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List Description
All All KBSG members and affiliates
AllemaniACs AllemaniACs Internal Discussion
Alumni KBSG Alumni
Assis KBSG Research Assistants
AtHomeOC RoboCup@Home Organizing Committee
AtHomeTC RoboCup@Home Technical Committee
BIT-RS-Area7 [no description available]
Carologistics Carologistics RoboCup Team
Cogrob2010 [no description available]
Dipis Diploma and master thesis writers at KBSG
EIDI Einfuehrung in die Informatik
fawkes-athome-commits Fawkes commits to the AtHome branch
fawkes-commits Fawkes commits to public repository (git)
fawkes-devel Fawkes Development Discussions
Fawkes-docker [no description available]
fawkes-eduapp-commits Fawkes commits to eduapp branch
fawkes-gamebots-commits Fawkes commits to the gamebots repository
fawkes-git-admins Fawkes Git Admins
fawkes-java-commits Fawkes Java/Android libs and apps git commits
fawkes-midsize-commits Fawkes commits to the mid-size branch
fawkes-nao-commits Fawkes commits to the Nao branch
fawkes-robotino-commits Fawkes commits to private Robotino repository
fawkes-trac Notifications from Fawkes Trac
gazebo-models-commits Commits to the gazebo-models repository
Hecfest-attendees [no description available]
Hecfest-authors [no description available]
Hiwis KBSG Hiwis
hybris-all Hybrid Reasoning All Team Members
hybris-c1 Hybrid Reasoning Project C1
hybris-officers [no description available]
kbsgolog-commits KBSGolog Commits
LabDTPGMR2015 Lab Course Distributed Task Planning for a Group of Mobile Robots
LabGRAMRS2016 Lab Goal Reasoning for Autonomous Mobile Robots in Logistics Scenarios
LabHLAP2019 [no description available]
LabPRoGrAMR2014 Lab Procedural Reasoning on a Group of Adaptive Mobile Robots
LabRoCoCo2013 Lab Robot Communication and Coordination
LabRPXLR2017 Lab Course Robust Planning and Execution for Logistics Robots
LabTREX2018 [no description available]
legacy-commits Commits to legacy software
libkindrv-commits libkindrv commit messages
llsf-refbox-commits LLSF Referee Box Commits
logrob-smt-devel Logistics Robot with SMT Planning (POPL-SMT)
Popl-smt [no description available]
Proki2011 [no description available]
Proki2012 ProSeminar Artificial Intelligence im Sommersemester 2012
ProKI2013 ProSeminar KI SS2013
ProKI2014 ProSeminar SS 2014 - Artificial Intelligence
Proki2015 ProSeminar SS 2015 - Artificial Intelligence
Proki2018 ProSeminar KI Sommersemester 2018
ProKI2019 ProSeminar "Artificial Intelligence" SS 2019
ProKI2020 ProSeminar "Künstliche Intelligenz"/"Artificial Intelligence" SS 2020
ProPlan09 ProSeminar "Planning in Artificial Intelligence" SS2009
protobuf-comm-java-commits Commits to the protobuf_comm_java repository
rci-refbox-commits RoboCup Industrial Refbox Commits
rcsoftx-commits RCSoftX Commits
readybot-commits Commits to the readybot repository
robocup-logistics RoboCup Festo Logistics League Discussion
Robocup-logistics-docker [no description available]
robocup-logistics-oc RoboCup Logistics League OC
robocup-logistics-tc RoboCup Logistics League TC
ros-behavior-engine-commits Github commits related to ROS Behavior Engine
rosfawkes-commits Fawkes commits to the ROS package repository
scpmutils-commits SCPM Utils Commits
SemReaPSUn2018 Seminar on Reasoning, Planning, and Scheduling with Uncertainty
SemSTAB2019 Seminar "Selected Topics in Agent Behaviour Specification" SS 2019
SemToMARS2014 Seminar Selected Topics of Multi-Agent Reasoning Systems
SemToPAPERS2017 [no description available]
Sepia2010 [no description available]
SSE2018 SSE 2018 Cohort Mailinglist
SSE2019 SSE 2019 Cohort Mailinglist
Staff KBSG Staff
trac-notifications Trac Notifications
ZaDeAt ZaDeAt Robotics Project
ZaDeAt-TeamLeaders ZaDeAt Team Leaders

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