file)
      libgeometry: do not build on clean (fixes ticket #130)
      Merge remote branch 'origin/tkellner/small_fixes'
      Merge remote branch 'origin/tkellner/fvretriever_timestamping'
      blackboard tools: add missing <cstdio> include
      SwitchInterface: added EnableDurationMessage
      beep_daemon initial revision
      refboxcomm: support beeping on changed game state
      Merge branch 'refbox-msl2010'
      Merge branch 'beep-daemon'
      Merge remote branch 'origin/tkellner/nao_camera'
      Merge branch 'tkellner/32_bit_building'
      buildsys: check for 32-bit libdir (/usr/lib vs. /usr/lib32)
      Merge remote branch 'origin/schwering/majority-fuser'
      libfawkescore: added missing assign operators to locked data structures
      Documentation fixes to majority fuser and lock set
      fvutils: fix possible segfault in bayes generator
      fvutils: Colormap::to_image() produces always 512x512 image now
      FireStation: fix segfault on resolutions with U != V (ticket #131)
      FireStation: fix race condition when erasing the AvahiThread
      refboxcomm: add to plugins built by default
      refboxcomm: use proper POLL_* constants (fixes build fail)
      fvutils: added conversion YUV422_PLANAR_QUARTER -> YUV422_PLANAR
      FireStation: segfault fixes related to non-YUV422_PLANAR_IMAGES
      SkillerGUI: update glade file for recent libglade
      fvcams/v4l2: optionally support using libv4l, fixes for V4L2Camera
      interface base class: include <stdint.h> with limit macros
      interface generator: change types to stdint.h types
      interface generator: add fields to carry timestamp
      interfaces: change types and re-generate
      libfawkesutils: (in)equality operators for Time and minor extensions
      libfawkesinterface: adapt meta info to new types
      libfawkesinterface: add support for timestamps
      libs Makefile: interface lib now depends on utils
      interface generator: generate proper data changed flag, type changes
      interfaces: re-generate with new interface generator
      webview: show data modified flag and last modification date
      FuseClient: fix race condition
      libfawkesinterface: provide proper Message::add_fieldinfo() method
      libfawkesinterface: provide enqueue timestamps in messages
      interface generator: proper type info for messages, message timestamping
      interfaces: re-generate with new ffifacegen
      blackboard QA: fix compiler errors, show message timestamp info
      libfawkesinterface/ffifacegen: documentation fixes
      Merge remote branch 'remotes/origin/timn/fuse-racecond'
      Merge remote branch 'remotes/origin/timn/firestation-fixes'
      doxygen: fix include file names
      skiller default conf: use flite in test skill space
      libfawkesinterface: fixes for 32-bit and older compilers
      ffifacegen: fixes for 32-bit systems and pseudo maps
      interfaces: re-generated with new ffifacegen
      Merge remote branch 'origin/bahram/mono_drawer'
      Merge remote branch 'origin/tkellner/fix_firevision_buildsys'
      Merge remote branch 'origin/tkellner/priede/ffconfig_takes_host'
      Merge remote branch 'origin/schwering/broadcast-worldinfo'
      netcomm: documentation fixes
      Merge remote branch 'origin/daniel/readylogagent'
      ffifacegen: use "classic" types for tolua files
      interfaces: re-generate with new interface generator for tolua changes
      interfaces: enforce 4 byte packing of data structs
      interfaces: added SoccerPenaltyInterface
      refboxcomm: support SPL GameController protocol ver 7, ticket #134
      refboxcomm: add default config value for SPL
      Add explicit libs to fix indirect linking
      JumpState: Generic timeout support, custom loops/inits
      Agent HSM improvements (timeout, cleanups)
      SkillGUI: Make skiller and agent FSM buttons carry label again
      luaagent: Release exclusive skiller control on init fail
      SkillGUI: proper event mask for mouse dragging
      readylogagent: require ECLiPSe version >= 6.0
      FreeBSD compatibility restored
      Add missing includes
      Fix build on CentOS 5.4 (MSL RefBoxComm processor)
      Merge branch 'schwering/majority-fuser'
      Merge branch 'timn/interface-timestamp'
      Merge branch 'timn/refboxcomm-spl-gc7'
      Merge branch 'timn/be-improvements'
      Fixes for GCC 4.5.0
      ffifacegen: fix constant check
      SkillGUI: get rid of error message on startup
      Set version to 0.4.0

Tobias Kellner (9):
      Print usage instructions when encountering unknow arguments passed to fawkes
      Added timestamping support to fvretriever
      Make 32-bit building possible
      Drop support for NaoQi versions < 1.3
      Changed FVBASEDIR to point to fawkes fv base dir, not top fv base dir
      Extended parse_hostport to work with strings
      Rename ffconfig remote argument to -r, document it in help output
      Rename ffplugin remote argument to -r, document it in help output
      Worldmodel plugin used world_z as yaw when broadcasting wm messages.

Tobias Kellner and Christof Rath (2):
      Add auto exposure toggling to nao cam
      v4l2 fixes/cleanup

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